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Intermediate School Governors.


Intermediate School Governors. The annual meeting of the governors of the Aberystwyth County School was held on Friday evening last, at the Town Hall, when there were present Mr. George Davis (chairman), Mrs Jessy Williams, Mrs. W. Griffiths (Waterloo), Miss Jones (Portland-street). Rev. Thomas Levi, Archdeacon Protheroe, Alderman C. M. Williams (mayor), Mr. J. P. Thomas, Mr R. J. Jones, Ir. David Samuel (headmaster), and Miss Ewart (senior mistress). Mr. George Da-ris, the retiring chairman, said the first bueiness was to elect a chairman for the ensuing year.—The Rev. T. Levi, proposed Mrs. Jessy Williams (the vice-chairman tor the last o years)as chairman for the ensuing year.—The Mayor seconded, and said that the committee were fortunate in having a lady who took such keen interest in education as Mrs. Williams. He also spoke of the good services she rendered last October, when the schools were opened by Lord Bendel.-The proposition was unanimously carried. Alderman C. M. Williams proposed that the Rev. Thos. Levi, be elected vice-chairman. He was one who had been a member of the committee ever since the commencement, and in many other ways was the senior.—This was seconded, but Mr. Levi appealed to be excused, as he had so many other things in band this year.—Aldermen C. M. Williams said he had nominated Mr. Levi in previous years to occupy the vice-chair, but fearing that the Chairmen would not be regular in their attendance, he had not pressed his nomination very hard. This year. knowing that Mr. Levi's, duties would be very light indeed, as he felt almost sure that Mrs. Williams would attend all the meetings, he hoped he would accept the office.- The rev. gentlemen ultimately agreed to take the office, and he was uuanimously appointed. The committees for the ensuing year were appointed as followsFinance and Executive Committee.—The Chairman, Rev T. Levi, Mr. Geo. Davis, Alderman Peter Jones, Alderman C. M. Williams. Mr. Richard Richards, and Mr. J. P. Thomas. Lodging House Committee.—The Chair- man, Mrs. Griffiths, Miss Jones, and Alderman C. M. Williams. Messrs. R. J. Jones and Richard Richards were appointed auditors. The Finance Committees' report was presented by Alderman C. M Williams and recommended pavment of bills and salaries to the amount of 440 18s. 6d. It also recommended that at the entrance examination six scholarships be offered for boys and six for girls, all of whom for the last three years must have been pupils at a public elementary school. A letter was read from Mr. H. C. Fryer, clerk to the County Governing Body, stating that the examination of the school would take place on Wednesday. May 9th, and the inspector would be very pleased to meet as many local managers as possible at the school after the examination, A communication was read from Professor Genese stating he had visited the school on the previous Monday. He found admirable order and discipline. At Mr. Samuel's request he examined two classes in arithmetic and algebra, and was pleased by the intelligence and interest in the work shown by the pupils. He also referred to the muddy state of the playground after rain, which seemed a serious defect. He also suggested that the election of officers in future should take place at the March meeting. The Clerk was directed to write to Professor Genese stating that this course would be incon- venient, as the managers elected by the County Council were not appointed until after March 8th. Mr. Appleton, the art master, appeared before the Governors, and pointed out that his duties at the County School did not terminate the same time as his duties at the College and the Board School At these two places his duties were at an end in June, whereas the County School did not end until July. That caused him considerable inconvenience, and he understood when he was engaged that all his duties were to terminate at the end of June. The matter could easily be arranged with the County School without in any way interfering with the efficiency of his class.— At Alderman C. M. Williams' suggestion, it was decided that Mr. Appleton write a letter to the clerk, which would be considered at the next meeting

... Board of Guardians.