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-J1! oJ- .,¡.s: Cardiganshire County Council. The annual statutory meeting of the Cardigan- shire County Council was held on Thursday last at the Town Hall, Lampeter, the Rev Thomas Mason Jones, the retiring chairman, presiding. The other members present were:—Aldermen Walter T. Davies, Pantmarchog Evan Davies, Gilfachronw Rev J. Williams, Cardigan; Morgan Evans, Oak- ford; Peter Jones, Aberystwyth C. M. Williams, Aberystwyth J. M. Howell, Aberayron and Jenkin Jenkins. Blaenplwyf; Councillors Henry Bonsall, Cwm; J. H. Edwards, Tre- feirig; Edward Jones, Talybont; D. J. Williams, Aberc'oed Rev William Griffith, Maenygroes; Rev Pennant Phillips, Daniel Jenkins Llanycrwys Daniel Evans, Llandyssul nr Jenkin Lewis, Llanon: Edward Evans, Aberystwyth Thomas Morris, Pantseirifawr: Thomas Evans, Llangranog Q. Beynon Evans, Cardigan; D. C. Roberts, Aber- ystwyth Dr D. Lloyd, Adpar; Major Price Lewes, Tyglyn Thomas Davies, Pantybcudy Hall; D. DavieS, Werndriw; William Davies, Ffynonfair J. Jenkin Davies. Blaenwaun; Evan Jones, Moelifor; James Evans. Esgerwenfawr; E. Morgan, Llinon R. Doughton, Aberystwyth; William Evans, Peny- bont; D. Jenkins, Pontnewydd Joseph Parry, Ty- llwyd; Robert Ellis, Aberystwyth Thomas Morgan, Tymawr with the clerk, Mr H. C. Fryer. ELECTION OF CHAIRMAX, The first business on the agenda was the election of a chairman for the ensuing year. The retiring chairman being the Rev Thomas Mason Jones. Mr Morgan Evans rose to propose that Mr Vaughan Davies, the respected member of Parliament for the County, be elected chairman. He said he was sure that they, with him, were quite ready to vote in favour of Mr Davies. Mr Daniel Evans seconded, and it was carried -unanimously. TL- Mr C. M. Williams then proposed tnat tne neT Thomas Mason Jones, the retiring chairman, take the chair for that day. Dr Lewis seconded, and it was carried. MINUTES. The minutes of the last meeting, which were printed with the agenda, were confirmed. COMMITTEE APPOINTMENTS. On the Standing Joint Committee, Dr. Lloyd proposed, and Mr J. Hugh Edwards seconded, and it was carried, that the members who did duty last year be re-appointed. Their names are:— Alderman Morgan Evans (chairman), James James, C. M. Williams, J. M. Howell, Peter Jones, John Powell, Evan Richards, Councillors David Davies, D. S. Jones, Edward Jones, D. C. Roberts, and D. J. Williams. The same members as last year were re-appointed on the Finance and General Purposes Committee, with the exception of the substitution of Mr Pryce Lewes for Mr R. Jones The other members are— From Aberayron Union, Aldermen Morgan Evans, and Waiter T. Davies; from Aberystwyth Union, Aldermen James James and C. M. Williams, Coun- cillors Robert Doughton, Robert Ellis, E. H. James, and D. C. Roberts; from Cardigan Union, Coun- cillors O. Beynon Evans, and Joshua Hughes; from Lampeter Union, Alderman T. H. R. Hughes, Councillors B. Davies-Evans, and J. C. Harford; from Newcastle Emlyn Union, Councillor Thomas Evans, and T. Pennant Phillips; from Tregaron Union, Alderman J. H. Davies, Councillors Daniel Jenkins, and Thomas Davies. The members at the Main Roads, Bridges, and Public Buildings Committee for the northern division were re-appointed. These comprise all Aldermen resident and Councillors representing electoral divisions within the Poor Law Unions of Aberystwyth and Tregaron; while for the southern division all Aldermen resident and Councillors representing the electoral divisions within the Poor Law Unions of Aberayron, and the Cardiganshire portions of the Cardigan, Lampeter, and Newcastle Emlyn Unions constitute the Main Roads, Bridges, and Public Buildings Committee. The Executive Committee for the northern division was also re-appointed. The members are: Aldermen C. M. Williams, and Peter Jones, Coun- cillors Henry Bonsall, Hugh E. Bonsall, David Davies, M. L. Vaughan-Davies, M.P., Robert Doughton, J. Hugh Edwards, Robert Ellis, Edward Evans, E. H. James, Thomas Morgan, Joseph Parry, and D. C. Roberts. For the southern division: Aberayron and Lampeter section, all the Council members within the Aberayron and Lampeter Unions; Cardigan and Newcastle Emlyn section, all Councillors within the Cardiganshire part of the Cardigan and Newcastle