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TOI'V YN & ABERDOVEY URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. "| — The ordinary monthly meeting of this Council was held on Friday last at the Institute, Aberdovey. There were present:—Mr Daniel Edwards (chair- i man). Messrs J. Hughes Jones, J. D. Evans, J. Maethlon James. Arthur Tomlins, E. L. Rowlands, John Roberts, Henry Evans, Meredith Jones, W. Jones Hughes, and D. C. Davies, with W. R. Davies (clerk), Dr Bone (medical officer), R. Barnett (assistant clerk), E. V. Edmunds (surveyor), Ed. Williams (sanitary inspector), and John Jones (sub-sanitary inspector). NATIONAL STREET, TOWYN. A communication was read from Mr Thomas stating that the improvements required at the cot- tages in National-street. Towyn, would he carried out forthwith. A year ago he constructed a sewer at the back of the cottages, and understood that j the Council would place a ventilating shaft at the terminus thereof, but this had not yet been done. The letter was referred to the Towyn Committee. NUISANCES AT BRYNCRUG. Letters we re read from several residents of Bryn- cvug in reply to notices served upon them by the medical officer for the remedying of sanitary de- fects. In almost every case, promises were made to have the nuisances removed without delay. SANITARY INSPECTOR'S REPORT. The Sanitary Inspector drew attention to the condition of Cvnfal Farm House, which had been reported several times as being in a very damp and unhealthy state. It was still in the same condition and ought to receive immediate attention. Com- plaints had been made to him by the Rev. John Rowlands, vicar, that ashes, kc., were being de- posited outside the premises of the National School. and also on the side of the path leading to the Vicarage. He (the inspector) ascertained that the person who cleaned the National School was re- sponsible for a large part of it in both places. Regarding Cvnfal Farm House, the Council decideci to write to the agents of Mr Corbett's property stating that unless the work of repairs was done within a fortnight, steps would be taken to have the house closed. The sub-sanitary inspector (Mr. John Jones) I also reported that two carcases of sheep had been washed ashore, and these being in an offensive state he had had them buried. He had served several notices in respect of nuisances in different parts of the town, and also visited the slaughter- houses, but found no cause of complaint. CAETHLE WATER ANALYSIS. The Medical Officer reported upon the analysis of water at Caethle. In the water drawn from the tap inside the hOllse he found there was a trace of lead. He was informed that the pipe which took the water from the stream to the house was a lead pipe, about 30 yards long. Apparently, this water absorbed lead while running through "the pipe, and he suggested to obviate this thac a zinc pipe should be laid there instead of the leaden one. In other ways che water was fairly pure. The analysis of the water taken direct from the stream showed that it was of very fair organic purity. The Council decided that the analysis with respect to both waters be sent to Mr. Hall, the agent for the property. The Medical Officer was also directed to secure an analysis of the water drawn from the pump at Pennal and also that at Cwrt. The Towyn Committee reported having met Mr. Morris James, builder, with regard to the repair of that portion of Sandilaife-road between the railway crossing and the shore. The committee saw that the road required repairing, and directed the sur- veyor to employ two carts for two days to cart gravel to same, rr. James to supply a man to load same. Me-ssrs Pryse H. Hughes and E. T. Roberts having requested the Council to erect a wall between the land at the back of the Market Hall and the adjoining gardens, the committee recommended that the Surveyor ask for tenders for the erection of same. The Surveyor was authorised to secure scone when necessary gathered from agri- cultural land when the rate paid for the same, to- gether with the cost of breaking and cartage, did not exceed the price paid for Tontarmau sfone by more than sixpence. Also that the price of picked field flints delivered on the roads within a radius of one mile of Towyn should not exceed Is 3d per cubic yard free on the roads. The report was unanimously confirmed by the Council, and it was decided that tenders be invited for the erection of the wall at the back of the Market Hall. ABERDOVEY COMMITTEE. The Aberdovev Committee reported that a letter had been received from Mr. Edward Morgan, asking the Council to extend their sewer so as to connect with his nine houses at Trefeddiau. Mr. Morgan was prepared to undertake that at all times four of the houses should be occupied. The Surveyor was directed to take levels to ascertain whether the scheme was practicable. The instruc- tions given in the absence of the Surveyor to take up and relay the sewer at Penhelig were confirmed. The Surveyor was directed to obtain an additional length of hose for use of the wharf, and to repair the handrail on the Penybryn footpath. The Surveyor submitted a plan of the roadway at Bodfor-terrace, shewing the frontage lines. The committee resolved that an action be taken in the matter, and that the railway be allowed to remain as at present. Mr. Abraham submitted plan of new railing to be erected at Glandovev-terrace, and it was resolved that the same be recommended for approval. BODFOR