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IMIa\fI _1R6I[ CARDIGAN DISTRICT LETTER THE TOWN CLERK'S PRESENTATIONS. The proceedings at the public function in connection with the presentation of the wedding gifts to Mr. D. Morgan Jones, town clerk of Cardigan, held at the Guildhall on Monday evening, were most enthusiastic. The platform was fully occupied by men of light and leading, reprtsenting not only the Z5 y municipal, but the social and religious life Cardigan, and the Hall was filled with the x. bridegroom's admirers, of both sexes. The presentations were made respectively by the Mayor and Mayoress, and of necessity the speeches, of which there were many, em- bodied most gracious tributes to the ability and character of Mr. Morgan Jones. While (J.IO must have been painfully self-conscious during the ordeal, he must have felt proud of his record as so generously recognised by JIis fellow townsmen. The occasion was one which should give purpose to the lives of other young men, for it was evidence of tha reul success which constant and well-dirécted Effort merits. Mr. Jones enters upon his married career with the unanimous God- speed of the town. RECRUITS WAKTKD. The appeal of the War Office for more recruits for the South African graveyard is --not likely to meet with further response in Cardigan. The local company of Volunteers was summoned last week, but only 25 paraded, and there was no response to thea call." It is not yet known whether any ofH the four local men of the Waiting ICO. will re-eulist for a fresh term of twelve months. There is no doubt that the experiences of a Cardigan boy returned from the war, as well -as the ghastly exposures in the Press, account for this want of military ardour. The War Office also wants horses—and Cardigan men are good at a bargain 9 0 CARDIGAN CYCLING CLUB. B This Club holds a splendid record o uniform success, from a business stind-poitit. The annual meeting was held on Friday evening at the Black Lion Hotel, when therejH was a good muster of members. The Hon.ffi Sec. submitted the audited accounts of the Club for the past year, which shewed a credit balance of over X97.. This money is placed. on deposit, as a reserve guaranteeing future ventures, and it is hoped that the time will come when the reserve will be sufficient to justify laying out a sports' ground, with cycling track. Mr Thomas Lewis (to whom the Club is greatly indebted) was re-appointed Hon. Sec. and the Officers elected for the year were President, Augustus Brigstocke, Esq. Vice-Presidents, The Mayor, Mr D. Ivor Evans, Mr C. Morgan-Richardson, Mr G. B. Bowen, Mr J. V. Colby, Mr W. F. Koch, and Capt. R. W. Picton Evans (the last named being on actice service); Capttin, t Mr T. M. Daniel, St Mary-street; Sub- captains, Mr J. J. Jones, Argyle House, arid Mr D. J. Thomas. 1 CARDIGAN LITERARY SOCIETY. ( The Literary Society has thus far had a most satisfactory session, and the strikingffiL 0 features of the Syllabus are yet to come. Mr [Augustus Brigstocke very kindly gave the Society a most instructive evening 01. "The uses and abuses of reading," and he announced his willingness to give.E5 for the Iff best Essay dealing with an historical subject, the selection of which he left to the Com- mittee. Further, provided the Society can arrange for afternoon sittings, Mr BrigstockeHi is prepared to deliver a course of Historical lectures, as he especially desires to encourage the reading and study of history. The Executive Committee met on Friday evening, and arranged that the President (the Re I George Hughes), Mr R. E. Jones (N. P. ¡ Bank), and Mr J. Lawley Stokes, should meet Mr Brigstocke, by appointment to dis cuss arrangemen ts. TELEPATH. V