Emlyn Union. On the Technical Instruction Committee four new members were added to those who served the previous year. Mr Beynon Evans proposed that Councillors Thomas Evans and William Griffiths be added. Mr D. J. Williams proposed Mr Davies, Tregaron, and Mr C. M. Williams proposed Mr Joseph Parry. The other members are Aldermen J. H. Davies, Evan Davies, Walter T. Davies Morgan Evans, and C. M. Williams, Councillors J" C. Harford, Henry Bonsall, Robert Ellis, 0. Beynon Evans, Joshua Hughes, E. H. James, Daniel Jenkins, Major Price Lewes, and T. Pennant Phillips. It was passed that the County Assessment Com- mittee stand as before, namely, Aldermen Evan Davies, J. H. Davies, Morgan Evans, C. M. Williams, T. H. R. Hughes, and Walter T. Davies. Councillors Robert Ellis, Col. J. R. Howell, Joshua Hughes, D. C. Roberts, and D. J. Williams. It was also decided to re-appoint the Allotments and Small Holdings Committee, namely:—From Aberystwyth Union, Aldermen J. T. Morgan, Evan Richards; Councillors Henry Bonsall and William Evans. Tregaron Union, Alderman T. Mason Jones, and Councillor David Jenkins. Aberayron Union, Aldermen Morgan Evans and Walter T. Davies, Councillor William Griffiths. Lampeter Union, Councillor J. C. Harford. Newcastle Emlyn Union, Alderman John Powell, Councillors David Jones and David Lloyd. Cardigan Union, Coun- cillors Joshua Hughes and C. Morgan Richardson. On the proposition of Mr. Thomas Evans, seconded by Mr. Daniel Evans, it was decided to re-appoint the Weights and Measures Committee, their names being Aldermen Peter Jones and T. Mason Jones, and Councillors Henry Bonsall, M. L. Vaughan Davies, M.P., Robert Doughton, John Jones and Joseph Parry. The 'Printing and Advertising Committee were also re-appointed, viz :—Aldermen C. M. Williams and T. H. R. Hughes, Councillors Robert Doughton, J. Hugh Edwards, Robert Ellis, E. H. James, Edward Jones, and D. C. Roberts. It was resolved that the duty of dealing with contagious diseases of animals in the county should occasion arise, be delegated to the Finance and General Purposes Committee. With reference to the appointing of four mem- bers of the Committee of Visitors of the Joint Counties' Lunatic Asylum, Mr. E. Beynon Evans proposed tkat the four members be re-appointed, and remarked that they had done their duty very satisfactorily as could be seen from the records and from the attendance list. The following are the -nembers of the Committee of Visitors, together with their attenlances:-Alderman C. M. Williams, 5 out of a possible 7 Councillor David Lloyd. 6 out of 11; Rev. John Williams, 2 out of 11; Rev. William Griffiths, 4 out of 11. THE EXPLOSIVES ACT, 1875. The question next considered was the propriety of delegating the powers of the Council to Com- mittees of the Council in respect of the execution as Local Authority of the Explosives Act, 1875 (in the rural districts to the Justices of the County sitting in Pitty Sessions, and in borough towns having separate Commissions of the Peace). Alderman Peter Jones said that in the past such powers were granted to the Committees appointed by the Council and the scheme had worked in a very satisfactory manner. He proposed, therefore, that such powers be continued, and this was unanimously agreed to. At a former meeting of the Council it had been passed that the powers of the Council in respect of the execution as local authority of the Explosives Act, 1875, be delegated in the whole of the County except the borough of Aberystwyth, to the Justices of the county sitting in Petty Sessions, and in the borough of Aberystwyth to a committee formed of the County Aldermen resident within, and the Councillors elected for the borough. LICENSING OF PLAY HOUSES. Alderman Peter Jones also proposed that the question of the licensing of play houses, etc., b. delegated to Committees of the Council as hereto- fore. the resolution passed by the Council at a previous meeting being, that the powers of the Council in respect of the licensing of houses or places for public performance of stage plays be delegated to local committees formed of the Council members resident in the electoral divisions within which are comprised the following towns I respectively :—Aberystwyth, Aberayron, Borth, Cardigan, Lampeter", Llandyssul, New