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DOLGELLEY. I SUNDAY SCHOOL MEETING.—The District Stm-l lay School Meeting was held at Bontddu on 8nn- lay, January 27th. Ten churches were represented B The ltev E. Jones Edwards, Arthog, conducted the! meetings, in the absence of Mr R. C. Evans, who! was indisposed. The children and School wen catechised by the Rev Jones Edwards. The statistics of. the Schools for the year 1900 were! discussed. and a vote of condolence with the Royal Family passed. THE PROGRESS OF A CENTURY.—The Calvi-,iistic Methodist Literary Society held its meeting ong Friday evening week last, under the presidency o Mr Humphrey Morris. Papers were read on thel progress made in different direction during the nineteenth century Miss Prichard, headmistress of the Infants' School, reviewed the social, and Mr KIlisE. Evans the religious progress of the century The meeting in connection with the death of tin- Queen held at the same hour affected the attendance, but both papers were excellent. DISTRICT MEETING.-Tlie Calvinistic Metliodirt District meeting of the ministers and elders of the churches was held at Bethel Schoolroom on Friday, January 25th. under the presidency of Mr J Mey- rick Jones. Reports were given by the visitors who had been appointed to visit the churches applying for aid from the fund towards the weak causes. had been appointed to visit the churches applying for aid from the fund towards the weak causes. The applications were confirmed by the meeting, and the Rev E. Jones Edwards andMe.-srs J.Meyrick Jones and E. W. Evans were appointed to present them to the Monthly Meeting. The Rev. R. P Griffiths, who has entered upon his duties as pastor of Abergeirw and Hermon churches, was heartily welcomed. The church at Llanelltyd wished to be joined to Bethel as a Sabbath journey, and the application was referred to the Monthly Meeting. MONTHLY' MEETING.— The West Merioneth C. M. Monthly Meeting was held last week at application was referred to the Monthly Meeting. MONTHLY' MEETING.— The West Merioneth C. M. Monthly Meeting was held last week at aSalem Chapel. Some of the committee sat on iMonday night, and the conferences were held on fTuesday, under the presidency of the Rev W. R.i jjjonfcs, Llanfrotben. Mr J. Meyrick Jones, Dol-jj |gelley, was elected to the chair for the half-year. 1 |The following ministers took' part in the,? public services: English Presbyterian CLape], on Monday night, the Rev R. R. Williams | M A., Towyn; Pendref, Rev 0. E. Williams, Pennal Salem, Tuesday night, Revs J. J. Evans, Aber 1 Ilefeny, and John Wiliams, Princes-road, Liverpool, Wednesday, at 10, Revs Samuel Owen, Tanygrisiau and J. Williams, Liverpool; at 2, Revs Thomas Lloyd, Engedi, and David Jones, Garregddu; at 6, Revs T. R. Jones, Talsarnau, and John Williams. Liverpool. | BIUTHDIR.The annual successful literary and musical festival was held at the Congregational Chapel, Brithdir, on Wednesday, the 23rd ult. the chair was occupied by the Rev J. Walters, and the proceedings were conducted by the Rev J. Owen (Dyfnallt), Trawsfynydd. Prizes were given to a large number of competitors in the different branches. A prize for solo singing was divided between Messrs W, Roberts. Post Office, Dolgellev. and David Thomas, Rhydymain lenor solo, Mr Hugh Roberts, Tabor; bass solo, Mr H. 0. Williams, Printer, Dolgellev; male voice party, Brithdir party. conducted by Mr W. Lewis; quarettet, the prize was divided between Dolgellev and Rhydymain parties; juvenile choir, Brithdir choir, conducted by Mr W. Lewis duett, Messrs Lewis Jones and David Jones, Brithdir. In the chief choral com- petition the prize was awarded to Brithdir choir, conducted by Mr David Thomas. URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. The ordinary fortnightly meeting was held at the Shire Hall on Tuesday, February 5th. Present: Messrs E. Wynne Williams (cliairm-.n). J. Edwards (vice chairman), J. Griffith, Ellis Edward Williams. Robert Davie-, E. W. Evans, Dr John Jones, with R. Barnett (assistant clerk), and W. Jones (surveyor). DEATH OF THE QUEEX, The Chairman stated that he had wired on behalf of the Council expressing sympathy with the Royal Family, and that he had received a letter of ac- knowledgement. It was decided that the message and reply be kept on record i THE RAILWAY STATION. | The Clerk read a letter from the G.W.R. Co., in eply to the letter sent them from the Council. The Company-asked what the Council proposed to do tofl improve the road, A letter was also read from the!] Cambrian Railway Company, stating that thel matter of improving the approach to the station was having their consideration. I The Chairman stated that there was a strong feeling that an applicatiou be made to the Cam- brian Railway Company, that a special" al tie trainl be run from Talsarnau, &c, to reach Dolgellevl about 8.30 a.m. Several of Lite members suggested that Pormacloc j be named instead of Talsarnau. | The Council decided that an application be sent to the Company. 