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'——*— Football. WELSH JUNIOR CUP.—2KD ROUND. MACHYNLLETH v- SHREWSBURY RAILWAY OFFICIALS. Played on the ground of the former on Saturday last, Shrewsbury having agreed to play at Machyn- lleth for a guarantee of E5. This being the first cup tie played at Machynlleth, it aroused a lot of interest in the game, and a large number of spec- tators were present. Mr T. H. Edwards, Aberyst- wyth, was the referee, and Machynlleth team was as follows:—Goal, Morgans; backs, Morris and Evans; half-backs. Edwards, Humphreys, and Weaver; forwards, Humphreys, Hughes, Humphreys, Vaughan, and Holt. Linesman, Dr. Davies. Machynlleth won the toss and elected to play with the wind. Shrewsbury at once made tracks for the home citadel, but Evans was safe, and passed to Vaughan, who completely beat the Salop defence. Brookes had to concede a corner, which Vaughan nicely placed, and resulted in a goal—the ball being touched by the Salop goalkeeper—the first goal for Machynlleth being obtained in the first five minutes. The Salop men for the next twenty minutes were completely beaten, but Machynlleth could not score, try as they would, until at last Edwards crossed to Vaughan, who nicely centred, and Hughes, who shot the second goal, completely beat the Salop goalkeeper. After this the Salop men severely tested the home cus- todian, but could not beat him, Morgans saving two stinging shots in splendid style. No further scoring took place in the first half, and Machynlleth crossed over leading by two goals to nil. Shrewsbury in the second half had the wind in their favour, and at once made tracks for the home goal, but Morris saved. From the kick-cff Ward obtained possession, and crossed to Smallwood, who at short range beat Morganf. From the goal- kick Machynlleth severely tested the Shrewsbury defence, but they did not score until Vaughan again from a cross-kick from Edwards nicely centred the ball, and Humphreys without hesita- tion shot a lovely goal. After this the Shrewsbury team were fairly beaten, and Machynlleth simply penned them in their goal-mouth, but they could not score. A very pleasant game was drawn to a conclusion with a magnificent win for the home team by three goals to one. REMARKS. Without a doubt, on the day's play the home r' team were far superior to the Salop team, and it was evident to all present that a long time before the finish of the game the visitors were completely fagged. The goal-keeping of the Machynlleth custodian was a treat. All the forwards played a good game. The Salop team at the commencement of the game started well, but they failed to keep up the pace with the home forwards, who fairly ran them off their legs. Machynlleth thoroughly deserved their win. A correspondent writes: Saturday saw the return of our little form, and it was a welcome return, for many had expected to see a collapse of the erstwhile invincibles on this occasion. The name of Shrewsbury blazoned on yellow posters throughout the town had decided the match in the minds of many of our stay-at-homes, but the return of Morgan to goal, the reappearance of Willie Evans in the rear, and of Holt in the vanguard of the Celts gave confidence to the rest of the never- say-die Maglonians, and three to one was the price of a prudent re-arrangement of forces on the part of the officers and of downright sheer hard work on the part of the eleven. The game was very fast all through—our forwards being a very speedy lot with a very steady centre. Playing with the wind during the first half secured the Glyndwr men a great advantage, for they made such good use of it that they exhausted all the strength of the Mwythig men before the call for oranges. Little Jack Edwards deserves great praise for his neat, pleasant, vigorous play, but indeed the whole team fully deserved the success that crowned their efforta."