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ABERYSTWYTH WHITSUN BOOKINGS TO SOUTH WALES.— Cheap return tickets will be issued to the large centres in South Wales at the end of next week, via., Carmarthen. THE FOOTBALL CLUB DEBT.—The Aberystwyth Football Club is in debt to the extent of something like P-150, the result principally of having had to play a great number of away matches during the past season, which necessitated great expenditure in railway fares, etc. Mr. Gilbert Rogers has with his troupe, generously offered to give a benefit concert towards reducing this debt, and also to mark his appreciation of the honourable position attained by the team in winning the South Wales and Welsh Cups. It is hoped Ir. Rogers' offer will result in a substantial sum being handed to the club. COUNTY SCHOOL.—Mrs Andrew, one of the organizing secretaries in connection with Dr. Barnardo's Homes, addressed the pupils in the Central Hall on Wednesday of last week. The Headmaster referred to the work done by Dr. Barnardo, and hoped the pupils would join the young helper's league about which Mrs Andrew came to address them. Mrs Andrew gave an ac- count of the movement, and the work that had already been done. She trusted that the pupils would join to help to get a Cardiganshire cot. It is expected that boys and girls will become annual subscribers. On Monday the pupils watched the solar eclipse through coloured glasses. There was great excitement. A LETTER FROM MAFEKIXG.—On Saturday ,last Councillor R. Peake received another letter from his brother, Mr William Gradie Peake, a member of the Cape Mounted Police, who was amongst the besieged at Mafeking. The letter is dated April 5th, and arrived at Buluwayo on April 14th. It stated that they were still besieged, but hoped to get out of it shortly; a wish. as all are gladly aware, that has now been realised. The writer also stated that he was quite well and going strong up to then, and he promised to sent all the news and some views of the town when the siege was raised, adding the optimistic qualification, "that is if I pull through. The envelope bore four penny stamps, the price of which has been increased to 3d. each, and bore the mark besieged." These are now considered valuable relics of the siege, and already one has been purchased at a good figure. ASSESSMENT COMMITTEE.—The monthly meet- ing of the Assessment Committee of the Aber- ystwyth. Union was held on Monday, when there were present the Rev John Davies, Messrs A. W. Miller, David Edwards, E. J. Evans, James Jones, Edwin Morris, Wm. Morris. Hugh Hughes (clerk), and E. Llewellyn (assistant clerk).—Mr A. W. Miller was voted to the chair.—Supplemental valuation lists were submitted and approved of for Aberystwyth. Llancynfelin, Elerch, and Llan- fihzngel Upper.—A supplemental valuation list was submitted for Vaenor Lower, but was amended, and ordered to be re-deposited.—A letter was read from Messrs Michael, Farraday, and Co., rating surveyors, London, with reference to the valuation of the two railway companies' property within the Aberystwyth Union.—The Clerk was instructed to give notice to the overseers of Rhostie, that unless they prepared and brought in a new valuation list within a month, the Committee would be bound themselves to appoint a person to do the work and charge the expense to the parish. 6RAD CONCERT.—At the request of tradesmen and their assistants, Mr Gilbert Rogers and his Merry Troopers gave another first-class concert at the Royal Pier Pavilion on Wednesday evening in last week. The concert proved a complete success, and the audience was a large and appreciative one. The programme contained plenty of enjoy- able variety, without a single dull item. There were orchestral selections, choruses, comic and character songs, quartettes, dances and violin solos. Mr Rogers gave himself "My old Dutch" (Albert Chevalier) and his popular and novel dwarf song, both by special request. The Acmes (Jim and Gipsey) in their musical melange came in for a great reception, and their performance was well worthy of the applause accorded it. The Imperial Glee Singers continue to increase in public favour, their quartettes being rendered with ability and taste. The Grenfields had a popular turn in their laughable absurdity, The bobby's courtship." Thatcher's appearance is always the signal for a hearty outburst of applause, and his comic songs have the merit of being up-to-date and sung in his own inimitable way. Mr Harry Fife's character songs, and Messrs Will Crowsen and Will Powell's songs and dances are also worthy of mention, together with Mr J. W. Anderson's well executed violin solos. Miss Cissie Conyers has a charming voice, and all her songs are popular. A new feature in the programme was a sketch by the company, which was excellently performed and created no end of amusement. OLD IN.Ns.