TERRACE HAILINGS. A discussion arose up)n the report of the Aber- dovey Committee upon this question. Mr J. Hughes Jones enquired whether any measurements were taken. Mr Tomlins proposed that the surveyor explain the circumstances as to the measurement of this place. The Surveyor said that a very short time after be came there a committee was appointed to meet on the ground, but only Mr Tomlins and himself were present. A peg was put in the ground and a straight line drawn from it, and according to the measurements then taken there was an encroach- ment. But it seemed that that peg was not in a proper position, and a plan drawn up by the ex- surveyor was taken in preference to any instructions given at that time. Mr Hughes-Jones Have you any plan ? The Surveyor I prepared a plan. Mr Hughes-Jones Is it here ? The Surveyor; No, not today, because I thought the matter had been finished with bv :the com- mittee. 3Ir Hughes-Jones The Souncil should see the plan. Mr Tomiins >aid he would like to make an ex- planation as be had brought the question up before. He maintained still there was a great encroachment When they met there it was passed that there should be 3 feet 6 inches given to the houses from a certain line drawn across, and at each end a curve to go round. That was the instruction given to Mr Pryac-Jones, and those of them that knew the place would see how the railways ran in opposite Captain Humphrey's house. They ran in there about a foot more towards the house than what Mr Jones' present rails were. "Where the mis- take had been made—but he did not say it was done intentionally—was that the late surveyor did not make a correct plan according to what the committee passed. If what he said was not correct how did tliey account for Captain Humphreys lay- ing back those rails. As he had said before, the mistake had been made with the plan, but it was very strange to him that Mr J. Hughes Jones, who knew exactly what the conditions were, should have acted as he had. After seeing the plans pre- pared by the surveyor. Mr Jones did not say a word about. Mr Hughes Jones said Mr Pryce Jones was as able to defend himself as Mr Tomlins was to explain himself, and Mr Tomlins would have to prove his case. Mr Tomlins then cited the cases of Mr W. Jones- Hughes, and Mr E. L. Rowlands, and asked how did they account for their railings being put back. He admitted that the line Mr Pryce Jones had given was not encroached by Mr J. Hughes Jones, but the instructions given by the Surveyor on the spot bad not been carried out. 6 I Mr Hughes Jones replied that he had been ac- j cused of encroaching, and Mr Tomlins would have to prove that one of these days. These things had been reported in three papers. Mr Tomlins said he was quite prepared to stand by whatever he had said. He was not in the habit of telling untruths, and more than that he would repeat what he had said to Mr Jones's face. Mr Hughes Jones: Oh yes, you are very fluent L. that. point. Mr Tomlins: Yes, better than you any day. PREPARATIONS FOR EASTER. Mr. E. L. Rowlands proposed that the seats be put out at Aberdovey as soon as possible, as there were a number of visitors in the place, and next week the town would be full. He had had many applications from residents that the seats should be put out at once. Mr. J. Hughes Jones seconded, and the resolution was unanimously carried. On the proposition of Mr. Tomlins, it was also decided to light the public lamps during the following fortnight. RURAL WARD COMMITTEE. The Rural Ward Committee reported baring met the members of the Pennal local committee with reference to the proposal that this Council should contrbute £40 towards the cost of a road to the proposed new station at Gogartli. The meeting was adjourned for the attendance of the engineer of the Cambrian Railways Company and Mr. H. Daniel, the owner of the site selected. The com- mittee also reported that a site just inside the yard of the National School at Pennal had been selected for the erection of a pump, and the Surveyor promised to have the work commenced as soon as he could get men. This report was also adopted ntin. ron. COUNTY VOLUNTEER MOVEMENT. A letter was read from Mr. J. C. Hughes, Dol- gelley, regarding the steps now being taken to 7 9 appoint a county committee to co-operate in the raising of a volunteer battalion for Merionethshire, and asking the Council to name three gentlemen from this district to act thereon. Mr Tomlins thought that as the Towyn and Aber- dovey volunteers were connected with the South Wales Borderers they would be out of count in this matter. The Clerk said no doubt it would be a battalion of the 23rd regiment, and all the Towyn and Aber- dovey volunteers would be asked to join. Messrs J. M. Howell and E. L. Rowlands, Aber- dovey, and Mr J. Davies. Bryneithen, were then appointed to act on the committee. ALTERATION OF BOUNDARIES The Clerk announced he had received a notifica- tion from the Merionethshire County Council stat- ing that a sub-committee had been appointed to conduct an inquiry in the district relative to the application made by this Council for the extension of boundaries. Notice of the date of the inquiry would he given in due course. A COMPLAINT. A communication was read from Messrs Morris Jones and Sons, complaining that they were being unfairly treated in the matter of the Council's orders, as they were all being given by the Sur- veyor to another tradesman. After some