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Rural District Council.




ABERDOVEY THE CONTRACT for the addition to the Board School has been let to Mr. W. Jones Hughes, builder. PERSONAL.—Mr. W. Jones Hughes, builder, has been returned unopposed as a member of the Urban District Council. GARDENING.—Mr. Rowlands, Liverpool House, has a stock of new and fresh garden seeds and seed potatoes for the present season. SHIPPING.—S.S. "Malachite" sailed last Thursday after discharging a heavy cargo of cement. S.S. Tele- phone arrived in port on Saturday, and discharging part of her cargo sailed on Monday for Barmouth. VOLUNTEERS.—So popular has this movement be- come at Aberdovey that the requisite number of recruits have been enrolled to warrant the command- ing officer to permanently appoint a sergeant-in- structor for the place. WELSH HosPITAL.-Now is Mr. R. Ff. Williams' chance to do something for the good cause. As con- ductor of the Choral Union he ought to take the initiative and get up a eoncert and hand over the whole of the proceeds toward the Hospital. Professor Alfred Hughes (native of Aberdovey) is one of the hon sees. SALE.—Tne Dovev Hotel" has at last been sold through the agency of Mr. H. P. Hughes, Towyn, It is understood that the new landlord comtemplates making considerable alteration to the building, and will endeavour to make the hotel what it was years ago, a first class family and commercial hotel. INSTITUTE.—The committee are making considerable alteration in the upper room. New cupboards have been added, and the old cupboards moved to more suitable places. The books are to be grouped to- gether, all the novels in one part, then comes books of travel, &c. The committee have also voted a sum of R,5 towards buying some of the late st books, and after these come to hand it is their intention to proceed at once to compile a new catalogue, and not before it was badly wanted.