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1 LAMPETER. FOOTBALL.—A match under the Rugby code was played on the College ground on Wednesday last between the College and School teams. The game ended in an easy win for the Collegians by five tries to two. SPECIAL SESSIONS.—At a special sessions on Wednesday morning in last week, Evan Thomas, labourer, a native of this town, was brought up in custody of P.C. Williams and charged with sleeping in an outbuilding near Pleasant Hill.—The Mayor advised defendant to find employment that day, or to enter the workhouse, otherwise he would be sent to prison. BRONDEIFI CHAPEL.—At a meeting of the members of the Brondeifi Unitarian chapel held on Wednesday evening in last week, it was resolved to take down the present chapel and to build another on a larger scale, the work to commence this month. It has been the intention of the members to re-build at an earlier date, as the present building stands on a sandy place but now it seems the walls give way, and the work has to be done forthwith. The present chapel was built in 1875 at a large cost. PAXTON SOCIETY.—The schedules for the forth- coming show to be held in August are now ready. Mrs Davies-Evans, Highmead, offers a number of special prizes in the various classes, in addition to many other valuable prizes. Last year's show was a most successful one owing to the good prizes which the Society offered, and this year again they have increased the prizes. All persons interested in gardening should send for a schedule to Mr D. F. Lloyd, secretary, who has taken the matter in hand most energetically since its commencement. ST. DAVID'S COLLEGE SCHOOL.—The following exhibitions have been awarded as the result of tie annual examination held at the beginning of this term. Senior Falcondale" E10, John Davies, Pencarreg, (classics); Derry Ormond £ 10, David Davies, Beilicoch, (Science) High Sheriff £10, A. H. Lloyd, Lampeter, (Science) Neuaddfawr Z5, J. E. Leonard, Llanwenog, (General) Princi- pal L5, D. D. Evans, Lampeter, (General); Mayor of Lampeter £ 5, David Jenkins, Llanfairclydogau, (General); Abermeurig" £ 5, Thomas Jones, Silian Z4, D. J. Davies, Bottwnog; Z4, D. T. Evans, Silian E4, Godfrey Evans, Lampeter; L3, D. O. Thomas, Lampeter; iC3, T. J. Rees, Birchgrove Brya Basil J. Morgan, and T. Leigh Jones, Lampeter, £3 each; Old Bank H. J. Hughes, Cayo, and Emrys Jones, Lampeter, R.3 each; Entrance 93, John Jonea, Llanwen Board School. RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. The Rev T. C. Edmunds presided over a meeting of this Council which was held at the Board Boom on Friday last. FFOSFFIN ROAD. The committee appointed at the last meeting to visit this road reported that a portion of the ro?d was situated in the parish of Pencarn, and this came within the jurisdiction of the Llanybyther Rural District Council. The Chairman stated that the portion on that parish was the worst part of the road. The Surveyor estimated the cost of repairing in the Cardiganshire side at £13 5s. It was resolved to contribute P,7 towards the repairing of the road prior to its being taken over, provided the Parish Council bore the remaining expense, and the Llanybyther Rural Council would repair the portion within their district. It was agreed to take over the Rhosowen road provided the Parish Council contributed the sum of R,2 towards its repair. ROADMEN WAGES. The appeal of the roadmen for an increase in their wages was again considered. f Mr Samuel Davies remarked that it was very difficult to get labourers nowadays at alL and he suggested that the wages be raised to half-a-crown. Mr B. J. Evans said there was a vast difference between workmen and workmen, and he, suggested that the matter be left to the survevor. Mr D. Davies, Ty'ncoed, thought that the wages should be raised to 2s 3d. Mr Marsden said he quite agreed with what Mr B. J. Evans had said. The Chairman feared it would be very difficult to carry out. It was afterwards agreed to again defer the matter. TREFILAN WATER SUPPLY. The Chairman stated that. steps were being taken by the managers to provide the Trefilan School with a water supply. There were great' difficulties in the way owing to the situation of the school, but he promised the Council that everything possible would be done. BOARD OF GUARDIANS. The usual fortnightly meeting of the Guardians was held at the Board's Room on Friday last. The Rev R. C. Jones, in the absence of the chairman Mr David Davies, presided. There were also present Rev T. C. Edmunds, Trcfilan Messrs Lewis Davies, Llanycrwys T. H. R. Hughes, Llanwnen; David Evans and Thomas Edwards, Pencarreg; B. J. I Evans, Llanfairclyrlogau; David Davies, Cellan i>i P les- Lampeter; Samuel Davies, Bettws Blcdrws; J. G. Marsden, Silian William Jones, Llangybi; with David Lloyd, (clerk), E. D. Rees, (assistant