-This list of licensed houses tells us how our town stood in August, 1845, the names of them, and their licensees:—Ivy l,ush,l by Thomas Bowen Public Rooms, George Careswell; Goger- ddan Arms, Abel Powell Davies; Three Tuns, Morris Davies; Wine Vaults, Joseph Downie; Old Black Lion, John Evans Shipwright's Arms, Thos. Evans; Carpenter's Arras, Elizabeth Griffiths; Blue Bell, Hugh Hughes; Heart of Oak, John Hughes; Three Jolly Sailors, Elizabeth Humphreys New Market Tavern, Mary James; Wine Vaults, Richard and Morgan James; Feathers, Thomas James, re- fused Golden Lion, Edward Jenkins; Miners' Arms, Jenkin Jenkins; Wine Vaults. Evan Jones; Angel Inn, Robert Jones: White Horse, Susan Jones h; Black Swan, William Jones; Prince of Wales, William Keeling Butcher's Arms, Jenkin Lloyd Hope and Anchor, William Lloyd Belle Vue Hotel, Charles Marshall; Horse and Jockey, John Hughes; White Lion, John Morgans; Skinner's Arms, Anne James Greyhound, Hugh Nightingale; Ship and Castle, Thomas Owen; Fountain Inn, Thomas Pierce; Black Horse. Evan Rees: Talbot Hotel, Thos Jeffries; Britannia, Thomas Rees; Royal Oak, Hugh Richards; White Hart, Evan Roberts; Nanteos Arms, Anne Thomas; New Inn, Jane Rees; Coachbuilder's Arms, Christopher Hall; Albion Tavern, Robert Pugh Prince Albert, Thomas Cleaton; Unicorn, John Jenkins; Farmer's Arms, Enoch Hughes. SUDDEN DEATH.—We regret to record the painfully sudden death of Ir. Thos. Hamilton Lewis, grocer. Bridge-street, which took place at the age of 43 years at his residence on Monday morning last. Deceased suffered a severe illness about two months ago, during which he was attended by Dr. Rowlands, but had now practically regained convalescence. He had attended divine worship at the Welsh Wesleyan Chapel on three recent occasions, and was present at the service on Sunday evening last. About quarter to eight on Monday morning he was again taken seriously ill, and within fifteen minutes, and before medical aid arrived, he had passed away. Deceased belonged to one of the oldest families in the town, being a son of the late Hamilton Lewis, tailor, Bridge-street. He formerly worked as a joiner with Mr. Rowlands, but for the past 16 or 17 years had been in the grocery business. He was a member of the Welsh Wesleyan Chapel, where his faithfulness and zeal won for him the high esteem of the whole church. He had for many years occupied the position of deacon at the same place of worship. He also evinced a deep interest in the work of the Sunday School, having been a successful teacher, and had held at different times the offices of secretary, treasurer, and super- intendent. On the occasion of his marriage in September, 1887, to Miss Jones, daughter of Mr. David Jones, butcher, Little Darkgate-street, he was presented with a handsome timepiece by the members of the Sunday School. Deep sympathy is felt with Mrs. Lewis and her only son in their < sad and sudden bereavement. The funeral will take place to-day (Thursday) at the cemetery, starting: from the house at 3 o'clock. CHARGE AGAINST A DOCTOR.—Dr Thomas Pugh Beddoes, surgeon, of North-parade, Aberystwyth, was charged at the local police-court, on Saturday last (before John Morgan and R. J. Jones, Esqrs.), with making use of threatening language towards a labourer named John Williams, living at Bryn- place, Aberystwyth, who was engaged with other workmen in effecting certain improvements at the defendant's residence, respecting which there was some disagreement between the lessor of the pre- mises (the Rev J. P. Morgan) and the defendant.— Mr A. J. Hughes appeared for the prosecution, Dr Beddoes conducting his own defence.