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FOOTBALL. WELSH CUP SEMI-FINAL. ABERYSTWYTH v. CARNARVON. The semi-final round of the Welsh Cup between Aberystwyth and Carnarvon was played on Satur- day last at Oswestry. Ideal weather prevailed for the encounter, and nearly 300 persons from Aber- ystwyth took advantage of the cheap excursion arranged for those desirous of seeing the match. Aberystwyth, who appeared in the semi-final in virtne of having beaten Rhayader and Newtown, were considered the favourites, and a win of two or three goals was generally predicted them. Both teams were represented at their best. It was ex- pected that Green, who now plays for Swindon, would have appeared for his old team, but during the week he telegraphed his inability to play. The teams lined up as follows:— Aberystwyth—Goal, Roose backs, C. Parry and G. Evans; half-backs, W. Jones, J. H. Edwards (capt.), and D. M. Evans; forwards, T. Whelan. J. Evans, Marshall, Barson, and Oswald James. Carnarvon — Goal, J. H. Evans; backs, J. T. Williams and D. O. Edwards; half-backs, G. Griffiths, D. S. Jones, and H. G. Evans forwards, 1 W. Morris, J. R. Williams, Ellis Williams, J. W. Kinsley, and T. Roberts. Referee, Mr R. T. Gough, Oswestry. Linesmen, Mr Hannahby, Johnston and Mr Arthur Thomas, Ruabon. The ropes were thickly lined with spectators when Carnarvon kicked off a few minutes after the advertised time. Aberystwyth had the best of the opening exchanges, but Evans, in kicking the Z, ball to Whelan on the wing, sent it into touch. On the throw-out, Marshall got possession, and put in a tremendous kick, which went wide of the goal, however, by several yards. A free-kick was then awarded Carnarvon for a foul, but the ball did not go beyond the half-way line. Carnarvon, in turn, were penalised twice for fouls, and a clinking shot was put in by J. H. Edwards, which the Carnarvon custodian was lucky to clear. Following this, the Aberystwyth forwards made a terrific bombard- ment on their opponents' goal, but one of the backs cleared with a good kick. Parry's return kick was charged down, and the Carnarvon front rank swooped down the field. The situation seemed an extremely dangerous one, as the two backs were beaten. D. 31. Evans, however, came to the rescue, and in the nick of time saved by kicking into I touch. Aberystwyth re-asserted themselves, and the ball was quickly at the other end of the field, where some pretty play ensued between the halves and forwards. J. H. Edwards got possession at length, and with rare judgment sent the ball to farshall, who gave a neat pass to Tommy Whelan on the wing. The latter put in an unerring shot, and Marshall being ready to receive it, made no mistake, and landed a beautiful goal. Ensuing play was conspicuous for some tricky runs on the part of D. Jones on the left wing, and the Carnar- von goal was continually being placed in danger. Carnarvon then made a brief incursion into Aber- ystwyth territory, but their attack was not well- directed, and the ball went over the line. Another attempt to break through the defence was well re- pulsed by Parry. Aberystwyth however, having by far the best of the play, Oswald put in a fine centre, which his colleagues tried hard to send into the net. Whelan on the opposite wing also centred beautifully, and the ball was again almost in the net. Aberystwyth, however, received a rude awakening at this point. The Carnarvon forwards, manipulating the ball smartly, dribbled to the other end of the field, where a really warm shot was sent in. Roose fisted out strongly, but it was again returned in close proximity to the goal. The two backs showed weakness in their endeavours to clear, and a sigh of relief came when the ball, after a warm five minutes, was kicked over the half-way I line. Following this, both teams attacked vigor- ously in turn, the ball travelling rapidly from one end of the field to the other. Aberystwyth secured two corners in succession, but W. Jones sent the second behind. On the kick out, Kinsley dis- tinguished himself by a smart run along the touch line, and made strenuous efforts to score. He was strongly tackled by Parry, however, who forced him to kick to touch. Barson and James were the means of putting their side on the aggressive again, after a brilliant dribble quite three parts the length of the field. This resulted in a number of corners being secured, but Carnarvon succeeded in clearing their lines on each occasion. Again the ball was seen in the vicinity of" the Aberystwyth goal, where a well-directed attack was sustained for some minutes. Parry having eventually to kick into touch close to the corner fiag. Then followed one of the finest bits of individual play seen hitherto. Marshall, getting