clerk), David Parry and David Evans, relieving officers. TREASURER'S ACCOUNT. The Clerk stated that there was a sum of Z250 12s in the Treasurer's hands. ,J STATISTICS. Outdoor relief administered during the past fortnight per Mr David Evans for the Llanybyther district was P-39 9s 6d to 129 paupers. Per Mr David Parry for the Lampeter district, iE32 Is Od to 127 paupers. Number of inmates in the House 22, corresponding period last year 21. Number of vagrants relieved during the past fortnight was 18 corresponding period last year 23. THE MASTER. In reply to the Rev T. C. Edmunds, the Assistant Lleik stated that the Master was laid up with ill- ness. r MEDICAL OFFICER'S REPORT. The Medical Officer in his report said that As requested by you at the last meeting I be°- to report that I have examined all the inmates of°the Workhouse and find that they are all more or less suffering from mania, idiocy, imbecility, and hypochondria, with the exception of the children. The Rev T. C. Edmunds said that he considered this a serious matter, especially as the Master was ill also. If the Master was suffering, who looked after the inmates. He would recommend that the House Committee should visit the House. < 1. u i j 15. Evans proposed that three members should visit the House and report. This was agreed to. PROPOSED SECONDARY SCHOOL. A letter was read from the Clerk of the School Board stating that as the result of correspondence between the Lampeter School Board and the Board i .cation on the subject of the proposed establishment of a secondary school for girls in Lampeter, the Board of Education have directed that an inquiry with respect to the proposal be held at Lampeter. The school if established will be one not only qualified, but also entitled to receive assistance from the Board of Education and the Local Authorities under the Technical Instruction Act. As no practijal provision has been made either by the Cardiganshire or the Carmarthenshire County Councils under the Inter- mediate Education Act for Secondary Education within the Lampeter Union, the School Board trust that their proposal will meet with the approval of both the Lampeter and Llanybyther District Councils, and that each Council will be pleased to pass a resolution approving of the establishment of such a school, and to appoint representatives to attend the enquiry, the date of which you will have notice of in a few days. The School Board would be obliged if the Board of Guardians will obtain from both County Councils a return showing the amount levied upon and received under the Technical Instruction Act for the last three years, and how the same has been applied, and how much has been expended within and for the benefit of this Union. Mr Lewis Davies said he was very glad to see such a school being started in the town. There was good accommodation here for boys but not for girls, and he was strongly in favour of such a movement. Ultimately, on the proposition of Mr B. J. Evans. seconded by Rev T. C. Edmunds it was agreed that the Rev. R. C. Jones, and Mr John Davies represent the Guardians at the proposal enquiry. The meeting then adjourned till one o'clock, and on resuming, C, the Chairman informed the press representatives that the meeting would be a private one. LLANYBYTHER RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. A meeting of this Council was held on Friday last at the Board room, Lampeter. NUISANCE. i Mr Evan Jones, butcher, Cross Hands, appeared 1 before the Council and asked why he bad j aeea sent for. 1 The Inspector said that at the last meeting a resolution was passed that notices be sent to the ,bree butchers in Llanybyther as they had- no 1 proper place to kill. A question was then raised whether Jones' slaughterhouse was in a good condition or not, some members stating that it created a nuisance. Dr Thomas said he must say that Jones' place was lean. It was a question of drainage that was raised at the last meeting, for a nuisance was found in the two other places, t DIPHTHERIA. In reply to Mr Lewis Davies, the Medical Officer stated t"?at there were twocaces of diphtheria a^ain, one on the Llanwenog side and the other 01° the Llanybyther side. He bad t-aced the cales from the Board School, ard he o -deced them to be closed. The accommodation at the school was not what it ought to be. Ilr David Davies prof ored ard Mr David Evans seconded that the schools be closed. < The Medical Officer stated that the County < Council bad taken the matter up, namely, the drainage and the water supply. Mr Lewis Davies expressed himself very discat^- Red with tbe present mode of drainage aud he • hoped something would be done soon. J SECONDARY EDUCATION. Messrs David Davies and Lewis Davies were ap- pointed as representatives to attend at tbe pro- posed euquiry for a school for girls at Lampeter. i