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TRANSVAAL WAR FROM DAY to DAY. — The War Office issued no despatches from Lord Roberts yesterday. A THURSDAY message from Smaldeel states that the Boers are retiring from the Zand river, but that they intend to make a. stand at Boschrand, a few miles south of Kroonstadf, From Maseru in Basutoland, there comes a telegram describing the state of panic into which the Boers in the Ladybrand and Fickstmrg districts have been thrown by the reported British occupation of Win burg and Senekal. Lord Roberts forced the passage ef the Zand river yesterday, and at i2-30 FRIDAY.. p.m. the Boers were in full retreat, pursued by cavalry and horse artillery on three different roads. The position they had occupied was twenty miles in length, and Lord Roberts states that it was a strong one. His lines, he says, were necessarily longer, and it will take some time to ascertain the casualties, but he is hopeful that his troops have not suffered much. Lord Roberts also reports that he has received a most cheery telegram from Colonel Baden-Powell aateu G nn April. A further telegram from Lord Roberts was published on Friday, SATURDAY stating that the British had a success- ful day on Thursday, and that they had driven the enemy from point to point. The only casualties reported were four killed and five wounded, but no return had beea received from the cavalry or Ian Hamilton's fcree. 44 We are," said Lord Roberts, eight miles north of the Zand river, and shall march at daybreak, and push on as far as possible in the Kroonstad direction." Lord Roberts has occupied Kroon- stad without opposition. The division MONDAY. which he is accompanying marched no less than twenty miles on Friday, and at night all his forces were within striking distance of the temporary capital of the Free State. He reports that Mr. Steyn endeavoured to persuade the burghers to continue their opposi- tion to the British advance, but was unsuccessful, and that, after issuing a proclamation making Lindley the seat of the Free State Government, Mr Steyn fled on Friday evening. The Transvaalers retreated towards the Vaal river, and declared they would light no longer in the Free State. Lord Roberts continued his advance on Saturday morn- ing, and was in Kroonstad at half-past one in the afternoon. He says tbe Free Staters accuse the Transvaalers of having first used and then deserted them. Nearly a hundred prisoners were taken on Thursday and Friday, but such Free Staters as could give a good account of themselves were allowed to proceed to their farms after they had been disarmed. Important news comes from Natal. It is now definitely reported TUESDAY. that General Buller advanced from Ladysmith last Thursday, and attacked Boers in the Biggarsberg. The enemy were driven from Helpmakaar, and it is believed that as the result of the operations the Boer positions in the Biggarsberg have been rendered untenable. Lord Roberts is still at Kroonstad, and is apparently waiting until the restoration of the railway enables him to again move north. In two despatches of Sunday's date the Field Marshal gives an account of the encounter between some of our cavalry and some Boers at a farm over which the white flag was flying.

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