Quay, and Tregaron." Mr Peter Jones' proposition was carried unani- mously. CONTAGIOUS DISEASES. Alderman Peter Jones proposed that the powers of the Council be delegated to committees in re- spect of contagions diseases in animals. The former resolution of the Council was, "that the powers of t ht; Council in respect of the execu- tion as local authority of the Acts relating to contagious diseases of animals in various Petty Sessional Divisions of the county be delegated to local committees composed of Justices acting for, and the Council members resident in such divisions, and that tue Clerk, be requested to convene such local committees should outbreaks of disease render it necessary." Mr Peter Jone/proposition, viz., that the above resolution be allowed to stand, was agreed 10 unanimously. PUBLIC HEALTH COMMITTEE. Mr Bevnon Evans proposed that they leave the appointment of the Public Health Committee untM the next meeting, as they were not prepared that day. Alderman C. M. Williams proposed that the members of the Committee, viz., Dr. D. Lloyd, Dr. Jenkin Lewis, Mr Robert Ellis, and Mr E. Lima Jones, be re-appointed, and that they send a report bv the next meeting. Dr. Jenkin Lewis then asked the Council to ap- point a member in his place, remarking that he hid no desire to sit on a Committee which never met. He further said that it was his belief that the Committee would have met oftener, had he not been on the Committee. Alderman C. M. Williams' proposition was eventually carried, the four members being re- elected as a Public Health Committee, their duties being to consider a report upon the annual and special reports of the Medical Officers of Health throughout the county. APPOINTMENT OF SCHOOL MANAGERS. The appointment or School Managers for the various County School districts was next pro- ceeded with. & For Aberayron district, Major Price Lewes proposed the re-appointment of the 6 managers who did duty up to that day, namely:—Mrs. Munro Hughes, Mrs. Jones, Llanon; Aldermen Morgan Evans and J. M. Howell, Councillor E. Lima Jones and Mr. John Jones, Cwmere; and this was carried unanimously. For the Aberystwyth district, Alderman C. M. Williams proposed that Mrs. Griffith, Waterloo, and Mr. Richard Richards, Gwarfelin, be appointed in place of Mrs. Jessy Williams and Mr. George Davies, respectively. Mr. C. M. Williams stated that Mrs. Jessy Williams and Mr. George Davies had been elected by the School Board district of the Aberystwyth Union. He proposed Mrs. Griffith and Mr. Richard Richards as two new members to act in conjunction with Miss Maria E. Jones, Rev. T. Levi, Aldermen Peter Jones and C. M. Williams. Mr. Williams' proposition was carried. Councillor T. Davies proposed tne re-appoint- ment of the School Managers for Tregaron district, and it was agreed to, their names being Mrs. Lloyd, Llyseinon; Mrs. Evans, Rhydyronen; Councillors Thomas Davies and D. J. Williams, Mr. Rees Jones and Mr. Thomas Jones, Post Office. Mr. Joshua Hughes, proposed that Mrs. Phillips, Alderman Rev. John Williams, and Councillor O. Beynon Evans, be re-appointed School Managers for the Cardigan district, and this wai passed. For the Llandyssul Joint district, Mrs. Evans, Rev. W. James and Councillor Rev. J. Pennant Phillips, were unanimously re-appointed. CORRESPONDENCE. A letter was read from the Secretary of the Con- gress, which is to be held in Aberdeen in August, with reference to the Public Health and Sanitary subjects. The letter invited the Council to appoint delegates to the Congress. Mr. Henry Bonsall proposed Dr. Jenkin Lewis as a delegate. Alderman Jenkin Jenkins seconded, and it was carried unanimously. ABERAYRON COUNTY HALL. An application was received from the Aberayron Urban District Council for permission to use a room in the Aberayron County Hall for the pur- pose of a public Library. It was explained that the Standing Joint Com- mittee were willing that the room should be used for that purpose. Alderman Jenkin Jenkins proposed that the Council approve of the action of the Standing Joint Committee. This was seconded and passed, and the application was granted. JOINT MEDICAL OFFICER OF HEALTH. A proposal had besn received by the Carmarthen- shire County Council that the three counties of Cardigan, Carmarthen, and