1 The Surveyor suggested another improvement the station be pointed out to the Railway Com-I panies, viz., an erection of a new pint form. | Mr Edward Williams said that what he would suggest, if they were going to suggest anything at all, would be the removing of the steps leading to the station. |j Dr J. Jones seconded. g Mr E. W. Evans suggested that the best way would be to ask the Company to send an engineer. down, to meet a deputation fappointed by the Council. The motion was carried in this form, and the Chairman, Dr J. Jones, the Surveyor, and Mr Edward Williams were appointed. THE LAND BY THE GASWORKS. A HEATED DISCUSSION AND A SCENE. This matter as usual gave rise to a warm dis- cussion. The first point to be settled was whether the fixing of the price they were going to ask for the land should be in private or not. When a general conversation on this point had been carried on for some lime Mr J. GriffithJ said that he wished some letters from the Gas Company to be read in public. Mr E. W. Evans asked Mr Griffith whether he knew what was in them. Mr J. Griffith: No, I never saw them. M. E. W. Evans I don't mean that. Do you know what is in them ? Mr J. Griffith Yes you told me. Mr E. W. Evans c No, I didn't. MrJ. Griffith (excitedly): Do you mean to say you didn't tell me ? The Ch; irman and other members here asked Mr Griffit I to let the matter drop, but he insisted )n declaring that Mr Evans had told him that the Dlerk had received a communication from Mr Woodford. II Mr E. W. Evans No, I never said that. Mr J. Griffiths (excitedly) Do you mean to giv( me the lie like that ? Mr E. W. Evans said he would not answer Mr Griffith in such an excited state of mini. H did not givehim the lie. He only said he was mis- taken. The Chairman again entreated Mr Griffith to let the matter drop. Mr J. Griffith: No, I am not going to let any member to give me the lie. I will not sit on this Council. Mr Griffith then left his seat by the table and took a chair by the fit e. Mr J. Edwards rose and said that his reason for advooating that the discussion should be in pnblici was that Mr Evans had stated that he was there as n advocate of Mr Woodford's claims. K Mr E, W. Evans: No, I did not say that, Can you refer to any report of the proceedings that show that I made such a statement. Mr J. Edwards, said that he appealed to the members present. He then reviewed the whole matter from the buying of the land, and denounced' I Mr Evans' policy, which he held was to a greats 'xtent responsible for the loss to the ratepayers of, nving the lnnd on their hands while they could, •ave sold it for a good sum to the Gas Company. ? -w. DrJ. Jones rose to a point of order. He did not think MrjEdwards was entitled to dsscuss the whole ■ anatter from the beginning, while oil the agenda • they had only the fixing of price. | The Chairman, however, ruled that Mr Edwards |was within his rights, and Mr Edwards continued. | Dr J. Jones said that Mr E 1 wards' version of the ;»pvoceedings and the policy they had adopted was |very unfair. He was not. going to defend Mr Evans, gwho .was full al,le to answer for himself, but he |wished to protest against Mr Edwards' remarks. |lt was all very well to speak about the burden of |tbe ratepayer, but Mr Edwards himself had gon« Sagainst t he extension scheme, which would have I'oenefited the ratepayers at Dolgelley. >| Mr E. W. Evans said he wouii make no reply to "what Mr Edwast's had said, beyond saying the inly part, he had taken was to approach Mr J. SjsThomas according to the understanding between wthetn and Prof Lib's Edwards when buying the- tampion of the ratepayers. fond of posing as the v ;111 there in the interest of the ratepayers. He did champlOH at the ratepayers. He hoped they, were j not receive anything from one of them, but hu was p'V a ratepayer himself, and he always tried to further J- the interests of the ratepayers. • ,3.. The Clerk then read Mr Woodford's letter in hich he stated that the Gas Company had no need 'the land. FIXING THE PRICE, H The Council then proceeded to fix their reserve- rice, and on the motion of Mr Edward Williams, iconded by Dr J. Jones the price was fixed at 9 M AN OFFER. The Clerk then said the only offer he had re- vived was £ 75 from Mr T. II. Roberts, and the Chairman and Mr Edward Williams were appointed to see Mr Roberts to inform him of their price and jEaro give him the first chance. MEDICAL OFFICER'S ANNUAL REPORT. Dr Hugh Jones, medical officer, presented his report upon the sanitary condition of the town during- the past year, the full text of which will be published in ournext issue.

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