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LLANBADARN. GENEROSITY.—On Wednesday, the 16th inst., the members of the Church Sunday Schools of Llanbadarn and Comminscoch partook of a most eujovable treat bountifully prepared for them at Penyfron Schoolroom by Lady Evans, Lovesgrove. A teaparty is always an attraction to adults as well as children, but on this occasion the well known magnanimous hospitality of the Lovesgrove family drew, together an unusually large gathering. Lady Evans' presence together with that of her two youngest daughters contributed as much to- wards the success of the party, even to tb children, as did the abundant supply of varied deli-l cacies which adorned the tables. -No g&theringfl could possibly respond more heartily to the Vicar'sB call for a thoroughly Welsh •' Hwre to the Loves-| u-rove family. It was evident that one and allfl fully appreciated Lady Evans' kindness. In the evening an entertainment was held in the same room under the auspices of the Sunday Schools, in which only members took part The schoolroom was packed. The singing, reciting, and acting were excellent, but nothing seemed to take as well EIS the temperance dramas and dialogues. It ap- pears that Llanbadarn has a reputation for rowd- ism at concerts and other similar entertainments. Ignorant of its past history and with a wide ex- perience of such assemblies all over the country, we can venture to describe the meetings held o late at Penyfron as equal if not superior in good behaviour and respectability to any entertainment held under similar circumstances that we have gygj- attended. It is only fair that the Llanbadarn-flj ites of the present day should have justice. Ourffl last entertainment was a grand display of fineffl talent and hard preporation to a most attentiT3 and appreciative audience. B







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