—The defend- ant addressed the bench at length showing that he was opposed to the carrying out, which had re- ceived the attention of the High Court. He main- tained there was no justification for a forcible entry into his house to do the work, and that this was a distinct violation of the lease. It was said be had used threats, but not one word bad come before the bench indicating any verbal threat. He spoke to the chief-constable about the matter, and was there with ample means of protecting himself, including a rifle and bayonet. He saw the chief-constable again when he had a Nor- wegian knife such as the peasants and sportsmen used as the British workmen used his pocket-knife for cutting bread and cheese, and so forth. It was no stiletto, as was stated at the previous hearing. -Mr Arthur Hughes observed that this was in direct conflict with the chief constable's evidence. In his evidence the chief constable told the bench that the defendant said: I shall start between this and eleven o'clock. Whether I shall use a gun or a rifle if they do not clear out, I do not know." When he was going out the defendant was asked, Do you give them until eleven o'clock to clear out 1" and be replied I shall not give them any time." He was considering which of the two arms --the rifle or the gun-he should use.—The bench having deliberated in private said they found a threat had been made, and the complainant had cause for fearing the defendant would do him bodily harm. Defendant would be bound over in the sum of E25 in his own recognisances to keep the peace.—Mr Hughes applied for costs, including a doctor's fee, which was allowed. t COLLEGE VOLUNTEERS.—The members of the College corps of volunteers have now been supplied with their rifles, and have already commenced ilrill exercise with the same. The corps will proceed, to Towyn shortly for shooting practice. z, DRAPERY.—Mr. J. Walter Evans. Tottenham House, Great Darkgate-street, has just received his summer stock of drapery, clothing, etc., and he now invites an inspection of the new goods by his numerous patrons. Everything is in the latest design, and good quality and reasonable prices are guaranteed. BOATING.—Another steam launch arrived at the Harbour on Tuesday evening. It is the property of Messrs David and Evan Jones. High-street, and will be used to convey passengers for short trips in the Bay, on and after Wliit-week. The vessel is 31 ft. long, and 8 ft. wide, and is capable of carry- ing 12 passengers. The fact of the launch having stood the voyage from Penarth to Aberystwyth through a rough sea, speaks well for its seagoing qualities. ACCIDENT.—An unfortunate accident happened to Mr Herbert, carrier, South-road, while unloading bricks at the station yard with his son on Friday last. Shunting operations were being carried on at the time, and Mr Herbert had the fingers of his left hand caught between the buffers of two trucks. He was dragged along in this position for some time, and when released it was found that his fingers had been severely smashed. He was taken home, where he received medical attention. SHOP ASSISTANTS OUTING.-Tile annual outin connection with the local branch of the Early Closing Association was held on Wednesday to Devil's Bridge. The weather was all that could be desired, and the members, together with a large number of friends, were conveyed to this beautiful pleasure resort in a stage coach, and several well-appointed char-a-bancs and brakes. At the Bridge tea was provided, and the remainder of the time before re- turning was spent in games and pleasant walks. The outing proved successful and enjoyable in every respect. PETTY SESSIONS.—The weekly Petty Sessions were held on Wednesday, the magistrates present being Alderman C. M. Williams (Mayor), Mr John Morgan and Mr Edward Evans.—William Jones, Bridgend-place, mason, was summoned for not sending his daughter regularly to school, but the case was adjourned for a week for the appearance of the mother.—David Jenkins, Royal Stores, Pont- ygwaith, was summoned for neglecting to maintain his father, Richard Jenkins, who is now charge- able to the cotumoil fund of the Aberystwyth Union. Joseph Morgan, relieving officer, having given evidence, the Bench made an order for the payment of 2s. 6d. per week. TABERNACLE CHAPEL.—The pulpit at this Chapel was occupied last Sunday by the Rev. Wm. Lewis, Pontypridd, and very powerful sermons were delivered to large audiences. At the close of the evening service resolutions were unanimously passed by the congregation in favour of sending z, forms of petition to the House of Commons asking the Government to grant facilities for the follow- ing three bills to become law without further delay, as they have already passed their second reading in the House. The Bills are :-(1) Mr Souttar's Bill forbidding the sale of intoxicating drink to child- ren under 16 years of age; (2) Mr Spicer's Bill in favour of extending the provisions of the Sunday Closing Act to Monmouthshire; (3) Mr Herbert Roberts's Bill for amending the Sunday Closing Act for Wales. Mr Thomas Owen, county school, proposed the resolution, and Mr R. K. Humphreys Albert Place, seconded, and they were unanimously passed. BADEN-POWELL RELIEF FuN D.