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TRANSVAAL WAR FROM DAY to DAY. In a despatch dated Bloemfontein, Tuesday night, issued by the War THURSDAY Office last night, Lord Roberts states that the troops under his command have taken possession of Bloemfoii L eii-i. The Commander-in-Chief adds, The British flag now flies over the Presidency, vacated on Monday evening by Mr Steyn, late president of the Orange Free State. Mr Fraser, member of the late Execu- tive Government the Mayor, the Secretary to the late Government, the Llanddrost, and other officials met me two hlj. from the town, and presented me with the keys of the public offices. The enemy have withdrawn from the neighbourhood, aud all seems quiet. The inhabitants of Bloemfontein gave the troops a cordial welcome." A despatch received from Lord Roberts states that General Gatacre FRIDAY. crossed the Orange river and occupied Bethulie yesterday morning. General Pole-Carew, with 2,000 men of the Guards Brigade, two guns, and a small body of mounted infantry, left Bloemfontein in three trains yesterday morning to join hands with Generals Gatacre and Clements. Two despatches were received by the War Office from Lord Roberts SATURDAY, yesterday. The Commander-in-Chief announces that General Clements crossed the Orange River on Thurs- day. General Pole-Carew telegraphs that he has arrived at Springfontein, so that Bloemfontein is practically in rail communication with Capetown. Lord Roberts also states that his proclamation is having an excellent effect. Several hundreds of bnrghers have expressed their determination to deliver up their arms and return to their usual occupation. In an earlier despateh it is stated that seven British officers and 43 of our men have been found in the Boers' hospital at Bloemfontein. They have been taken care of, and all are doing well Another British officer was found in the Boer hospital at Boshof. Lord Roberts said he rejoiced the wounded Boers at Bloemfontein by telling them they will be allowed to proceed to their homes, instead of being made prisoners, as soon as they are well enough to leave the hospital. The opera- tions on the Cape border are progressing satis- factorily, and there are now three columns across the Orange River- News from Mafeking is hopeful. Lord Roberts reports, in a despatch dated Bloemfontein, Sunday, that MONDAY. Lord Methuen reached Warrenton on Friday, and was in time to prevent the Boers from completely destroying the bridge and to secure the pont over the Vaal. Warrenton is in the direction of Mafeking from Kimberley, and it is evident that Lord Methuen is advancing to that place by the line of the railway. Owing to sickness having broken out among the Boer prisoners at Simonstown, their departure for St. Helena has been delayed. Up to the time of writing no definite news of the relief of Mafeking had TUESDAY. come to hand, though a telegram from Capetown says a general belief" prevails there that the Boers have eeased the investment. The forces in the Free State are carrying out important movements to the east, and in Natal preparations for the advance are being made. The rebellion in the west of Cape Colony does not appear to make any progress, It is reported by a Berlin paper that peace negotiations are proceeding, through Germany and the United States, on the basis of the recognition of British sovereignty.





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