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MACHYNLLETH. FOOTBALL.—The Intermediate School Term paid a. visit to Llanidloes on Saturday last to meet the eleven of the school of the town. There was some tall scoring, the result being a victory for the Machynlleth boys by six goals to five. Ri»r.E RANGE.— The target apparatus to be used in connection with the proposed rifle range is expected to arrive this week. The range will have a length of 800 yards, and as soon as all the arrangements are completed, a Government in- spector will be invited down to certify as to its suitability, and also with the view of advising the Government to purchase the same. BUKGLART.—Some time on Sunday night or early on Monday morning a burgulary was committed at Griffiths' timber yard. The theif or thieves effected ah entrance into the office by removing the window catch. Everything in the office was ransacked and thrown indiscriminately about the floor, but nothing of value was stolen. This is the second time within a short period in which the same premises had been broken into. LECTURE.—On Friday evening last an interesting lecture was delivered at Soar Congregational chapel on the subject of Taliesin, ben beirdd by Mr. E. Davies, J.P., Dolcaradog, or, as he is better known in literary circles, Gordovig." The lecture was delivered to a large and appreciative audience, Mr. Davies proving himself a thorough master of his subject. Criticisms on the lecture were afterwards offerec^by Mr J. C. Wood and Mr J. Jones (Work- house), amd the Chairman, Rev. Wnion Evans (pastor), also favourably commented upon it. LETTERS FROM THE WAR.—On Monday morning numerous letters were received from local volun- teers who have gone to South Africa with the 5th battalion South Wales Borderers. Writing to Mr. D. Philip Jones, Private A. W. Harries, son of Mr. Harries, late stationmaster at Machynlleth, says that they had a good voyage out. St. David's Day was loyally celebrated on board the transport, all the men and officers wearing a leek in their caps. Private Harries says the Machynlleth section is in the best of health, but owing to the intense heat they look like a lot of Red Indians. CYMREIGYDDION- The Society of Cymreig- yddion met on Wednesday evening in last week at the Town Hall under the presidency of Mr. John Rowlands, solicitor. An edifying paper was read on the occasion by Mr R. Williams, F.R.Hist.S., Newtown, on "Llenyddiaeth Cymreig ypedwaredd ganrif ar bymtheg (" Welsh Literature of the 19th century "). Mr Williams treated his subject in its historical, educational and literary aspects, and pointed out the improvements and advancement made in the history of the Welsh nation during the century. The paper was followed by an inter- esting discussion, in which the Revs. Josiah Jones, E. Wnion Evans, and D. H. Hughes, Messrs D. Davies Williams, Edward Rees, J.P., E. Jones, B.A., Jenkins (N.P. Bank), Evans, Jenkins, and J. C. Ashton participated. A vote of thanks was ac- corded Mr Williams for his able paper by Dr. Rees (Ap Gwyddon). and a hope was expressed that he would consent to read another paper next session. COMPETITIVE MBETING.—On Friday evening last a largely attended literary and competitive meeting was held at the Congregational Chapel, Penegoes. Mr. R. Gillart, J.P., presided, and the duties of conductor were performed by Mr. John Evans, Maengwyn Stores. The programme was gone through as follows :—Duet, Messrs. E. Lewis and L. Williams; address by the Chairman; addresses by the Bards; recitation of hymn 920 of the" Caniedydd (for children under 15). prize divided between David Jones and R. J, Jones, Machynlleth; song, Miss Frances Lewis best book mark, winner Miss Griffiths, Bryn Tudor; tenor solo, Rwy'n myn'd i'r Nef," best Mr. 0. Morris, Machynlleth; song, Miss M. Lumley best scarf, winner, Miss Lizzie Jones, Coedcae song. Gwlad y Cymru," Llew Cynfal; duett competition, "Dysgwch oil yr hen Ganiadau," Messrs David Price, Corris, and Evan lAFwis, Bryn Tudor; song, Miss Frances Lewis; open solo competition, 14 competitors, best, Mr David Price, Corris; quartette competition, Ti wyddost beth ddywed fy nghalon."two parties competed, best, Mr Wm. Evan (watchmaker) and party. The adjudicator of the musical and literary competitions was the the Rev J. C. Jones (Llew Cynfal), Llanelltyd, and of the fancy work competitions, Mrs Lloyd, Bank Place, and Miss Davies, Ffridd. Miss C. J. Williams, Machynlleth, proved an efficient accompanist. The secretarial duties were ably carried out by Mr Rowland Williams, Penrhosbach, Penegoes, and those of treasurer by Mr David Griffiths, Cildyfnog. The proceeds will be devoted towards the liquida- tion of the chapel debt. DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTION. Polling for the representation of the