-In addition to the subscriptions amounting to Z44 3s, already acknowledge:1, Mr R. J. Jones, the organiser and secretary of this fund, has received the following amounts :—Mr John Evans, solicitor. 2s 6d; Mr Ed. Evans, builder, 5s; Mr John Watkins, wine merchant, 10s 6d; Mr John Thomas, draper, 5s; Messrs G. and H. Davies, ironmongers, Zl ls- Mrs Gilbert Rogers, Railway-terrace, Zl Is Mr Griffiths, secretary Steam Packet Co., 5s Mr Peard, Bristol, 8s 6d;. Miss Knight, South Marine- terrace, 5s; Mr Jack Thomas, jeweller, 5s; and Mr W. J. Watkins, Cartrefle, 10s. The total sum collected is now £51, and Mr Jones deserves congratulation upon the satisfactory success which has attended his efforts. On Thursday last a cheque for £25. signed by the Mayor, was for- warded to Lady Curzon, and the balance will be sent as soon as all the promised subscriptions, which can be paid to Mr Jones, or at either of the three banks, are received. PRES £ NTATION.—On Thursday evening last a gathering lof the members of the English Presby- terian Church took place for the purpose of pre- senting the Rev. and Mrs E. Penllyn Jones with a revolving bookcase (bearing a suitable inscription) )c on the occasion of their marriage, as a token of the good wishes of the Church for their future happi- ness and an expression of its gratitude to Mr Penllyn Jones for the invaluable service rendered by him to the church during the last thirty years. After partaking of refreshments at a table pre- sided over by Mr E. Jones-Williams, and Mrs Humphrey Owen, the Rev. T. Mortimer Green. who presided, having opened the meeting with a humourous speech, called upon Mrs E. H. James (who with Miss Nellie Jenkins, North-parade, had called upon the subscribers) to make the presenta- tion. This was gracefully done in a few appropri- ate words to which Mr Penllyn Jones replied. Subsequent remarks were made by Messrs D. Lloyd, E. H. James, J. P. Thomas, Tom Rowlands, David Ellis, R. G. and W. J. Bennett, Humphrey Owen. and Gomer James. THE ABERYSTWYTH STARR-BOWKETT BUILD- IXG BUILDING SOCIETY.—The ninth annual meet- ing of the above society was held at the Office, Queen's Square, on Saturday evening. May 26th, at 8 p.m. The Chairman. Mr D. C. Roberts, J.P., South Marine-terrace, presided, and the following business was transacted. The report of the directors was unanimously approved of. on the motion of Mr C. H. Cocks, seconded by Mr D. C. Owens, North-parade. The report showed that the receipts from subscriptions alone amounted to £ 391 14s Oct. giving an average of over E7 10s Od a week while Z228 had been received as repayments. Nine- teen new shares had been taken up during the year, and the total receipts amounted to E632 14s Od. The profit and loss account showed a balance in hand of E52 17s 4d. Two appropriations had been made in course of the year, both for advance of £ 200 each. While altogether since the commence- ment of the society, the sum of Z3200 had been advanced to members free of interest, repayable at the rate of 8 per cent annually. The auditors, Messrs T. D. Jenkins, Bridge-street, and D. C. Evans, Union-street, certified that they had audited the accounts, and inspected the deeds, and found all correct. The four retiring directors were re- elected for another term of two years, viz. Messrs Robert Ellis, chemist, Terrace-road Daniel Thomas. draper, Little Darkgate-street; Edward Evans, builder. Baker-street; and C. H. Cocks, Brynymor- terrace and Messrs T. D. Jenkins, Bridge-street and R. J. Roberts, Rhydyfelin, were appointed auditors for the year. A very cordial vote of thanks was tendered to the chairman and auditors for their services. At the close of the annual meeting the following members were successful in the ballots for appropriations, viz., Mr John Rees, builder, Queen-street, for £ 200; Miss N. N. Richards, the daughter of Mr Wm. Richards, grocer, Pier- street, for £ 100: and Mr John Pugh, Fullbrook- terrace, Llanbadarn, for £200. Mr Edward Evans, Baker-street, presided, and Messrs Hugh Hughes, Sea View Place, and D. C. Owens, North-parade, acted as secretaries. Votes of thanks to the chair- man and secretaries brought the meeting to a close. The Secretary is Mr Thomas Owens, Queen's-square, from whom all "particulars in regard to the society an be obtained. ♦ i

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