Pembroke should unite in appointing a joint Medical Officer of Health. Mr. O. Beynon Evans proposed that the matter be left until the next meeting, to see how the medical officers in the various districts did their work. Alderman C. M. Williams said that the officers did their work well. He thought the proposal was a good one if it could be arranged. Dr. Jenkin Lewis said that the district covered by these three counties was a very large one, ami too much work would fall on one man. He doubted if they could get a man to undertake the work. It was explained that the officer appointed would not be expected to go into the details of the medical work of the counties, but would be a sort of consulting referee. Mr. J. Hugh Edwards proposed that the Chair- man and the Clerk form a sub-committee to look into the matter. Alderman Morgan Evans proposed that the matter be referred to the Finance and General Purposes Committee. Dr. Lloyd spoke strongly in favour of the amal- gamation, and he considered the proposal a most worthy one. As to the medical officer having too much work aud responsibility, he did not agree with that, as the medical officer would not go into small details in connection with sanitation, &c., in the county, but he would deal with the important subjects. Mr. Evans' proposition was eventually carried. COUNTY RATE BASIS. Alderman C. M. Williams, as chairman of the Assessment Committee which bad been held that morning previous to the Council meeting, presented his report of the proceedings of that committee. The other members of the committee were Alder- men Morgan Evans, Walter Thomas Davies, Coun- cillors Robert Ellis, D. J. Williams, D. C. Roberts, and Evan Davies. Mr. C. M. Williams stated that objections raised by certain parishes to the proposed basis were beard, and it was resolved :—(1) That the Clerk be directed to see the Surveyor of Taxes with a view of rectifying and making slight modifications in the assessable values of certain parishes. (2) That a deductiou of 10 per cent be made off column 5 in the basis as printed, and the basis with such modi- dcations be laid before the Council. (3) That the Clerk be directed to give public notice in the local newspapers that the same will be taken into con- sideration at the next quarterly meeting of the Council. The report was adopted. THE LLANDYSSUL APPBAi. The Llandyssul Rural District Council had recently incurred the expense of £1,078 in the con- struction and improvement of the highway leading from the Cilgwyn Arms to the bottom of Rhiw Wesley, in the parish of Llandyssul, and that body had resolved to appeal to the County Council for a contribution of a quarter of the cost of such im- provement, or such larger or other sum as they may be pleased to vote. Rev. T. Pennant Phillips spoke in favour of the granting of the sum asked for. He said if they knew the road had not been constructed, the county would do something to avoid that steep and dangerous hill known as Rhiw Wesley. He pro- posed that the application of the Llandyssul Rural District Council be granted. Mr. Jenkin Jenkins seconded. Mr. Morgan Evans said that he was in favour of the application to the amount of £150, and pro- posed a resolution to that effect. Mr. Daniel Evans made an eloquent appeal for the amount asked for. namely quarter of the total cost. The road was, before the improvement, a most dangerous one. To his recollection, there had been three deaths on that spot, by accident to carriages, &c. They had conferred a boon on the community by constucting the road. Instead of a steep hill to climb, and then a steep descent, they had HOW a level road. He urgently appealed to the Council for a quarter of the expense. Mr Bonsall said that the difficulty lay in the fact that the road was not a main road. Alderman Peter Jones said that the responsi- bility lay on the Llandyssul Rural District Council alone. This money was asked for a specific pur- pose. The Council very often knew nothing of im- provements that were being carried on, but eventu- ally they were appealed to for support in the shape of money to carry them out. Some of the appeals made to them were very audacious in asking for the grants. If they acceded to all these requests, and made grants of this kind when certain