north ward on the Lrban District Council, owing to the vacancy caused by the death of Mr Joseph Evans, Fronygog, took place on Saturday last. There were two candidates, viz., Mr John Micah, Maengwyn-street, cattle dealer, and Mr Evan Rees, Mount Pleasant, mining agent. The poll remained open from 8 a.m. 8 p.m., the presiding officer being Mr John Jenkins, solicitor. The declaration of the result was made by Mr John Rowlands (returning officer) at the Town Hall soon after 8-30, and was as follows :— Evan Rees 82 John Micah 69 1 13 Of the 153 voting papers filled, two were spoilt. The annual election was to have taken place also on Saturday last, but no contest was necessitated in either ward, and the candidates nominated were declared cleeted as follows :— NORTH WARD. John Pugh, Maengwyn-street; Wm. M. Jones, Maengwyn-street. WEST WARD. Richard Owen, Nawlyn; Edward Davies Rees, Penrallt-street. SOUTH WARD.. Richard Gillart, Llynlleoedd. The only new member is Mr Ed. Davies Rees, who succeeds his father in the representation of the West Ward, the latter having retired. URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. The ordinary meeting of the above Council was held at the Town Hall on Tuesday last, when the following members were present:—Messrs W. M. Jones (chairman), John Thomas (vice-chairman), D. Smith, Edmund Gillart, Henry Lewis, J. M. Breeze, Edward Rees, G. W. Griffiths, T. Parsons, R. Gillart, with Dr. Davies (medical officer), John Rowlands (clerk), D. Phillip Jones (assistant clerk), and Morgan Jones (surveyor). The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed. WELSH HOSPITAL IN SOUTH AFRICA. Mr W. M. Jones stated that sums to the amount of Z15 6s Id were collected in the different places of worship at Machynlleth towards the Welsh Hospital. LODGING HOUSES. The Clerk reported that the lodging houses had been visited, and were white-washed according to the regulations. There were in the houses this year 681 males and 43 females, making a total of 724 persons, while last year there was a decrease, there being only 503 males, and 140 females, mak- ing a total of 543 persons in all. FIRE ENGINE. The Clerk stated that he had received letters from other District Councils concerning the fire- engine. It was proposed and seconded that the matter be left to the next meeting, and was agreed to. CORRESPONDENCE, A letter was read from the Machynlleth Inter- mediate School, reuestiDglthe Council to appoint governors for the ensuing year for the school as Mr. E. Hughes' and Mr. R Owens' time of office had expired. This matter was also left for the next meeting. HATES. The Clerk reported that he had. served notices on several people concerning the rates, and he also said, in fact, they had been visited, and that one ratepayer said that he was not going to pay the rates. The Clerk now asked the Council if pro- ceedings should be taken against them. The Council decided not to take proceedings then, but to give them seven days to pay. CONSIDERATION OF ESTIMATE FOR THE YEAR. Mr. John Thomas proposed that they meet again as a committee to consider the estimate for the year and Mr. D. Smith seconded the proposition, and it was agreed to. COUNTY SCHOOL GOVERNORS. A meeting of the Governors of the Machynlleth County School was held on Friday afternoon at the School, there being present Mr Richard Rees, J.P. (in the chair). Dr Davies. Mr Edward Rees, Rev Josiah Jones, Mr John Thomas, and Dr Edwards, with Mr J. Rowlands:Cclerk), and Mr H. H. Meyler (headmaster). The Rev Josiah Jones signified his intention of resigning his position as the representative of the school on the County Governing Body. Although pressed to remain, the rev gentleman said he thought he should give others a chance, and at the next meeting of that body he intended proposing a name, which he believed would meet with general approval. The Clerk said he had received a communication from the County Governing Body stating that a meeting of the Finance Committee had been arranged for a day in the first week in April for the distribu- tion of funds to the various schools. The Clerk pointed out that the financial year of the school terminated on March 31st, and there was a con- si lerable amount of money due from the County Body. They were, therefore, anxious to know the position, in order that the estimate for the current year might be made. Their financial year ended the following day, and, therefore, the grant from the County Body would not come into this year's account. They had, however, sufficient money to pay all thei indebtedness. A letter was read from Mrs. A. Davie;5, a member of the governing body, stating her desire to retire from office, as she did not think it fair to keep the ■ appointment, as circumstances did not admit of her attending. Mrs. Davies added that she was delighted with the success of the school, and should always take an interest in it, and be ready to help them whenever she was at illachynllctli.