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ABERYSTWYTH. PERSONAL.—The numerous friends of Mr Thomas Owens will regret to hear that he is indisposed. and has, for some time, been unable to attend to his duties at the County School. CAPTURE OF A OTTER.—A young otter was z! captured in the Leri River near thj railway bridge at Ynvslas, on Friday, Febuary 1st, by Mr John Griffith?, Tvmawr. A VISIT To FLOREXCF.—At the weekly meeting of the members of the Radical Club, held on Friday evening last, Mr David Samuel, M.A., head- master of the County School,delivered an interesting address upon the above subject. His reumrxs upon the many places of interest in the ancient and historic town and his description of Italian life and character were followed with the closest attention and wers much appreciated. A hearty vote of thanks was afterwards accorded Mr Samuel, on the proposition of Mr J. H. Davies, Cwrtma wr, seconded by Mr T. II. Edwards. Mr D. C. Roberts (president) eccupied the chair. IN* MEMORIAM. On Sunday last all the voluntaries, chants and hymn tunes used at the morning and evening services at the English Con- gregational Church, Portland-street, were the composition of the late Dr Hopkins, who for more than half a century, had been the organist of the Temple Church, London, and whose recent death has evoked expressions of deepest sympathy. To Dr Hopkins all sections of the Church owe no small indebtedness for his musical compositions. The Rev T. A. Penry made a brief but appropriate allusion to Dr Hopkins, and the selections played by the organist, Mr Leah, A.R.C.O., were much and deservedly appreciated. CANTATA.—On Wednesday evening in last week a performance of the cantata, The Boyhood of Christ," was given at the New Market Hall by the Bethel Welsh Baptist Choir, under the conductor- ship of Mr M. De Lloyd. There was a large audience. The chair was occupied by Principal T. F. Roberts, M.A. The soloists were-Soprano, Miss Myfanwy Jones, London contralto, Madame Cassie Rees- Jones, R.A.M. together with Miss M. M. Davies, Miss Rosina Jones, Miss May Morgan and Miss Winifred Parry. The accompanist was Mr D. J. De Lloyd. The proceeds were devoted towards pur- chasing a suitable organ for the chapel. B.W.T.A.—The usual monthly meeting of the local branch of the British Women's Temperance Association was held on Wednesday, 6th inst, when Mrs Principal Roberts presided. Several members spoke on the life of Queen Victoria. On Saturday evening the first of the weekly entertainments was held at the Eagle Restaurant, Great Darkgate- street. An enjoyable programme was gone through, and an address was delivered by the Rev. G. James, Nebuaska. Refreshments were supplied at intervals. The programme was arranged by Miss Kate Jones. On Tuesday the inmates of the Workhouse were treated by the members of the branch to an excell- ent tea, this being followed in the evening by an entertainment, which gave much satisfaction. LECTURE.—On Friday evening last, at the Shiloh Schoolroom, the Rev T. E. Roberts, M.A pastor, delivered a lecture on his recent tour through Egypt and Canaan. The chair was occu- pied by Mr Evan Edwards, Laurels, who had accompanied the lecturer on his tour. The lecture, which was attentively listened to by a large audience, was made doubly interesting by the appearance of a number of persons attired in Eastern costumes on the stage. A large number of Eastern relics and curiosities were also exhibited by both the lecturfr and the chairman. A vote of thanks to Mr Roberts was afterwards proposed by Mr Isaac Griffiths, seconded by Mr Edward Evans, builder, Baker-street, and supported by the Rev T. Levi. The Chairman was also thanked for pre- siding. The proceeds were in aid of Skinner-street Schoolroom. PETTY SESSIONS.—The weekly Petty Sessions were held at the Town Hall on Wednesday morning before Mr E. P. Wynne (Mayor) and Mr J. D. Perrott.-Daniel Edwards, 24, High-street, seaman, and Henry Jones, Castle-lane, Trefechan, boatman, were charged with having been drunk and disor- derly at Trefechan on February 9th. Defendants admitted the offence, and were fined 5s and costs each.