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ABERYSTWYTH. "SATURDAY'S SERVICES.—Memorial services will be held on Saturday, at the time- of the funeral of 1 the late Queen, at 12 noon at St. Michael's and Holy Trinity Churches, and at 2 p.m. at the Tabernacle. No LICENSE.—Joseph Edwards, Swansea, mat ,maker, was brought up at the Police Station on Thursday last before Alderman C. Williams and Mr John Lewis, charged by P.C. Henry O. Jones with acting as a pedlar in Great Darkgate-street without a license. A line of Is including costs was imposed. ORGAX RECITAL.—]\Ir J. E. Leah, A.R.C.O., will give another organ recital on Tuesday evening next at the English Congregational Church, Portland- street. He will be assisted on this occasion by Miss A. Harding, London (soprano), and Air W. S. Stephenson, Wrexham (violoncellist), both being artistes of refute. Doovs open at 7.30, and the xecital will commence at eight. OBITUARY.—The death took place at Barry Dock on Sunday morning of Captain Evans, Stanley- terrace, Aberystwyth. Deceased, at the time of his death, was chief olhcer of the steamship Caradog," and was 55 years of age. His body was brougnt home to Aberystwyth on Monday right, and the funeral will take place on Thursday. On Wednes- day morning, Mrs Bennison, wife of Mr Francis Bennison, Terrace-road, passed away after a severe illness extending over several months. Deceased was well-known in the town, and her death is much regretted. 0 GIFT TO THE INFIRMARY.—This institution, so long indebted to the Bomall family, has just received a fine portrait of the late Mr J. G. W. Bonsall, who was so closely connected with the Infirmary and Dispensary for half a centnry. The likeness is a speaking one of Mr Bonsall as he was known to us in his later years. It is a proof en- graving by Morris & Co., London, and ise-enclosed in an oaken and gilt frame. The gift was received at the hands of Mr Bonsall's son-in-law, Mr E. Methuen Leir, of Cwmcoedwig, and now hangs in 4he reception room. RADICAL CLUB. A general meeting of the members of this Club was held on Friday evening last, Mr T. J. Samuel presiding. On the proposition of Mr T. H. Edwards, seconded by Mr T. B. Hall, a resolution of sympathy with the Royal Family upon the death of the Queen was passed and the secre- tary was asked to forward the same to his Majesty King Edward.-The syllabus committee reported that a programme for the session had been arranged which would be printed and distributed. A billiard tournament had also been arranged,for which it was stated the entries were numerous.—The Soiree Committee reported that arrangements had been .made to hold a soiree at tha New Market Hall on Feb 27th in connection with the Women's Libenj Association. BIBLE SOCIETY.—The annual meeting of the Aberystwyth Branch of the British and Foreign Bible Society was held at the Baker-street In- dependent chapel on Monday evening last, when y r, Dr Cynddylan Jones, the deputation from the parent Society, delivered an address. Mr William Thomas presided, and made sympathetic references to the death of her gracious Majesty Queen Victoria. The Rev T. E. Roberts, M.A. announced that the collection last year amounted to £66 10s, and this year C73 6s. Mr D. C. Roberts proposed a vote of condolence with the widow and family of the late Mr Joshua Rees, who had been a secretary of the society for many years. Mr Richard Jones seconded, and the proposition was carried unani- mously. A FINE WAR PICTURE.—During the past week Miss B. A. Pughe has had on view in her studio at Aberystwyth her latest painting, destined for this year's Royal Academy, which, last year as in previ- ous ones accepted and hung a contribution from her easel. The water colour drawing, 30 in by 20 in, is a portrait of :Miss Wenona Pugl-e, one of the nmrsing sisters in the Welsh Military Hospital in South Africa, who was invalided home a short time since, and is now at the Military Hospital, Cork. She is seated, clothed in her distinctive dress, in one of the wards, pathetically examining a cavalry sword in its scabbard which has been entrusted to her care by its slain owner for safe transmission to his home in England. A terrier with knowing look sits at her feet, attentively watching her face. Both as a portrait and as an incident the drawing in its subdued colours is one which commands attention, and adds yet another to the many high class pictures which are associated with the name of Miss B. A. Pughe, an artiste long connected by family and reidential connections with Aberystwyth and Aberdovey. OLD ABERYSTWYTH.—Subscribers in different parts of Great Britain are now beginning to send in various notes of interest on the first two parts of Aberystwyth: Its Court Leet," already issued. Mr Arthur A. Rollison, Dudley, an active member of the Harleian, British Record and Parish Register Societies, and author of the recently published Non Parochial Registers of Dudley," writes:— "As the records proceed they get very interesting and entertaining. The plates are admirable. The following facts may lead you to the conclusion why the Warneford family were visiting Gogerddan. Lewis Pryse of Gogerddan, Esq, by his wife Mar- garet, daughter of Edward Ryves of Woodstcck, bad two children, the son Lewis and unmarried in 1776, the daughter Mayare married Edward Loveden—Loveden of Buscot, Co Berks, by whom there were three children, (1) Pryse Loveden, who on the death of old Lewis Pryse, inherited Goger- ddan, and Buscot. His mother predeceased her father and assumed the name of Pryse in lieu of Loveden; (2) Margaret, who married Samuel Warneford; (3) Jane. Francis Warneford of Warneford Place, Wilts, D.C.L., matriculated at University College, 14 Dec. 1779, aged 18; B.A. A 1783, and was ultimately of Warneford Place. His l brother Samuel Wilson Warneford also matri- culated same day at same College, aged 16, B.A. 1783, M.A. 1786, B.C.L. 1790, and D.C.L 1810. He was known as The Philanthropist' He was rector of Lydiard Miliicent'1809, and of Bourton-on-the- Hill 1810-55; honorary canon of Gloucester 1844, until his death 11 Jan. 1855. It would be after they had taken their B.A. that they would doubt- less pay a visit to Gogerddan for a rest. The notes on the Bellmen are very interesting. FUERAL OF MR DAVID THOMAS, J.P.—The funeral of Mr David Thomas, J.P., Pantyderi, Llan- badarn-road, which was of a semi-private nature, took place on Friday morning last. The cortege started from the house at 11-30 for the cemetery, the chief mourners being the followrng :Ir Jack Thomas (son), Mrs T. E. Morgan (daughter), Mas- ter David de Say Thomas (grandson), Miss Mary Jones (step-daughter), Mr Evan Jones, jewell- Shrewsbury (stepson), Mrs Jack Thomas, Morgan, Mr Arthur Thomas, Cardigan and Dr W. Protheroe-Thomas, Neath. Amongst those also present were :—the Revs Dr Morris, T Williams, D. Morgan, and Ambrose Jones, Mr E. P. Wynne (mayor), Alderman Peter Jones, Dr Morgan (Nant- ceirio), Major Hugh Bonsall (Lluest), Messrs B. E. Morgan, T. H. R. Morgan (L. and P. Bank), Howell Evans (chief constable), Hugh Hughes, Evan Evans, Dan Jones, Isaac Griffith, Thomas Griffith, J.P., Edward Evans, J.P, Richard Morgan, J.P., David Howell, J.P., William Richards, John Owen, T. H. Edwards, 1. Collins, D. F. Ellis, Capt James, David Lloyd, David Jones, D. C. Rowe, W. T. Williams, D. Parry, Price Phillips, Inspt. Morgan, Supt. Phillips, Sergt. Phillips, etc. A short service was held at the cemetery chapel, the Rev Dr Morris officiatirig, the same gentleman performing the last burial rites at the graveside. On Sunday last Dr Morris preached a special memorial sermon at the Welsh Baptist Chapel.

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