-Tlie Clerk said Mrs. Davies' period of office expired in „ August, 1901.-At the suggestion of the Chairman, who said Mrs. Davies had done a great deal of useful work for them, it was decided to ask her to withdraw her resignation until the end of her term of office at least. The following communication was read from the secretary of the Science and Art Department:— I I am directed to state, for the information of the managers, that it appears from the report of the inspector of this department, who recently visited the above-named school that a proper method was employed in the class in theoretical mechanics (fluids) which he found under instruction, the exercises being worked from first principles and the students encouraged to attend school at < times other than those set apart for class* I instruction to work them out practically. The Inspector observes that whilst the facilities for teaching experimental science will be improved by f the provision of a properly equipped lecture table and a laboratory (nearly completed), for teaching chemistry, it would be well, when the laboratory is fitted up, to provide a small fume closet in the lecture. He remarks that the number of students in the Art Class is at present too large for one teacher to manage propeily, and adds that there appears to be need for more class instruction. It appears from the report that some large freehand demonstration sheets and a few casts of ornament should be obtained, and for illustrations in hygiene a skeleton or a set of bones." As to the fume closet, the Clerk was directed to reply stating that the governors thought that the requirements of the Department in this respect would be met by the opening of the new laboratory. It was decided to purchase a few demonstration sheets, some casts of ornaments, and a set of bones. As to the scholarship entrance examination, the Headmaster thought that notification of the date should be sent to the primary schools as soon as possible. The Governors then decided that the examination be held on Saturday, July 21st, and that the test subjects be the same as those of last year. Mr. E. R. Turner, Llanidloes, was appointed examiner. The Management Committee reported that the sum ft E327 15s. lid had been spent in laying out. the recreation ground in front of the school, and a sum of Z324 on the new laboratory. Dr. Edwards enquired whether the money for laying out the grounds bad been paid, and upon receiving a reply in the affirmative said he should like to have been present when it was, for he would have moved a reduction or a vote of censure, because of the time taken to complete the work. The Chairman said they had one consolation in the fact that the money had been paid. Dr. Davies thought it was money well spent, not only for the present, but for the future. The Chairman thought it would be a monument to the present governors. Dr. Davies suggested that a tablet should be put up (laughter). Dr. E: ards considered it a monument to the expensiv tendencies of the committee. The & nagement Committee also recommended that the grounds be fenced right round at a cost of P,9, the work to be done by Daniel Evans. Mr. Edward Rees enquired bow long the Manage- ment Committee intended keeping Daniel Evans on the field. Had he finished his undertaking ? The Chairman: Yes, he has finished. Dr. Edwards Is that the levelling man ? The Chairman: Yes. Dr. Edwards: 0, keep him on (laughter). Dr. Edwards also objected to the way the Manage- ment Committee did its work, as it had asked Daniel Evans to tender for the fencing work, and had asked no one else. Ultimately, the recom- mendation of the committee was agreed to. The Headmaster again complained of the nuis- ance caused by persons hanging their I- washing on the fencing around the school. He wished to know whether the caretaker could be instructed to deal with it. as it showed no sign of abatement. Dr. Davies was of opinion that it was a matter that should be seen to, and he would move that measures be taken to prevent it. After further discussion, it was decided that the matter be left in the hands of the Management Committee to deal with. The appointment of a caretaker to look after the school and grounds was deferred to the next meet- ing. It was decided that the School break-up for the Easter holidays on Thursday, April 12th, and re- open on Tuesday, April 24th. The Clerk was directed to secure tenders for the apparatus and chemicals necessary for the fitting-up of the new laboratory, and a committee was appointed to visit the laboratory at the Board School, and ascertain whether any of th apparatus thereat could be purchased.