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—Thi« column is devoted to better thought, for moments. the wiles of Art, the grasp of Power, snatch the rich relics of a well-spent hour ? ,81., when the trembling spirit wings her flight, :r8Q round her path a stream of living light. KOGKUS. Probably there is no such thing as an indifferent IDomentr-a moment in which.our characters are not being secretly shaped by the bias of our will Other for good or evil. GOULBURN. m • ü I light words from those whom we love and Qqrt what a power ye are! and and how care- folded by those who can use you I Surely tor ih things also God will ask an account. TOM HUGHES. I no man to be contented with the amount of ex*s^n& at any time, in any age or country. It "he nature of evil to prompt opposition to it. The IttOre intelligence there is in man, the more vigorous aIld effectual the opposition it will prompt. The greatest of all calamities is the contentment that Bits down at peace with a remediable evil. WILLIAM SMITH. < < f Of nothing may we be more sure than this, that if we cannot sanctify our present lot we could no other. Our heaven and our Almighty ^father are there or nowhere. The obstructions Of that lot are given for us to heave away by the I Concurrent touch of a holy spirit, and labour of strenuous will its gloom, for us to tint with some celestial light: ita mystyries are for our worship ft? fiorrows for our trust; its perils for our courage; temptations for our faith. J. MABTINEAU. < To know that nothing fails except the false II to hold the key of life's profoundest secret. HENRY FRANK. A great love can see and own defects in the object* of its affections, and still love on. A little love fears the truth and seeks to hide it. MRS. A. HARE. God hides some ideal in every human soul. At Some time in our life we feel a trembling, fearful onging to do some good thing. Life finds its oblest spring of excellence in this hidden impulse *0 do our best. ROBERT COLLYER. n Only the Golden Rule of Christ can bring the Golden Age for man. FRANCES E. WILLARD. Economy must be attended to. That's a funda- mental, simple honesty; scarce a virtue, but soil for Virtues to grow in, soil without which none can. grow. WILLIAM SMITH. The consequences of one hour become conditions the next. GREAVES

+. / A Stray Verse.

My Dead.j

.. Rest.

To Lift the Children up.

--_. A Woman Beloved.


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, Who was Rebecca ?