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Medial Officer's Annual Report.…

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LLANON. CONCERT.-On Thursday, Feb. 14th, the annual children's concert was held in the Lower Schoolroom Promptly at 6-50 the Rev D. Lewis, who in the presence of his little flock" seemed in the best of moods, took the chair, and after addressing the audience in a witty and humourous speech called upon Choir No I. to take the first item. The pro- gramme was a long one consisting of no less than forty-three items, in which the following among others took "part :—M. A. Edwards and M. M. Thomas, J. Harris Jones, D. Sinnet Richards, Miss J. S. Evans and D. Jones Davies, Miss Rosie Jones, Miss Emmie Jenkins and party, Henry R. Jones, Miss Jane E. Jones, Miss M. A. Clarke and party, Willie Thomas, Willie Davies and party, Tom Clarke, Miss Florrie Jones, Miss E. Beckett, Miss May Davies, Miss Rosie Jones and Albert Davies, Johnny Davies and Mr D. Davies. The best items of the evening were the following:—" Fairy Garden which was finished with a tableaux and limelight and which looked from the spectator's point of view weird and romantic. "The Tambourine Dance" created also an immense amount of interest, and the dancing was exceedingly good. "Upidee," whose chorus was taken up by the audience and repeated at their own sweet will. "The Burlesque Band," which was a party consisting of youngsters furnishea with peculiar* and mysterious looking instruments. Other interesting items were:— Rhanu'r deisen," Dost thou love me sister Ruth," Little ab Sid," Gipsy Jane," and The miller and the maid." The young ladies who are always ready to take the giant's share of a burden and who at all times are prompt in lending a helping hand in support of a good cause acquitted themselves with the greatest credit. The following are to be heartily congratulated on their good work:—Miss Bessie Jones, Carlton; Miss Alina Jones, Cadivor; Miss Lewis, Vicarage; Miss Jones, Ontario; Miss Williams, Glyn; Miss A. Lewis, Vicarage; Miss Jones, Cadivor, Miss M. J. Williams, Glyn; Miss Jenkins, Jasper; Miss Davies, Rose-hill; and Miss Jones, Good order prevailed thoughout, though the room wasfcomparatively full, and that interest in the proceedings did not in the least flag, though the programme was not far from being a record one. The room had been gaily decorated for the occasion by a number of young men and old' who are interested in church affairs. Capt Richards, Panteg, and Capt Sinnett-Jones, Carlton, acted as stewards, and Miss Williams as usual performed the office of honorary secretary without a single hitch. The Chairman as we said before was in his best mood and looked quite pleased with everything in general and his lambs in particular. The greatest success ever achieved in the singing and dramatic line at Llanon was undoubtedly achieved by young children under 15 years of age on St. Valentine's evening, 1901.


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