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... Cardigan District Letter.



NOTES AND COMMENTS. ———«.——— IN MEMORIAM V.R.I. Hers was a realm more wide than earth, A nation's heart her throne The simplest peasant knew her worth, And feels her presence gone. H. D. RAWNSLBY. A photographic supplement of the Proclamation of the King at Aberystwyth is presented with this week's issue. This week we publish the Proclamation of King Edward VII. in Welsh, together with 11 excellent portraits of the new King and his Queen. The death took place on Monday of Sir J. W. Maclure, Bart., M.P., a former chairman of the Cambrian Railways Company. A fierce gale blew along the Welsh coast at the beginning of the week; and on Monday a dismasted schooner was seen off Cardigan Island. The vessel, the Hannah," of Preston, ran ashore near Aberporth. Snow fel heavily in several parts of the country. Arrangements are being made throughout the country generally for holding memorial services on Saturday at the time of the late Queen's funeral. The Goleuad," the official organ of the Welsh Calvinistic Methodists, publishes a request signed by the Moderator of the General Assembly and the Secretaries of the North and South Wales Associations, respectively, asking all the Churches of the connexion, if convenient, to have memorial services as near as possible to the hour of the funeral. Probate of the will, which bears date 29th July, 1892, of Mr Alfred William Hughes, of 7, Chester-terrace, Regent's Park, FIR.C.S., Professor of Anatomy at King's College, who died on 3rd November last, aged 38 years, has been granted to his widow, Mrs Mary Anne Aertssen Hughes, to whom the test- ator 1."t all of his property excepting "all his teaching appliances, including specimens, moJe!s, and diagrams, which he leffe and be- queathed to the University College- of South Wales at Cardiff." The late Professor Hughes's estate has been valued at X7,8,32 4s 9d gross, including personalty of the net value of £7,107 Is 7d. Many years ago the Queen was told b £ the then Bishop of London that two members of the Royal band who worshipped at a Wesleyan chapel hadl refused to attend Sunday rehearsals. "The men," said the Bishop, have since been dismissed from the service for these scruples." "What," said her Majesty,two of. my men dismissed for conscience sake ?: I shalL order that they be immediately reinstated. I will have no more persecution in my service on account of religious belief, and I will have no more Sunday rehearsals." And the Queen carried out her resolution. The new King was proclaimed at Aber- ystwyth on Monday afternoon before a large concourse of people. The proceedings throughout were of a most dignified and impressive chaiacter* and were marred only by the disgraceful conduct of a section of the College students. The, indignation among, all classes of people in the town is so great that it is feared good feeling cannot be restored until half-a-dozen of the dis turbers; have been "sent down." It is I regrettable that the Town Clerk had to- remark that fuinetions of that kind were invariably spoilt whenever the students were present. When we say that the behaviour of the- students on Monday incited the loathing and disgust of the foundr-ymen. and other workmen who attended the Proclama- tion any further words of ours are un- necessary. An idea seems to pre-, ail among toe many of the students that education is merely a process of wriggling through matric" and a few other examinations, and that life and- conduct are things entirely foreign to it. It is understood that steps are being taken to make a repetition of this, unseemly conduct impossible. At the annual meeting of the Aberystwyth Branch of the Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals last Saturday only four members put in an appearance. What can be the reason for this ? Is it not the result of Mrs Elizabeth James' policy of favouritism to Mr Gibson's newspaper, which has for a long time proved a wet blanket to all the societies with which she is connected. Mrs Elizabeth James is secretary to about half a dozen public Societies in the town and she always takes good care to strictly confine the announcements of those societies to Mr Gibson's paper. Evidently, the paper lacks its boasted circulation, or the public decline to countencnce this kind of at-rogant offiti ildom. Mrs James may have a perfect right to run a newspaper or house on a sort of joint stock system-but public bodies should not be worked on those lines. We have been long familiar with the folsome reports of some public bodies, the attendance at jwhich, like the circulation of some news- papers, is always stated in logarithms. Had last Saturday's abortive gathering been a County School, College, or Infirmary meet- ing wheh—oh when would we have heard the last of it.