the ball on the throw- out, made a grand burst from amongst a bunch of forwards. He then beat the two backs and dribbling the ball the whole length of the field went right up to the goal mouth, where he put in a good shot. His grand effort, although it deserved a better fate, was unsuccessful, the ball being kicked out far by the custodian. Carnarvon took another turn at attacking, but before the w-histle sounded for the interval Marshall again broke away, and came within an ace of scoring, one of the Carnarvon backs sending the ball, behind for a corner. HALF-TIME SCOKE. Goal. Aberystwyth 1 Carnarvon. Q Aberystwyth re-started, and the ball was immediately sent behind the line by O. James. On the kick-out, the Carnarvon forwards in a bunch broke away. It seemed any odds on their scoring, but Roose ran out, and kicked far down the field. Aberystwyth returned to the aggressive, and some stinging shots were put in by James and Evans. The ball then travelled rapidly to the other end of the field, only to be returned equally as quick, l'he forwards, with Whelan leading, were dribbling smartly, but they were too hard pressed, and the ball was sent over the line. Oswald soon made another attempt to find the net with a shot froru the wing, missing it by a very few inches. Then Carnarvon were awarded a free-kick juat over the centre line, but the ball was sent behind. The Aberystwyth front rank then showed some of their true form. On two or three occasions they rushed the ball right to the goal mouth, and gave the custodian a really warm time. At length the Town were awarded a free-kick, which Parry placed with his usual judgment. A group of the forwards in the goal mouth received it, and after a tight scramble, Barson sent it into the net amid loud cheers. Stung by this reverse, Carnarvon played vigorously, and exerted them- selves to their utmost in their attempts to score. Their attacks were unmethodical, however, and the town backs had little difficulty in dealing with them. It could not be denied, however, that at this period the Northerners were having the best of matters, Aberystwyth having relaxed their efforts considerably. They again asserted themselves in a short time, their play being characterised by some very accurate shooting. A free kick was allowed Carnarvon for a foul throw-in by W. Jones, and from this the forwards commenced a fierce on- slaught on the Aberystwyth goal. The half-backs and backs were particularly slow in attempting to clear, and eventually T. Roberts put in a swift shot, which completely beat Roose. The goal was well- deserved, and it had the result of infusing renewed z, vigour into the play, both sides playing for all they were worth. Carnarvon had a good opportunity of equalising the score at this point, the centre for- ward having the ball to himself right in front of 9 1 goal, He hesitated to kick, and was robbed of it by Parry. Carnarvon stuck to their work, and play was mainly in their favour. Aberystwyth were at length forced to concede a corner, in clearing which a foul was committed by G. Evans, who touched the ball with his hands. This resulted in Carnarvon being awarded a penalty kick, and from this D. O. Edwards scored the second and equalising goal. There were now only a few minutes to "no side," ande in this time Aber- ystwyth made an effort to retrieve the position, but the whistle soon sounded, leaving the game drawn. FINAL SCORE. Goals. Aberystwyth 2 Carnarvon. 2 HEMARKS. The game taken as a whole was exciting, al- though it had a disappointing finish. Aberystwyth y played a winning game to within twenty minutes of the end, but after that they seemed to become completely demoralised, and were utterly unable to deal with the attacks of the Carnarvon men. Indeed, had the game lasted a few minutes longer, there can be little doubt but that the Northerners would have secured the victory. Comparing the two teams, howc 21, no unbiassed spectator would deny that the Aberystwyth combination was the superior. Their attacks, although not all that could be desired, were better in point of finish, and should have led to two additional goals at least during the first half. Carnarvon, on the other hand, were undoubtedly the better trained team. In the closing stages of the game they dis- played a remarkable freshness and vigour, and it would have gone ill with their opponents had it been decided to play a further half-hour. Aberyst- wyth were well-served in the forward line; there was one exception in the half-back line, and one in the back line. The match is to be re-played on Saturday next at Towyn, and the Aberystwyth men will require to be in the best of condition, and play bang up to the finish if they mean to come out on top.