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--------Merionethshire Congregational…







Educational ABERYSTWYTH COUNTY SCHOOL HEADMASTER m R. DAVID SAMCEL, M.A., (Cantab). SENIOR MISTRESS IISS EMTH M EWART, M.A., (Vict) ASSISTANT MASTERS AND MISTRESS ME W. P EARSOIS Jj^ULLEE, IVT.A* MR- T HOMAS QWEXS, M .J. II. MISS S. E. T HOMAS, DRAWING MR. J. H. APPLETON, Cert. Art Master. School re-opens January 16th, 1900. Pupils requiring Railway Season Tickets will please apply to me forthwith. „ „ JOHN EVANS, 6, Portland Street, Clerk Aberystwyth .¡" Business Notices. ,DANIEI-A' SON,I AND MEREDITH, AUCTIONEERS, TENANT-RIGHT, timber, a general AGRICULTURAL A PROPERTY VALUERS. SURVEYORS, ARBITRATORS, AND FIRE-LOSS ASSESSORS. OFFICES ABERYSTWYTH & TOWYN Dentistry. ESTABLISHED 40 YEARS. MESSRS MURPHY & ROWLEY, SURGEON DENTISTS, Honorary Dentists to the Aberystwyth Infirmary and Cardiganshire General Hospital. ADDRESS- -549 T ERRACE ROAD A BERYSTIN'YTII ^VTR- ROWLEY begs to announce that he is now able to undertake Gold and all other Fillin°rs, Crowns, Bridge-work and all the latest improvements in Modern Dentistry. Artificial Teeth in the latest English and American Styles. TEETH EXTRACTED PAINLESSLY UNDER GAS. Mr R. visits Machynlleth, Towyn, Aberayron, Tre- garon and Lampeter. Patients can be attended to any day at Aber- ystwyth. All at the most Moderate Charges. Full particulars on application. Business Notices. FOR GOOD AND RELIABLE BOOTS AND SHOES OF TIIF BEST QUALITY GO TO EDWIN PETERS 51, GREAT DARKGATE STREET, 51, (Three doors above Town Clock,) ABERYSTWYTH. Gentlemen's and Ladies' Boots and Shoes of ever description. Repairs on shortest notice BILLPOSTING IN ABERYSTWYTH. Trying to do business without advertising is like winking in the dark. You may know what you are doing, but nobody else does." SEND YOUR POSTERS TO THE ABERYSTWYTH AND DISTRICT BILLPOSTING CO., Proprietors of the largest and BEST Hoardings in Aberystwyth and District; Send for list of Stations. Billposting done on most reasonable terms. Advertisers invited to inspect the Hoardings of this Company. Satisfaction guaranteed Address all communications and parcels to- HERR PAREEZER, BILLPOSTING Co., PAREEZER HALL, QUEEN'S SQUARE, ABERYSTWYTH. JACK EDWARDS. (LATE E. EDWARDS,) B OOKSELLER AND STATIONER, 13, GREAT DARKGATE ST. A RERYSTWYTH, OUR MOTTO— GOOD VALUE FOR MODERATE PRICES II. I\ i:I)WARDS, BEEF, MOTION AND PORK BUTCHER, 34, GREAT D ARKGATE STREET, ^BERYSTWYTH. BEST QUALITY MEAT ONLY SUPPLIED HOME-MADE SAUSAGES AND PURE LARD. i HOIE-CURED HAMS AND BACON, CORNED JH. BEEF, AND PICKLED TONGUES. THE ABERYSTVYTH WELSH JPLANNEL DEPOT, 50, TERRACE ROAD REAL WELSH FLANNELS, SHAWLS, WOOL- LEN DRESSES, CLOTH, YARNS, HAND-KNIT HOSIERY, WELSH QUILTS AND HOME-MADE BLANKETS. JOHN EDWARDS & CO. PROPRIETORS, JOHN GRIFFITHS CABINET MAKER, AND COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHER, 7, M ARKET STREET, A BERYSTWYTH DRAWING-ROOM SUITES, DINING-ROOM SUITES, BEDROOM SUITES. GIG LAMPS. Edmund Edmunds, SADDLER & HARNESS MAKER, COLLEGE STREET, LAMPETER, Begs to inform the Public that be has a Grand Selection of GIG LAMPS IN STOCK, AT VERY MODERATE PRICES. All kinds of Repairs neatly executed on the shortest notice. SADDLES, CUSHIONS, HARNESS, &c. BARGAINS IN THE LATEST ANI) BEST JACKETS, CAPES, WATERPROOFS, AT D. NUN DAVIES' Drapery and Millinery Establishment, COMMERCE HOUSE, LAMPETER. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. ft EASTER HOLIDAYS, 1900. CHEAP EXCURSIONS TO SCOTLAND. On THURSDAY, April 12th, Excursion Tickets will be issued for 5 and 9 to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Greenock, &c- 7 On Thursday and Saturday, April 12th f. 14th ,T-Ckex* WU1 be issued to Newport Swansea anhii ^eath- Merthyr, Cardiff and of A *I;Eo"eturn «P fco and inclusive April IJtb.yndBu'.da^AprTlSU,. 