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TREGARON. Trip, LITERARY SOCIETY.-Tliis Society con- cluded its winter session by holding a Conversazione at the Town Hall, Tregaron, last Wednesday evening. The room bad been most tastefully de- corated with palms, flags, evergreens, and appro- priate mottoes by the ladies of the Committee. Nearly all the members joined in the pleasures of the evening, and as each member was invited to introduce a friend, a large gathering assembled shortly after 7-30 p.m. Among the many whom 11 the Committee was pleased to welcome were Mrs Lloyd, Llys Einon; Mrs Williams, Ystrad; Mrs Evans, Albion Mrs Waterhouse, Bryn Teifi; Mrs Williams, Brenig View Mrs Jones, the Mill; and Miss J. G. H. Jones, B.A., County School. Later in the evening the visitors were joined by Messrs Harry Evans, B.A., and J. Strand Jones, B.A., of Lampeter, and the Rev. Davies, M.A., chaplain of Jesus, Oxford, whose presence and cordial co- operation were much appreciated. Appropriate songs were rendered by Miss Lizzie Jones, Mis Nancy Morgan, and Mr O. D. Rees, while Mr T. B Davies recited The Relief of Lailysmith." Mif Foulkes, R.A.M., County School, kindly acted i accompanist during the evening; the piano wi supplied by Messrs Wheatley, of Aberystwvt After the musical part of the programme had bel, rendered, a variation was introduced in the sha. of tea, coffee, sandwiches and other light refref. ments, which had in the meantime been admiraV arranged by the ladies of the Committee and soe friends in an adjoining room-a variation app- ciated by all present. The rest of the evening Is devoted to games of an interesting and enjoyfie character; the unique Swiss games managed^ the President, Mr G. T. Lewis, M.A., proved a gat success. The proceedings were concluded t a valedictory address from the President at a hearty vote of thanks to the officers and Comrntee of the Society. After the singing of the Natfral Anthem the company dispersed about 11 ..m. Among those who regretted their inabilil to accept the invitations of the Committee owi- to previous engagements, were the Rev ancMrs Morgan Evans, Mr David Thomas, C.M., Dr loyd and Mr Thomas Jones, P.O. General regri was felt that Mr T. Alban Jones, who has woilrl so energetically with Miss Morgan, Talbot, anoint secretaries, was not present, he having beealled away to London on business a few days pfvious. During the season which has just conclu^ the Literary Society has made remarkable Jbgress., which augurs well for the next session. It has filled a long felt want during the dul winter months of a country town, and has Joduced lectures and debates in both Welsh and Elish on numerous subjects of historical and pain- in- terest. It is hoped and believed that will do much more in the future to develope latent abilities of the younger people of Tregarf, BOARD OF GUARDIANS. The fortnightly meeting of the 3oard of Guardians was held at the Town Hall, cTuesday, April 10th, when the following memberfrere pre- sent :—Messrs Hugh Herberts (chairiin), Evan Evans (vice-chairman) D Williams, Btws Leiki; E. Lloyd, Blaenpennal; D. J. WilliamR James and Rees Evans, Caron Lower; D. Lod'ck, Garth- eli Thomas Jones, Doithie United 'p. Davies, Gorwydd J. Jones, Gwnnws Upper Iter Davies, Llangeitho; John Owens, Llanbadarn Rev T. R. Morgan, Lledrod Upper; Thomas Edlf(ls, Nant- cwnlle: Lewis Oliver, Ysbytty; J. -oyd, clerk Morgan Morgan (master) Rees Rowlajs (relieving officer) and Dr Lloyd (medical officei OUT-RELIEF. Amount of out-relief administered)er Mr Rees Rowlands (relieving officer) during he past fort- night £39 2s Od to 108 paupers,corresponding period last year iZ43 3s Od to 156. umber of in- mates in the House 27 corresponag period last year, 30. Mr Morgan Morgans, master, sal(that a pauper named Mrs Elias in the Tregaron 'orkhouse had died and left an estate the valt of which was Z137 15s 6d. He also stated that t had £ 93 18 5d in hand after paying all the expend. This pauper had only one son and he wa lunatic in the County Asylum. The guardiavould now be trustees of the estate, and with ti remainder of the money viz., iE93 18s 5d would ,,y for the keep of her son in the asylum. If the In recovered be- fore the money had been spent 1 would be en- titled to them, Mr D. J. Williamsposed that the guardians accept the money, andie chairman, Mr Hugh Herberts, should sign fdit. Mr Evans seconded the proposition which his unanimously agreed to. Mr. Hugh Roberts, the retirg chairman, said that he could not leave the cha before thanking the guardians. He thanked tha for electing him their chairman last year and f( their kind assist- ance to him during his term of nee. He had also to thank his friend, Mr. EvaiEvans (vice-chair- man) for his work during tlielist year. He also thanked the guardians for thewk done by them. Continuing, he said that tlifTregaron Board of Guardians looked well after tJ poor, and that the men in office under the Cound had smaller wages for their work than the men ttler the Board. The vice-chairman (Mr. San Evans) said he was very pleased to say thattbe members of the Tregaron Board of Guardiansfc-ere very agreeable, and were quite as agreeable fien going out of the meeting as when coming in. He had a very good chair at present, and he di<not know where to go, when he would have to live it as most of the other chairs were without icks (laughter). He also hoped that the guardii,.i would continue to work as well this year as th did last year (hear, hear). Mr. D. J. Williams thaned the chairman and vice-chairman for the kindiords they had given them as members of the Bard of Guardians. He also thanked them for tbit services during the past year. The Rev. T. R. Morgan ponded Mr. Williams' proposition, and said ti chairman and vice- chairman had done their Nirk well and honestly. The vote was passed unJHmously. Mr. Tregoning said he Ws glad to bear testimony and say that he had bt>n for 21 years in the service of the Board anc he was certain that he could tell them all that 1 had been as contented this year as he had ever JCCll during the past 20 years. RURAL DlSTicT COUNCIL. The Rural District Colicil was held on Tuesday, April 10th, when the allowing members were nrp,,Pnt, --Mr David Dates (chairman) rtresidine'. Rev T. R. Morgan (vice-hairman), with those who were present at the I)ard of Guardians, Mr S. Tregoning (surveyor), No J. P. Rees (inspector), Mr Morgans (master), wither Jenkin Lloyd (clerk).- The Chairman said tat he had received a com- plaint against a persh named Evan Rees, Pen- blodeuyn, who had thjwn the body of a dead pig into the river.—Mr J. J. Rees, inspector, reported the case to the Cointl and tasked if proceedings should be taken againt him or not. The Inspector said the excuse thernan had was that one of his servants had thrown tle pig into the river without his knowledge.—-Mr J. J. Williams proposed that proceedings should nit be taken this time, but that a warning should be gven him, and that no excuses for a case like this lould be taken any more. Mr Oliver seconded tig proposition, and after a discussion this was agreed to. The Clerk read a letter which he had received from the Aberystwjh Rural District Council which was as follows.26ttMarch, 1900.-Dear Sir,—I am directed by the Abujygtwyth Rural District Council to inform you that ihey are prepared to contribute the sum of F,10 awards the erection of a new bridge across the fetwyth at Cwmystwyth in the place of the existing bridge, on condition that the Tregaron Rural district Council contribute the same that the balance required is obtained frofn t, inhabitants in the neighbour- hood. And ^ey suggest that your council shall appoint two of their number with your District Road Surveyor in conjunction with Messrs. D. Morgan of Pentretrinant, and Thos. Powell, of Glanllyn (to. tlteir. number) and Mr. Morgan Edwards, oeir district Surveyor as a committee to carry out tlle vvGrli-—Yours truly, HUGH HUGHES. It wai; agreed that the sum of P,10 be paid. Mr. Oliver said he would like some of the members of the CouvCil to come over to Cwmystwyth and examine the bridge and also to get. a contractor. Mr. D. J. Williacis said if they were to go over to Cwmystwyth tioW and also get a contractor possibly the whole responsibility for the bridge