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ABERYSTWYTH. WELSH BAPTIST SOIRFE.-Owing to the death of Mrs Alderman Peter Jones the annual soiree in connectiod with the Welsh Baptist Sunday School has been postponed. APPOINTMENT.—At a meeting of the Merioneth County Council last week, Professor J. Alan Murray, of the University College, was appointed agricul- tural analyst to that county under the Fertilisers and Feeding Stuffs Act, 1893. INDIAN FAMINE.—Special collections will be made at St Michael's Church on Sunday next in aid of the fund opened by the Mayor for the relief of the sufferers by the famine in India. EASTER HOLIDAYS.—Cheap tickets will be issued bv the M. & M. Line to the large centres in South Wales Easter week. THE MILITIA.—An order was issued on Tuesday that the Cardiganshire Militia would assemble on Monday next. The recruits will number about a hundred. THE COLLEGE CONCERT.—The Annual Concert of the U. C. W. Musical Society will be held on Friday evening at the Royal Pier Pavilion. Seats should be booked without delay. Further particu- lars will be found in our advertising columns. GOOD TEMPLARS.—The Ystwvth Lodge of Good Templars held its usual weekly meeting at the Progress Hall. on Friday last, under the presidency of Mr. J. W. Jones. The following programme was gone through :-Address, Mr. David Thomas; pianoforte solo, Miss Maria Doughton; song, Mr. oJ. A. Tenkins; recitation, Miss H. M. Evans; song, Miss Lizzie Davies; recitation, Ir. J. E. Tibbot; song, Mr. D. C. James; recitation, Miss Pritchard; song, -Mr. L. J. Morgan. r, BESIEGED MAFEKING.—The news of the relief of besieged Mafeking is awaited with considerable interest in the town. The success of the British troops under Col. Plumer and Lord Methuen is regarded as certain and imminent, and it needs only the rubbing of a couple of lucifers to get another torchlight procession which will eclipse that on St. David's day. W ATED.-Mr. Geo. Eyre Evans writes:—"I should feel deeply obliged to any one who will lend me this pamphlet:—" A Chronological Summary of I y the chief events in the history of the Castle of Aberystwyth. Compiled by a member of the Aber- ystwyth Town Council. For the sole benefit of James Davies, the one-armed labourer employed by the town to clean the Castle Walks, and pre- serve the Ruins." The 2nd edition, 12, pp. 12, was printed by E[sther] Williams and Son, 9, Bridge- street, in the year 1851. I only know of a copy in the Reference Library, Manchester. Is there one in this town ? CONTRACTS.—At a special meeting of the Aber- ystwyth Board of Guardians held on Monday last, under the presidency of Mr David Morgan, con- tracts for the ensuing six months were let as follows :—Firewood, Thos Benjamin; coffins, Nelson Nelson cartage of stones, D. Davies milk, G. Scott; meat, H. P. Edwards, coal, J. Jcnkin Jones boots, Stead and Simpson ironmongery, D. Ellis and Sons tailoring, W. R. Vaughan shaving, Wm. Gwillim drapery, John Thomas grocery, Powell and Richards. DEATH.-The death took place on Friday night last at 29, South-road, of Daniel Morgan Jones, aged nineteen years, son of Mr John Jones. The I y young fellow was well-known and a favourite amongst the boys of the town. His father at pre- sent is abroad, being employed as an engineer on the Louisville and Nashville Railway, Florida, U.S.A. The funeral took place on Wednesday morning at the cemetery. DEBATING SOCIETY.—On Wednesday evening, a ..debate took place at Tabernacle Chapel, the sub- ject being Which has the largest influence, the pulpit or the Sunday School.?" The openers of the debate were Captain J. Evans and Mr T. C. Jenkins respectively, and they were supported by Messrs D. J. Lewis and Isaac Jones. Messrs B. Jenkins,— Davies and Mrs Mansel Lewis also took part. On a vote being taken, the majority were found to be in favour of the pulpit. PETTY SESSIONS.—These Sessions were held on Wednesday before Messrs Thomas Griffiths and Edward Evans.—Joseph Morgan, Pontrhydygroes (relieving officer), charged John Roberts, 4, Station street, Penygraig, Glamorgan, collier, with refusing to pay jE13 Ms., arrears due for the maintenance of his father, Evan Roberts. He was ordered to pay 10s. per month.—Rees Jones, borough surveyor, charged Elizabeth Jones, 11, Cambrian place, and Amelia Rhodes. Caerleon House, Victoria terrace, with allowing the chimneys of their dwelling houses to be on fire. A fine of Is. was imposed in the former case, and 2s. 6d. in the latter.