improve- ments to roads, etc are being carried out, thev would not know where to draw the line. 1- "]e Council should be very careful in matters of this sort. Major Lewes said that as a rule he was averse to making grants of this kind, but he had to confess that the road used to be a very dangerous one, and the improvements carried out were certainly a boon. He advocated making a grant of £ 150. Alderman C. M. Williams said he endorsed what Alderman Peter Jones had said in regard to making grants. They should be very careful. In reference to this application, as they were aware, ne had on previous occasions opposed making any grant on the ground that the application was made before they had even purchased the land, and again application was made before they had actually commenced the work. These were his grounds for thus opposing it. Now, he found the road was nearly c -i pleted, and subject to this completion and the certificate of the surveyor to this effect, he thought a grant should be made, as it was a very exceptional case. It was a great advantage to the district, although the cost was enormous. But the question was is the road now 'completed ? The Llandyssul Council had paid E570 for the land alone. At first the cost was not to exceed £ 600. He must say the Llandyssul Council had taken this matter in a very slip-shod, manner. But. as he said before, this was an exceptional case, and the im- provements carried out were a great advantage. He seconded Mr Morgan Evans' proposition, in support of the granting of £150, on receiving a certificate from the county surveyor that the road was completed to his satisfaction, and in a fit state for traffic. Mr. Daniel Evans said that the Llandyssul Council thought that the owners of the land would give it at a very reasonable price, but. they had to get compulsory powers to obtain it, and they bad to pay a man from Bristol Z50 for giving up his award. The land deeds came to three times to what they ought to be. He thought the District Council ought not to be blamed at all in this matter. Mr. C. M. Williams: You should have seen to the land at first. Eventually Mr. Morgan Evans' proposition was carried, namely, that £ 150 be granted on receipt of a certificate from the Surveyor. MR. MORGAN EVANS' MOTION. At the last meeting of the Council Mr. Morgan Evans gave notice of motion that one meeting of the Council should be held at Aberayron. He now stated that it would be to the Council's advantage not to hold their meetings in the same place, and he moved that one meeting in each year be held at Aberayron. ir. D. J. Williams likewise proposed that one meeting be held at Tregaron, and this was seconded. It was ultimately passed that one meeting be held at Aberayron. Mr. J. Hugh Edwards proposed that such meeting be held in August. An amendment was put up that it be held in May, which was carried. ABERYSTWYTH ART SCHOOL. Alderman Peter Jones stated that they had in contemplation at Aberystwyth the erection of an Art School, the expenditure on which would be zElOOO or E1200. They felt that this was a matter that concerned many outside of Aberystwyth. The subject of Art was a very important one, and it had great practical utility. What he had to ask of the Council was that their Chairman be authorised to affix the Corporate seal to a petition for a grant from the Imperial Exchequer. This was seconded and unanimously acceded to. THE RETIRING CHAIRMAN. Alderman J. M. Howell moved a vote of thanks to their retiring chairman, Alderman Rev. Thomas Mason Jones. He had not had the opportunity of seeing Mr. Jones often in his capacity of chairman, but from what he had seen of him, he thought he fulfilled his duties excellently. This was seconded by Councillor Thomas Davies, and unanimously carried amid cheers. Alderman Thomas Mason Jones, in acknow- ledging the vote, said he was greatly obliged to them. Nothing great had taken place during his year of office; he had not the honour of appearing before the Queen, nor of presenting an address to the Prince of Wales. At the same time he had had one great honour, namely, that of attaching his name and the seal of the Council to bve-laws which brought more light to the- county, and novr every vehicle was obliged to carry lights.

Merioneth County Council.