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Rural District Council.








BARMOUTH. So IRE E.-On Tuesday night week a miscellaneous entertainment was held at the Masonic Hall, which was successfully got up by Mr. John Jones, secretary of the new library and newsroom. The proceeds, which reached several pounds, goes towards enhancing the funds of the above in- stitution. SNOW.—On Friday and Saturday mornings we had a fall of snow. On the first day it partly covered the ground, but the sun coming out rather strong it soon disappeared. On Saturday we had a much heavier fall, and the ground was covered some inches deep, but this again disappeared early in the afternoon from the effect of strong sun- shine, and thus fulfilling the ancient adage, March, many weathers*" BAND OF HOPBT-The annual meeting of the Sunday School children of Siloam Welsh Congre- gational Chapel took place on Friday evening under the auspices of the Band of Hope. The pro- gramme included competitions in singing and recitations. At the close of the present month the weekly meetings which are held during the winter for children will be brought to a close at all the Nonconformist Chapels, and the result of the work of the season is invariably very prolific, as was the case at the present meeting, the chapel being well filled by parents and others. SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE.—As will be seen from our advertising columns Messrs Daniel. Son &. Meredith, the well-known auctioneers, of Towyn and Aberystwyth, will sell by auction on the 28th inst, the whole of the valuable household furniture and other effects, at No. 1, Moss Bank. PETTY SESSIONS.—The monthly sessions were held on Friday last at the Police Station, before Dr. Hugh Lloyd (chairman), Messrs W.J. Morris, Lewis Lewis, John Evans. and Ellis Wilkins.—Orders were made for the payment of the general district rate upon Ellis Williams, Marine Gardens, Edward Humphreys,, Bronaber, Robert Foulkes, 4, Aber- man-terrace, G. E. Lowe, Penyrallt, Mary Williams, 2, Morfin-terrace, and Elizabeth Lloyd, 4, Harlith- terrace. WAR NEWS.—The inhabitants are well kept up with the latest news from the seat of war. Tele- grams of any important news are received several times during the day at the Sailors' Institute, besides those that are posted up on the pillars in front of the Corsygedol Hotel. We live in a wonderful age. To-day we get news from the battlefield flashed across seas and continents, and we read our telegrams at this peaceful and quiet little watering-place even before the smoke has cleared away from the scene of action in far off lands; and our comments and cheers are uttered simultaneously with the groans of the dying and the shouts of the victor. TEA PARTY AND ENTERTAINMENT.—On Wednes- day afternoon week the members of the Christ Church Sunday School held their annual tea and entertainment. Tea and currant cake and other seasonable dainties were spread in profusion on the tables, and these were not cleared until 6-30 p.m., so as to give the older scholars an opportunity, after their day's work was over, to partake of the .1'1 -J_3 ro ,1 gooa inings proviueu ior tne occasion, rv nen ail had done justice to the eatables a short interval was allowed before the evening meeting was com- menced with. The meeting was well attended and there was an excellent programme, and all its varied items were well gone through by the scholars, which shewed that much labour had been bestowed on the children. WEST MERIONETH C.M. MONTHLY MEETING.— The Calvinistic Methodists in the district of this monthly meeting have just issued their annual statistical report for the year ending December 31, which on persusal shews that the cause is in a sound condition and is making progress slowly but surely. The following items taken from the report will be of interest. The total amount, which con- sisted of free will contribution towards the various institutions connected with the denominations, reached during the year the handsome sum of £ 12,343; out of which £3,783 was towards liquidat- ing the chapel debts; Z662 for home and foreign mission which are solely supported by the Con- nexion. This is the largest sum that has ever been collected in the district; L209 towards the relief of tbe poor members of the denomination this again shows an increase of £43. The church members have reached 8,958, although it seems a large number it is only a little over one half of those that attend the various churches as hearers only, who have not become professed members. One hundred and twenty- eight have joined the cause anew during the year, but the number of backsliders were for the same period 146. When we take into account the number of young people that were received as full members from the churches, the actual increase for the year is 39, which does not compare very favourably with the increase in 1896-7-8. Death took away 161 full members, being an increase of 14 on 1898, and amongst whom were several noted and faithful deacons. The Sunday School members have decreased, the number on the books are less by 221. It is to be hoped that this institution which has done such good work in the Principality will again recover its position, and increase in number. In the report referred to there is not only a cause to be thankful, but a call for further energy and activity. Over thirteen hundred pounds have already been promised within this district towards the hundred thousand pounds which the Denomina- tion intends raising the next two years in com- memoration ofJZthe opening of the twentieth century. URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. The monthly meeting of the above Council was held at the Council's Offices on Tuesday, when the following members were present:—Messrs Hugh Evans, Capt. J. Richards, E. Richards, O. W. Morris, Richard Roberts, Edward Williams, D. E. Davies, Owen Williams, William Owen, and H. Wynne Williams, with Wm. George (clerk), O. Jones (assist- ant clerk), J. Adams (surveyor), and Dr. Hughes (medical officer). In the absence of the Chairman (Rev. Gwyuoro Davies), Mr Hugh Evans was unani- mously voted to the chair. PARAPBT LAYING. Mr Owen Williams a-,kfe- why had the laying of parapets not been proceeded with. The Surveyor said that there was not a proper place to mix the materials used. The Chairman said that the Surveyor was right, as it was necessary that the stuff should be kept dry. Mr D. E. Davies (to the surveyor): Where were you when the man from Llandudno was here on Thursday or Friday last. Ihe Chairman and Mr Richards went to look for you, but you could not be seen anywhere. The Surveyor: H'um. Mr Davies You may say H'um," the interests of