-IVilli,im Jones, 14, Terrace-road, Aber- ystwyth, and Elizabeth Jones, 10, Marine-terrace, were fined Is 6d and 2 6d and costs respectively for allowing the chimneys of their dwelling houses to be on tire.—The charge against James fLu'v* nai fpr nf urun& on the at Xberystwyth, on February 12th was dismissed.—Thomas Vaughan, relieving officer to the Aberystwyth Union, charged Richard Price, 10, Zoar-street, Neath, with having disobeyed a magis- trates' order by refusing to pay P.2 17s 6d, arrears due under a maintenance order. The Relieving Officer said that the man was a widower, and had four children, but only one was dependent upon him. Be earned good wages.—Defendant was committed to prison for one month with' hard labour. ORGAN., RECITAL,-All music lovers in Aberyst- wyth are under a debt of gratitude to Mr J. E Leah, A.R.C.O., whose organ recitals at the English Congregational Church, Portland-street, afford the opportunity of listening to and enjoying the works of the great masters. Another recital was given on Tuesday week, when it was gratifying to find that the audience was a record one. The com- positions chosen by Mr Leah for this occasion, all of which were rendered in his masterly style, were the following:—"Prelude and Fugue in D Major" (Bach) solos, Liebeslied" (Henselt) and "Scherzo" (Callaerts); solo, "Allegro" (Ruben- stein); and solo, "Grand Cbceur" (Guilmaut). Variety was lent to the programme by a number cf other capable artistes, including Miss A. Harding (soprano), Mr W. S. Stephenson (violoncello), and Mr D. J. De Lloyd (pianoforte). The gem of the evening, undoubtedly, vgfes the trio, Hymne a Sainte Cecile" (Gouno(k), by organ, cello and piano, which gained the unstinted applause of the audience. Mr Leah's rendering of Rubenstein's "Allegro ? was also delightful, and listening to the performance of such exquisite compositions creates a desire for more of the same kind. Miss Harding scored her chief success of the even- ing in Bftch-Gounod's Ave Maria," in which she was accompanied by organ cello, and piano. We understand tyt another recital will be given some I time in March. WOMEN'S LIBERAL ASSOCIATION'.—A meeting of the Women's Liberal Association was held on Fridav afternoon last, at 26. North Parade, the residence of the secretary, Mrs Elizabeth James, who kindly entertained all the members to tea. Those present were Mrs T. E. Ellis, the president of the Society, who occupied the chair, Mr E. H. James. Mrs Ebenezer Morgan, Mrs Levi, Mrs Penry, Mrs Daniel Thomas, Mrs Isaac Hopkins, Mrs John Evans, Mrs T. Williams, Mrs E. James, Miss Roberts, South Marine-terrace Miss Davies and Miss Lily Davies, Miss E. C. Davies, Miss Getta Jones, Miss Levi, Miss Penry, Miss Grace Williams. Arrangements were made to assist the members of the Junior Radical Club as usual with their soiree, and the question of taking a new room for the Society at the new Radical club was also discussed. The chief business of the meeting was to hear a paper from Miss Grace Williams on Legislation for women during the 19th century." In the course of her excellent paper, Miss Williams enumerated those laws passed which affected women in their capacity as breadwinners, and those laws which dealt. with the powers of women to act on various public bodies. It was now, she said, being recognised that women were, in- dustrially, as valuable as men and the prejudice which formerly existed against women working side by side with men in various trades and pro- fessions was growing less. Miss Williams then ex- plained the principles of the Workshops and Factories Acts, and their bearing on hours of labour, overtime, nignt work, and over-crowding. As to the qualification of women to serve on School Boards, she said the right to do so as the law now stood was very doubtful, but Parliament could put the matter beyond doubt by a short Act of one clause. Women's suffrage was still an unrealized dream, but it would always be an object of am- bition to be sought after with all earnestness, for without it women were placed in a false and un- worthy position in the State. THIS PAXTON SOCIETY.