would be throwiijoPOn' thein the next time anything would be wanted. The Pev. T. R. Morgan proposed that they should ø.ot go to Cwmystwytb, but to pay the £10. This w agreed to. TENDERS. The tendr of John Evans, carpenter, Tregaron, for the construction of a footbridge over the river Camdawr, Was accepted. VOTE OF THANKS. The retiring chairman, Mr David Davies, gave a hearty vote of thanks to the members and said that he was giving a dinner at the Talbot Hotel before retiring from office. The Rev. T. R. Morgan said that he thought that he had filled the situation of vice-chairman satisfactorily, as it was such an easy position to fill owing to the work being done so Veil by the chairman. ittr Peter Davies proposed a vote of thanks to the chairman and vice-chairman and it was unanimously agreed to. LUNCHEON. On Tuesday afternoon, Mr. David Davies, the retiring chairman of the Rural District Council, gave a dinner to the members of the Rural District Council and the Board of Guardians at the Talbot Hotel. After due justice bad been done to an excellent spread, an interesting toast list was gone through under the chairmanship of Mr. Davies. The first toast, that of "The Queen and Royal Family," was submitted from the chair, Mr. Davies paying a graceful tribute to Her Majesty.—Dr. 31,-In proposed the toast of The Army and N; y" and said he felt sure they would all heartily reeive it, especially under the present circum- stnces. They had been rather inclined to look (U-n upon their army and navy men, but it was lky that they now had an army and navy to right 1- them and to uphold their government. They had (e amongst them that day, viz., Mr. Morgan Jones, ho had two sons fighting at the front, and he oped that both would have a safe return.—Mr. [organ Jones responded to the toast, and thanked iie chairman for bringing them together that day. He also thanked Dr. Morgan for the kind wishes he liad expressed towards his two sons. Mr. Hugh Herberts, in an appropriate speech, then proposed the toast of i. The Clergy and Ministers."—Rev. T. H. Morgan, in responding, said that some of the foremost clergymen and ministers in the country were born in the Tregaron district, and he hoped jhey would continue to send out good men lor the good of the country at large.— k speech was then delivered by Dr Lloyd, in which le made complimentary references to the Chairman. :Ie also (pointed out that 20 years ago the chair vas known as" Cader y baw," but now it was called Y gader." Dr Lloyd also urged that they should devote more of their time to sanitary work, but said he was pleased to observe that the sanitary efficiency of the district was improving year by year.—The Chairman, replying to these remarks, said he was also of opinion that the sanitation of the district was better than it used to be. He hoped that before their next luncheon they would have a proper water supply at Tregaron.—Mr. D J. Z" Williams then submitted the toast of The officials." He said he had been an officer of the Board for 20 years himself, and he was sure there was a great deal more work done now than in his time.—Mr Jenkin Lloyd (the clerk) responded on behalf of the officials. He said he was a guardian himself about 18 years ago, and the guardians then were all Welsh speaking, but now, strange to say, they were getting more English. He hoped all the officials would continue to discharge their duties to the satisfaction of the members.—Mr Morgan, a former surveyor under the Council, also responded, and said he was very glad to meet the Chairman and all the members again. He had left them now for about two years, but his heart was still with the Tregaron Board of Guardians. — Mr Morgan Morgans (workhouse master) proposed the toast of the Press." He said that they had no fault to find with the Press, and the reports of their proceedings all through the year had been very satisfactory. The health of Mr. David Davies and family" was then proposed in an eulogistic speech by Mr. John Jones, who wished them long life and prosperity. The toast was heartily received, and Mr. Davies having made a suitable reply, the proceedings terminated.