the ratepayers must be defended, and I take it that the person who sent for the man (Mr Hughes) from Llandudno was only throwing the ratepayers' money away, and I wish to know who sent for him. The Surveyor I did. The matter was then referred to a committee. SURVEYOR'S REPORT. The Surveyor submitted his monthly report, which was as follows "I was asked at a special meeting on March 13th to submit a report on a building now in course of construction at the rear of Glanywerydd, the property of Mr D. G. Davies. I must inform you that the plan prepared is very far from being in ac- cordance with the requirements of our bye-laws. I am now referring to the plan alone. A block plan should have been shown to you, also, it should have shown to you the position of the building and appur- tenances of the properties immediately adjoining, the width and level of the street in front, and of the street, if any, at the rear of such building, the level of it, and of any yard. A description of the materials in writing have also been omitted. I beg also to inform you that there is a deviation from the plans in connection with the building in several minor matters, and also in a more serious matter, such as a cellar which is not shown on the plan. The mode of constructing the roof deviates from the plan. I find that the new erection encroaches on the air space of three other dwelling houses, besides its own requirements. A block plan and a specification of materials had not been submitted of the proposed new library. Otherwise the plans are in accordance with our byelaws. I beg to state that I have laid a portion of kerbing between Last Inn and Barmouth Hotel, and am now preparing asphalt for the work. I have had about 24 tons of chipping stones and seven truck loads of macadam. I beg to call your attention to a small house at the back of Waterloo place. The house is too small for the number of occupants, and it is also devoid of sanitary arrangements. I sent a notice to the occupants some time ago, but to no effect. A stone crusher is at work at Graigfawr. I beg to inform you that I connected several houses during the month. There has already been laid 92 loads of stone from Vronlen to Vrondeg." Mr D. E. Davies asked, in regard to Glanywerydd, whether the report was prepared in accordance with instructions given to the Surveyor. The Surveyor said that he was instructed to report whether the building was erected according to the dans. The Chairman said he thought the Surveyor had already reported on the building, and he understood that he was now to report on the plan. The matter then ended. GENERAL PURPOSES COMMITTEE. The committee called the Council's attention to the fact that Mr. John Thomas did not send in a monthly report, and the Committee thought it important that a report should be regularly made. The report was adopted. TOWN IMPROVEMENTS COMMITTHE. The Selbourne Society having given up their tenancy of the Panorama Hall, the committee recom- mended that tenders for the letting be invited by means of posters. A scheme for advertising, sub- mitted by the Rev. Gwynoro Davies, was discussed and heartily recommended to the Council. The following were suggested to form a committee to carry out the said scheme :-Messrs. R. W. Jones, J. P. Jones (Hugo Villas), H. E.. Williams, J. Martin Williams, O. W. Morris, Hugh Evans, John Richards, Rees Jones (Glanydon), John Parry (Marine-terrace), Rees Jones (Aelydon), Joseph Jones, and J. E. Owen. Mr. Morris said he was given to understand that one of the members of the members of the committee had withdrawn, and he should like to know wnethei the Council was gomg to appoint another instead that day or at another meeting. It was agread that the matter be taken in com- mittee. The report was unanimously adopted. COMMITTBB OF THB WHOLB COUNCIL. The report of this committee was to the effect that it had been decided to order six truck loads of chip- pings from Tonfanau Quarry at 3s. 5s. per ton, carriage paid to Barmouth station. It was also resolved to order 300 tons of crushed stones from Penrhyn, and to give power to the chairman of the General Purposes Committee to order a larger quantity if necessary. It was also resolved that at least 100 yards of parapits be proceeded with forthwith, viz., from Last Inn to Barmouth Hotel, and from Mansion House to the Market Hall. The Chairman (Mr. J. Richards), and the Surveyor were appointed to superintend the carrying out of the work, and to order the quantity of material necessary; the same to be procured at the earliest time possible, so as to complete the work by the 31st March. This report was also adopted. MEDICAL OFFICER'S REPORT. Dr. Hughes in his monthly report, drew attention to the little kouse at the back of Waterloo-place. He had before now drawn the attention of the Council to the insanitary condition of this place, He now found that it was inhabited by two adults and two children. There was barely sufficient air space for one adult aid one child. He recommended that the place be closed asjunfit for Iranian habitation. I Mr. H. W. Williams proposed, and Mr. E. Richards seconded, that the report be adopted, and this was agreed to, and instructions were given to have the medical officer's recommendation carried into effect. COLLECTOR'S REPORT. This report. was as follows :—Outstanding for the month ending 16th March, L371 lis. ld. amonIlt already collected, £ 65 leaving unpaid, Z328 ils. Id. The report was considered very satisfactory, and it was unanimously adopted. CORRESPONDENCE. A letter was read from Alderman Lewis Lewis. Hill Side, asking the Council to accept his resignation as their representative on the County School Governing Body. Mr. E. Williams proposed that the Council accept the resignation with regret, and that a letter be sent to Alderman Lewis to this effect, and thanking him for his past services. Mr. O. W. Morris seconded, and the resolution was unanimously carried, and it was further decided to place on the agenda of the next meeting the election of a new representative. LOW WATER MARK. A communication was read from Capt. Witlock, Government Survey Offices, Chester, Vith regard to the low water mark at Barmouth, "which he had previously spoken of, and he wished the Council to decide on the matter at this meeting. The Assistant Clerk said this matter had not been before the Council before. Mr. H. W. Williams said it was a very important matter, and steps should be taken in connection with it at once. Mr. O. W. Morris proposed, and it was agreed, that the matter be dealt with in committee. APPOINTMENT OF ASSISTANT OVERSEER. It was agreed that this matter be adjourned to a special meeting to be held next Tuesday.