—Supt. Phillips charged David Williams and Thomas Lewis, St. John's buildings, with being drunk and disorderly on the highway at Aberystwyth. The former was fined 20s. and costs, and the latter 5s. and costs. BRITISH WOMEN'S TEMPERANCE SOCIETY.—The Society's weekly meeting was held as usual at the Corn Market Hall, on Saturday night, when there was an attendance of over two hundred, Mr Rea Richards, Heart of Oak House, occupied tho chair. The programme was as follows :-English address, by Mr W. Wright; song, by Miss Dallison piano- forte solo by Miss Minnett, London short speech, by Mr Rea Richards, song, by Miss Nesta Morgan, violin solo by Bandmaster Wright, "The Hollies"; recitation by Miss Evans, Queen's-road, reading by .Mr E. E. Ellis; recitation by Mr G. P. Griffiths, song by Mr Haydn Jones, duett by Mr and Mrs Leah pianoforte solo by Mis, Richards, Heart of Oak, solo, by Miss Samuel. Mrs Levi, St David's- road, presided over the coffeejstall, and was assisted by Miss Hall and Miss Doughton. WELSH HOSPITAL FOR SOUTH AFRICA.—With the view of raising funds for the support of the above project, a preliminary meeting of ladies was held on Saturday last. when it was unanimously decided that a collection should be made in the district, and that every effort should be made to demonstrate the generous sympathy of the people of Cardiganshire with this good move- ment by lending substantial monetary support, Mr Powell (Nanteos) has kindly consented to act as president and Mr Lewis, National and Provincial Bank, as treasurer. The Committee are composed of the following ladies :—Mrs Protheroe (vicarage). Mrs Arthur Hughes, Miss Gilbertson, Mis§ Evans (Lovesgrove), Mrs Jessy Williams, Mrs Evan Evans Miss Williams (Abergeldie), Mrs Lewis Griffiths, Mrs R. J. Jones, Mrs Penry, Mrs Griffiths (Waterloo Hotel). Mrs T. D. Harries, Grosvenor House, has ||. kindly consented to act as hon secretary and she K will be glad to give any information respecting the v aims and object of the project. ■ A COUNTY SCHOOL POET.—One day last week a V top form boy at the coupty school was late at roll- K call, and he consequently expected to be put down P in the detention book for that day. The Head- ft master, however, being in rather a humorous mood W that morning, told him to do a stanza of four lines IC. on Lord Roberts by the next day instead of the usual punishment. The following is what the « worthy head of the school received at the appointed ■' time: — LORD ROBERTA When India needs defending, 'Gainst Russian, Frank, or Turk; When Kruger wants some fighting, Send Bobs to do the work. DEATH OF CAPT. EVANS.—A well-known inhabi- tant of Aberystwyth passed away on Saturday morning last in the person of Capt. John Evans, Desdemona," of 39, North-parade. He had lived in the town all his lifetime, and was the son of the late Capt. John Evans, of the schooner John and Mary." The family have been connected with the shipping of the port for a great many years, and deceased himself was the owner of two vessels, the Desdemona and the Volunteer." He had been for many years a faithful member of St. Mary's Welsh Church, of which place of worship he was one of the sidesmen. He was also a director of the Cambrian Shipping Insurance Society. During his last illness, which was of short duration, he was attended by Dr. Rowlands. He was cut down practically in his prime, being at the time of his death only 51 years of age. He leaves a widow and one son to mourn their loss, with whom deep sympathy is felt. The funeral, which will be private, will take place this (Thursday) morning at the cemetery. COMPETITIVE MEETING.—A successful competi- tive meeting was held on Wednesday evening in last week at Baker-street Congregational chapel, under the presidency of the pastor, Rev. Job Miles. The winners in the different competitions were the following :-Essay," The duty of church members towards the Sunday School," Miss Pritchard, Taly- bont; letter writing, Miss Gwladys Jones; englyn, "Baden Powell," Mr. E. O. James, U.C.W.; recita- tion, The storm," prize divided between Messrs G. P. Griffith and Jack Roberts; recitation (for children un,ler 12), Master T. W. P. Jones recita- tion (for children between 12 and 16), Miss Myf- anwy Williams; solo (for girls under 14), Anthem yr angylion," prize divided between Miss M. E. Lewis and Miss E. M. Davies; solo (for boys