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Board of Guardians.


Board of Guardians. The usual fortnight lv meeting of this Board was held on Monday morning at the Board room. Union j Workh">i< wlion fiwrt* were present Mr YV. V Miller, Issaymire (_oLairmaw), presiding; Mr IVrik Morris, Cyfoethybrenin (vice-chairman); Rev, T. A Penry, Messrs G. Fossett Roberts, T. E. Salmon, Edwin Morris, and Hugh Hughes, Aberystwyth Rev John Davids and Edward dunes, mawr; Lewis Richards, Cwmrheidiol; J. B. Mor- gan, Cynullmawr; James Jones, Llanbadani Lower; David Morgan and Thomas Powell, Lli-n- fihangel Upper; Evan Richards, Llanfihangel Lower; E.J. Evans, Llangwyrvfun David Morri>. and David Edwards, Llanilar: Evan Lewis, Llan- haminiog; Chas. Davids, Llanychairn; Tiiomay! James and Richard Davies, Trefeirig; and Richard Thomas, Tirymynachjj with Hugh Hughes (clerk;, E. Llewellyn (assistant clerk), and Wm. June", (master). The Chairman, at the outset, proposed the fol- lowing resolution :—" That we, the Board of Guardians of the Aberystwyth Union, desire to express our deepest sympathy with his Majesty Xing Edward YII., and the Royal Family in the loss sustained by them in the death of their beloved Queen,and whilst expressing our sympathy, that we should also desire to express our loyalty and attachment to his* Majesty, and pray he may be spared many years to reign over us." Mr James Jones seconded, and said as they all knew, their late Queen was not an ordinary woman She was a woman of pure and high character, and bett influence went further than any of them could conceive. She had purfied the highest circles of gocilty. She did not show favouritism to anyone, and' in her household she made no difference be- tween her servants, whether Church or Noncon- formist. The resolution was put to the meeting and carried in silence. MEDICAL OFFICERSHIPS. A letter was read from Dr Hughes, Llanilar, agreeing to remain in oflice as medical officer -niati..the Board had selected a successor. Dr John Morgan, medical officer for the Pont- rhydygroes district, wrote applying for an in- crease of salary, and the application was referred to the committee which had been appointed in the matter. It was reported that, a child that had been adopted by Mr D. James had died in about a week after leaving the House. Mr James had purchased an outfit which cost Z2, and asked the Board to remit him this amount, and also to allow him the usual funeral expenses. The Medical Officer reported that the child had died from natural causes, and had received every attention. On the proposition of the Rev. T, A. Penry it was decided to comply with the request of Mr James, and the outfit to become the property of the Board. DIETARIES ORDER. The Clerk read a letter from the three joint Liverpool goor law areas with regard to the Workhouse.Dietaries Order. The communication desired poor law authorities to petition the Local Government Board to postpone the regulations for at least six months after the introduction of the Order, on the ground that it would mean the serious dislocation of arrangements and that the additional expense was uncalled for and unnecess- ary. The increased expenditure consequent upon the new Order would not be less than £6,000 per annum in the three areas named. The letter was passed round for the perusal of the members, the Chairman stating that notice of motion could be given on the matter if thought necessary. AGED DESERVING PAUPERS. A letter was read from Mr Bircham, Local Government Board Inspector, stating he would like to know what had been the result of the considera- tion of the circular sent out on August 4th last that a special class of aged deserving inmates of the Workhouse should be created, to whom special privileges could be given. The letter was referred to the House Com- mittee. DATE OF ELECTION. At the suggestion of the Clerk, it was decided to to ask the County Council to fix the triennial elec- tion of Guardians for Saturday, March 22nd mext. MASTER'S REPORT. The Master reported that the number in the House the first week of the past fortnight was 50 as compared with 48 the corresponding period of last year, and the second week 49 as compared with <82 last year. The number of vagrants relieved the first week was 23 as compared with 11. and the second week 20 as compared with eight the corres- ponding period last year. The Master stated that a boy named Edgehill, who had been deserted by his mother, had been admitted to the Bluecoat School. The Master also reported that a woman had come into the House with- a bottle of whisky concealed in her dress. For this offence she was liable to a fine of £ 10. The Chairman But where are you going to get. it ? (laughter). The Master From the person who commits the offence, and in default of payment she would be liable to three months' imprisonment. It was suggested that the woman should be pun- ished by being placed on able-bodied diet, but the Master advised the Board not to take that course as during the previous week she had sat up in the sick ward, and the cook. having been ill since Thursday she had to help the matron in the .kitchen. It was decided that the woman be brought be- fore the House Committee and cautioned, MEDICAL OFFICER'S REPORT. The Medical Officer (Dr Bonsall) presented his usual report for the half-year ended December 25th last. tHe stated there was not sufficient ventilation and warmth in the House, that the medical appliances and waterbeds or rack bed- steads were not sufficient in number, and that the lavatories and baths were not sufficient and in good order. Rev. T. A. Penry said that the medical instru- ments were greatly needed, and the nurse would like to get them as early as convenient. It was decided that the Medical Officer draw up a list of the instruments required, and that the same be procured. Regarding the other matters mentioned in the report, the Rev T. A Penry said they had been under consideration, and a report would be pre- sented in due course. OUT-RELIEF. The amount of out-relief administered during the past fortnight was as follows Per Mr Thomas Vaughan, P,50 16s Id to 163 paupers per Mr J. J. Hughes, iE42 2s to 151 paupers; perJMr J. Morgan, ..£54 3s 6d to 150 paupers. PUBLICAN V. SHEPHERD. Mr T. E. Salmon objected to relief being given to a certain applicant on the ground that he had a relative ;vho had hundreds of sheep grazing on the mountains, and he should be ordered to make a contribution. But, continued Mr Salmon, the farmer always favour their own class. Because a man lived in a village and kept a public house they thought he was making his fortune. He would like to see a farmer going to live in a public house. He would soon prefer to go back and keep sheep on the mountains (laughter). Mr James Jones said he quite agreed with Mr Salmon in the case under consideration. He knew the man kept a large sheep walk, and he had fought against the case himself. NURSING ASSOCIATION. Mr G. Fossett Roberts, in accordance with notice, proposed the appointment of the Chairman, Mr James Jones, and Mr T. E. Salmon as repre- sentative of the Board at the annual meeting of the Aberystwyth Nursing Association. Mr Charles Davies seconded. The Rev John Davies proposed as an amendment the appointment of the Chairman, Mr Edward Jones, Talybont, and Mr James Jones, and this having been seconded, was carried by a majority. Mr Salmon remarked that he took it as a vote of ensure from Mr Davies upon him, and that he was not worthy to represent the Board.

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