discussion, the Surveyor said he would like the Council to appoint a committee to go into the matter, as he considered the letter a reflection upon him. The matter was referred to the Towyn Com- mittee. PROPOSED STATION AT GOGARTH. Mr. J. D. Evans again asked permission to post- pone the resolution of which he had given notice, that, the Council contribute £40 toward the cost of constructing the road which it is intended should be used as an approach to the proposed new Rail- way Station at Gogarth. He did this in order that the exact measurements of the space required for the station might be taken, and then they would know where the road and the station would be. Mr. E. L. Rowlands also suggested that in the ,g meantime they should secure an estimate of the cost of the proposed road. It was then agreed that -Ifri Evans' resolution be deferred for a month. MAINTENANCE OF MAIN ROADS. The Clerk read the following resolution passed by the Annual Vestry for the Parish of Towyn, in reference to the maintenance of main roads:— Having regard to the contract entered into between the Urban Council and the Merioneth County Council, as to the payments to be made by the latter body in respect of maintenance of main roads, this Vestry urges the Council to use every possible economy so as not to exceed the limit sum of Z660 to be paid them under the contract entered into by both bodies." Mr. E. L. Rowlands said they were not aware at Aberdovey that a vestry was held. He did not Know wliether it had anything to do with their part of the parish. I The Clerk It has, The Surveyor said he also was not aware of the Vestry until after the meeting was over, and he understood there were a lot of warm things said about him there. The Chairman: What shall we do with the resolution of the Vestry ? Mr. John Roberts: Is it possible to get the information as to where the extra money spent has gone to. The Assistant Clerk said it was stated at the Yestry that the cost of the maintenance of main roads in their district that year would exceed £800, and that gave rise to the question. And some of the members—Mr. Jones especially-were catechised as to why, if the expense would exceed ESOO this year, the Council undertook to do the work for £660. Mr. James explained that this was a special year, and the expense was extraordinary. The Clerk: What the vestry want you to do is to be very economical. Mr. J. Hughes Jones: So we shall. Mr. D. C. Davies said he considered the resolu- tion quite unnecessary, as they always endeavoured to be as economical as possible. It was, he thought, an insult to them. Mr. R. P. Morgan said he thought it was time for them to open their eyes when the estimate had been exceeded by Z200 or £300. Mr. D. C. Davies But that is for one year only. Mr. Morgan considered it was only right and fair that the ratepayers should be allowed to ask questions, and he thought they were quite justified in asking why the estimate was exceeded by £ 200 or E300 J Mr. Rowlands said if the County Council had the basis for six years in view they would linrl that the expenditure had been as hfeh as £300 before, and of course it had been as IoN, The Clerk said the average came out. as n?ar as possible to £ 660. The year when t lie embankment was being built at Aberdovey it was over £ 300. Mr R. P.Morgan: That is" easily accounted for. but there is nothing to show for it this year. Mr D. C. Davies having proposed that the com- munication of the Vestry be acknowledged, stating j that the Council would endeavour to be as econo- rnical as possible, Mr Rowlands seconded. Mr Itoberts said the Vestry would require to know where this money had gone to, and he pro- posed that they appoint a committee to inquire into the matter. Mr Tomlins said had they not directed the sur- vevor to do a lot of extra work. Mr J. Maethlon James said some of the rate- payers at the meeting told them that the road from Aberdovey to Pennal were in a worse state this year than iast, after spending a great deal of money on them. Of course, he could not contradict that, as he had not been over the road. Mr W. Jones Hughes said lie did not think that was correct, as the roads were better now than thev had ever been. Mr. Maethlon James said it was easv to make random statements to the Yestry without any evidence to substantiate them, and he thought it was very wrong to do it. If there was anything done by the Surveyor not ordered by the Council then he stood open to censure. If he had carried out the instructions given by the several committees, he thought the committees them- selves were to blame if they had over stepped the limit. He seconded the proposition that the Committee should go into the figures, and see whether anything had been done without the sanction of the Council. The Surveyor said if there was anything he had done he had not had instructions for, he would J like the Committee to inform him. He had sub- mitted an estimate to the Council three months ago of the cost of repairing and maintaining the roads for the past year up to the 31st March last, and that was £ 855. And the expenditure for that time had been £ 844. Both resolutions, proposed and seconded, were then put to the meeting and unanimously carried, and the Chairman and Messrs R. P. Morgan, A. Tomlins.J.Maethlon James, D. C. Davies, and J. Roberts were appointed the committee to enquire into the expenditure on main roads.-

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