—" Bee-keeping was the subject of a lantern lecture delivered by Mr J. L. Pickard at the meeting of the Paxton Society, presided over by Prof. Angus, on Friday evening when about 50 of the students attending the short course in horticulture, also attended Mr Pickard treated the subject in an interesting manner and gave an instructive history of the life and doings of the busy bee.—Mr R. C. Williams, Queen's Hotel Gardens, supported Mr Pickard and related his experience, extending over 10 years, with the in- dustrious honey makers both at Crosswood and at Aberystwyth.—The members and their visitors accorded a hearty vote of thanks to Messrs Pickard and Williams, also to Mr Colby for manipulating the Lantern.' We may add that the importance of the subject of Bee-keeping" cannot be over-estima- ted, as the business of supplying the market with honey is becoming a really brisk one. And, since the industry has been taken up in this district, it has assumed a large and important proportion, great difficulty being experienced nowadays in disposing of the product locally, the supply far exceeding the demand, which is a considerable quantity, has to be sent to the English market, where the demand for Welsh honey is increasing rapidly. One bee-keeper in this district supplied several hundredweights to a purchaser in England last season, and was asked to send more next season. The demand for honey in the comb is more so than for that in t,ottlc-s or jars. The supply for comb honey is brisk everywhere, so that the bee-keeper has a good market for his toothsome goods, and if lie can not dispose of it at home, he can clear all his stock at other, and perhaps better markets in England. The next meeting of the society, which will be of a social character, will be held at the Buarth Hall on the 22nd inst.. when it is expected that the members will muster in strono- I rore ° I! PRESENTATION.—In recognition of long and faithful services in connection with St. Mary's Sunday School, Mr Thomas Griffiths, J.P., was presented with a beautifully illuminated address by the members. TEA AND ENTERTAINMENT.—On Friday after- noon last, at the Old Assembly Room, the members of the St. Paul's and Silcam Welsh Wesleyan Bands of Hope were entertained to tea by Mrs Edwards, 12. Marine-terrace, when about 150 children sat at the tables. In the evening an en- tertainment was held, when Mr H. L. Evans, Glyn- gronfa, presided, and an interesting programme of soners and recitations was gone through. BANKRUPTCY OF MR THOMAS HOPKINS.—This bank- rupt attended lx fore Mr Joseph Davies, registrar, at the Town Hall on^Friday, the fcth, for his adjournal examination. MrThos. Thomas, the OfflcialEeceiver, of Carmarthen, and Mr D. C. Roberts, ti e trustee. were also present. In reply to the Official Receiver the Debtor promised to fe the architect, relative to his final certificate for the property bail: in Railway- terrace. The Trustee said lie had no question to put to the debtor, who had promised to give him every information, and the Official Receiver declared the examination closed. SCHOOL Bo.k PD.-A nipetinz cf the School Board was held on Tuesday evening, when there were present Mr William Thorras IC chairman), Mrs Griffiths, Archdeacon Protheroe, Rev. Prebendary Williams, and Professor Edwards, with Messrs 11. J. Roberts, (clerk), D. J. Saer, (headmaster), and David Lloyd, (attendance officer) -On the propos- ition of the Chairman, secondfd by Archdeacon Protheroe, a vote of sympathy with the King and Queen and Royal Family, upon the death of Queen Victoria, was passed.—Professor Edward Edwards submitted a new scheme for the training of pupil teachers in tbesemllo.v of the Board, which pro- vided, amongst other things, for their attendance at the County School for a period, not exceeding three years.—A long discussion ensued, during which alterations in the scheme were suggested.—The Reverend Prebendary Williams said he thought there must be something behind the scheme.—Professor Edwards declared that he was perfectly honest, and there was nothing behind the scheme.—The Chairman asked Pre- penriarv Williams to withraw the remark he bad male.-Prebendary Williams refused to comply with the Chairman's request, saying that he merely said what he thought.—Eventually, the scheme, with certain alterations, was adopted. +.






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