under 14), Croesaw i bawb a ddel," Master T. W. P. Jones; soprano solo, Yr hen gerddor." divided between Miss J. E. Davies and Niss M. M. Davies bass solo, Breuddwyd y morwr bach," Mr. G. Hadvn Jones; duett, Ac yr oedd yn y wlad hono," Messrs J. M. Evans and Arthur Jenkins quartette, "Emyn y Pasc," 1fr. H. Hughes and party; party singing, "Iesu cyfaill fenaid cu,"Mr. J. W. Thomas and party; party singing (not less than 16 in number), "Y ffrwd," Mr. E. II. Davies and party. The adjudicators were the following :—Music, Mr. J. Williams. Machynlleth; essays, Rev. Job Miles; poetry, Mr* H. Meredith: recitations, Messrs Edw. Jones and Richard Evans, U.C.W.'Mr. H. Meredith, in his vi ual happy style, conducted the proceed- ings. The secretarial duties were ablv performed by Mr. D. Edward Jones, Great Darksrate-street. RADICAL CI,UB.-TLe subject of debate at the weekly meeting of the Radical Club on Friday last was the education of women, and whether it is suitable for their after-life. The affirmative was taken by .Mr. James Rees, and the negative by Mr. T. J. Samuel. The dsbate proved exceedingly in- teresting and the speakers included the following: Messrs T. H. Hall, M. Morgan, W. Lewis, T. G. Jones. S. Hopkins, T. Stephens, Fred Edwards, M. Warrington, T. Davies, J. Roberts, and the chair- man, Mr. Griffith Ellis. CAPTURE OF THK SOCTII WALES Cup. After a series of hard fought matches against Knighton and Rogerstone, the Aberystwyth team have been adjudged champions of socker in South Wales during 1889-1900, and have been honoured with the custody of the cup for a year. The trophy is of silver, and is a handsome ornament standing about three feet high, it weighs eleven pounds, its value is estimated at £50. It is beautifully engraved, and bears the names of the previous holders from 1893, last year's winners being Barry. The victory on Saturday last is all the more creditable, as the team was short of three of its regular players, Charlie Parry, Masrhall and Tommy Whelan. The popular captain, however, is always, able to draw a full share of work from the recruits, and much of the honour due to the achieve- ment of the team at Aberdare on Saturday falls to John Henry. We congratulate the medallists, and trust last Saturday's victory is an earnest of further "honours the town is about to receive. TREFECHAN C. M. SUNDAY SCHOOL.—The annual tea and entertainmeut in connection with the above School took place last Tuesday. About 130 sat down to tea. the tables were presided over by the following ladies—teachers of the School:- Miss Mary Humphreys, Misses Annie and Margar- etta Jenkins, Epworth-terrace; Miss Jane James, Upper Portland-street; Miss Ellen Evans, Bridge- street; Miss Sarah Jenkins, Great Darkgate-street; Miss Davies, Powell-street; assisted by the younger members of the School and by Ir. William Edwards, superintendent of the School ,Messrs. J. Brenig Edwards and Hugh Hughes. Rev. Thomas Levi took the chair at the entertainment, and the following took part;—Chorus by the children; address by the Chairman; song, Master John Dawson; recitation, William Owen, Trefechan; recitation, Katie Grace, Harhour-terrace; song. Mary Winifred Benson; recitation. Master Dicky Millman, Trefechan: song, Mrs. John H. Edwards (encored); recitation, Jennie Rees, South-road; song, Teddy Edwards, South-road recitatiou, May Jones, Trefechan duett. William Owen and John S. Owen song, Miss Clatworthy, c/o Mr. Probin recitation, Master Johnny Morris, Harbour-terrace; song, Mr. Haydn Jones cornet solo, Mr. Thomas Evans; duett, Messrs. John M. Evans and John James; recitation, Lizzie Jane Morris, Harbour- terrace; recitation, Lily Jones, Prospect-street; song and chorus, Mary Rewlands, Trefechan; recitation, Goronwy Benson; song, Master John Arthur Hughes,^Bodarfor, Sea View place recita- tion, Mr. John James (encored); duett, William Owen and John Stephen Owen recitation, Maggie Millman, Trefechan; song and chorus, Jane Edwards Benson, Bridge end; recitation, Alice Morgan; duett, Messrs. John B. Edwards and E. H. Davies; song, Mr. John Morgans; song and chorus, Mr. Edward Morris. Edward Morris was as usuai presented with a scarf, and the Chairman when investing him said that he was the only one that got a prize at those entertainments. Miss Rowlands, Miss Evans, Angel Inn; and Miss Lizzie Jones, Bridge-street, acted as accompanists. ♦

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