0004 On Thursday J. Saturday, April 12th .5' 14th" Cheap eig-ht day tickets will be issued from Aber- K T11- UarmoMh, Machynli™ New. £ j?' MontSomery, Welshpool, Oswestry, Eenns- Bank, and intermediate stations, to Manchester, ton Shpffi Birkenheacl, Chester Warring! ton, Sheffield, Leeds, Dewsbury, Batley, Bradford Huddersfield, Matlock, and Buxton. The usual week-end tickets will be issued on Thursday, April 12th, and Saturday, April 14th to lverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Wolver- hampton, Peterboro. Leicester, ^Derbv, LeeS Dews bury, Huddersfield, Bradford, Sheffield, etc. EXCURSION BOOKINGS TO VJDON. bp^f 1 i:iJtS(1f^'xA,r>)ril 12th' Excursion Tickets will be issued to LONDON for 5 and 8 days. CYCLE RACES AT Pm^rrIo^LI Tl0R,SE' D0G> AND T'SSS SHOW, NEVIN—EIS- ?IFSS?0R)S AT BARMOUTH, CRIC- CIETH AND PWLLHELI. EASTER MONDAY, APRIL 16TH. Cheap day tickets will be issued from Aberyst- wyth, Machynlleth, Aberdovey, Towyn, and inter- Pwllhdi,S2c!0nS t0 Barmouth' Harlech, Dolgelley, etc. ATHLETIC SPORTS AT CARNARVON. Cheap day tickets will be issued from Portmadoc, Cnccieth, and Pwllheli on Foster Monday, April 16th. fuH Particulars as to Train times, fares, etc., see Handbills issued by the Company. All in- formation regarding Tourist and Excursion arrange- ments on the Cambrian Railways can be obtained on application to W. H. GOUGH, Superintendent of the Line, Oswestry. C. S. DENNISS, Oswestry, General Manager. April, 1900. WEEK-END TICKETS are issued every FRIDAY and SATURDAY from all L. A; X. W. and G. W. Stations in LONDON TO ABERDOVEY, ABERYST- WYTH, DOLGELLEY, AND BARMOUTH. Available for return on the following Sunday (where train service permits) Monday, or Tuesday For full particular see small hand bills. CHEAP WEEK END EXCURSION TICKETS ARE NOW ISSUED ON EVERY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY TOJ ♦Birmingham, ^Wolverhampton, *Walsall, Peter *sSd ;rLeicef*' *Derb>-> *Bur ton -on -Trent, bu™0rBd;il0Vr^ Mailchester. P^ton, Black- burn, Eolton, Leeds, Dewsbury, Huddersfield Liverpool, Birkenhead, Wigan and WarringSn FROM Oswestry, Llanymynech, Llanfyllin, Montgomery Wel.hpool, Llanidloe.s. MachvnIIeth. Bortli Aberystwyth, Aberdovey. Towyn. Barmouth Dolgclley, Harlech, PortmaclOc, Penrilyndeudraeth, Criccieth, and Pwlheli, T> tl^kets ar^e issued from Aberystwyth, Boith, Aberdovey, Towyn, Barmouth, Dol-elley Harlech, Penrhyndeudraeth, Portmadoc Criccieth* and Pwllheli to SHREWSBURY. lccietll» *Tickets to these Stations are not issued from Passengers return on the Monday or Tuesday following issue of ticket. J THOUSAND-MILE TICKETS. CTT\SsCTnnnan ,Corupaay issue FIRST CLASS 1000 and 500 MILE TICKETS, the coupons of which enable the purchasers to travel between Stations on the Cambrian Railways during the period for which the tickets are available unt§ the coupons are exhausted. The price of each is E5 5s Od 1,000 miles, and P,2 17s 6d' 500 miles being about lid per mile. 11 4 Application for the 1,000 or 500 mile tickets must be made in writing, giving the full name and address of the purchaser and accompanied by a remittance, to -Ilr I% H. G,)tigli Superint-endent of the Line, Cambrian Railways, Oswestry (cheques to be made payable to the Cambrian Co. or order) from whom also bookscontaining 100 certificates f°r authorising the use of the tickets by purchasers' famtty guests, or employees can be obtained, 6d each book; remittance to accompany order. C. S. DENNISS, General Manager Oswestry, March 1899. Business Notices. MARVELLOUS VALUE WARM WINTER SHIRTS heavy nd medium oTJ>atterns°and f 2f- 9'L Choi(!e selection WHI?/E LO\r r r n JtS"! 6 HST SENT POST FREE< also Wrists £ VP1? LT" Fronts and Sq«are Wrists, 6 for 15s. Sample 2s. 9d. Send collar shape COLLARS, four-fold, any shape, 3s 9d. per dozen. Orders delivered Carriage Paid on receipt of remittance. 'NFAN FRANK YELL, SHIRT MANUFACTURER 81, EFFRA ROAD, BRIXTON, LONDON. NOR WELSH WOOLLEN GOODS GO TO ROWLAND MORGAN LONDON HOUSE, ABERYSTWYTH