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TRANSVAAL WAR FROM DAY to DAY. • The news from the seat of war is again very meagre to-day. The Boers THURSDAY are reported to be concentrating round Bloemfontein, with the object, they say, of disputing its possession with Lord Roberts. The Commander-in-Chief, how- ever, is stated to be aware of all the enemy's move- ments. One correspondent credits the Boers with a determination to fight a decisive battle in the Free State. Boer influences are,alleged to be causing trouble in Swaziland. CJ- L_: £ Colonel ritimer, aiter a onei journey with a flying column into the FRIDAY. Transvaal, has again marched south, and last Saturday his cavalry had an encounter with the Doers at Ramathia- bam, fifteen miles from Mafeking. At the same time the garrison made a sortie. The Boer ver- sions of the engagements state that both attacks were repulsed, and that Colonel Phjmer's force suffered considerably. Mafeking is still, one message adds, closely invested. There is practic- ally no further news from Lord Roberts. The Boer forces in the vicinity of Bloemfontein are now said to be very large. One correspondent states that there are at least 20,000 within a radius of twenty miles from the Free State capital. __L_r-+- .4! Anotner disaster lu et. pumuii ui Lord Roberts's forces is reported to-day. SATURDAY The Commander-in-Chief informs the War Office that on Tuesday three companies of Royal Irish Rifles and two companies of Mounted Infantry were sur- rounded by a stronger force of Boers near Redders- burg, which is a little to the east of Bethanie rail- way station. Reinforcements were ordered out the jiame day, but they were unable to reach Redders- burg until half-past ten next morning, and they were too late. The British force, which numbered 500 men, had apparently surrendered an hour and- a-half earlier, and had disappeared so completely that no news of it was obtainable. In another dis- patch Lord Roberts Fta:es that Lord Methuen sur- rounded General Villebois de Mareuil and a force of about 70 Boers at Boshof on Thursday. The General and seven Boers were killed, about eight were wounded, and the remainder were captured. While Boer activity in the Free State is increasing, the telegrams go MONDAY to show that the situation at Bloem- fontein is improving. On the west frontier Lord.Methuen is appareutly movement in a north-easterly direction. In Natal the Boers are reported to be preparing for a rein- vasion of the colony, and it is certain that an im- portant step in this connection is under considera- tion. Lord Roberts reports to the War Office that the British force which surrendered to the Boers at Reddersburg consisted of 167 mounted infantry and 424 men on foot. The Boers are said to have numbered 3,200, and to have had five guns with them. There is still no news of any movement on the part of Lord TUESDAY. Roberts to check the operations of the different Boer forces in the eastern half of the Free State. It is known at the British headquarters that there is a con- siderable body of Boers, with some guns, laagered at Donkerspoort, eighteen miles to the south-east at Bloemfontein. Another body is also reported to have taken up a position rather nearer than Donkerspoort. Near Wepener, on the border of JJasutoland, the Boers are assembling in force, apparently for the purpose of attacking General Brabant, who is practically isolated there with the Colonial Division.


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