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Board of Guardians. The fortnightly meeting of the Aberystwyth Board of Guardians was held on Monday morning at the Union Workhouse, the members present being Mr David Morgan, Llanfihangel Upper, in the chair, Messrs Hugh Hughes, G. Fossett Roberts, B. E. Morgan, T. E. Salmon, Rev. T. A. Penry. and Edwin Morris, Aberystwyth; Rev. John Davies and Edward Jones, Ceulanymaesmawr; Lewis Richards, and John Morgan, Cwmrlieidol; W. A. Miller, Issayndre; Richard Jones, Llanbadarn Upper; James Jones, Llanbadarn Lower; E. J. Evans, Llangwyryfon; Daniel Morris, and David Edwards, Llanilar; Evan Lewis, Llan Hamminiog; Chas. Davies, Llanychaiarn; Wm. Morris, Cyfoetby- brenin; Thos. James, Trefeirig; Evan Simon, Uchayndre; and David Lloyd, Vaenor Lower, with Mr Hugh Hughes (clerk), etc. BOARDING OUT. The House Committee recommended that the Clerk be instructed to obtain 12 copies of the Order for the Boarding of Children in Unions, to be dis- tributed amongst the members of the Boarding Out Committee in compliance with the request of the Secretary," Mrs Colby. The recommendation was approved of. CUSTODY OF LUNATICS. The House Committee reported having considered the question of the temporary custody of lunatics in the Workhouse, and the question of whether the master or the relieving officer should provide supervision over the same. The Rev. T. A. Penry explained that the relieving officer brought a lunatic to the Workhouse about nine o'clock in the evening. The Master said that at such a time the Workhouse was not a suitable place to bring them to unless an attendant was brought as well, as there was no one in the House to look after such per- sons. The question was who was to secure the attendants, the Relieving Officer or the Master. The difficulty was to get attendants to come under such circumstances, when they had to bring their own food. The Master also thought it was an in- convenient hour for him to search for attendants. Mr. Salmon asked the opinion of the clerk on the matter. The Clerk said it appeared to him that in a case of emergency of this sort there should be co- operation on the part of the two officers, but there was also the question whether they had ac- commodation in the House for cases of this sort. Then, if it came strictly to the question as to whose duty it was to provide these attendants, he thought it was the duty of the Board, who should make arrangements to secure a suitable person, who would be prepared to come and take charge in cases of this sort. Mr. B. Ellis Morgan said in that case it would be necessary to have two attendants, one male and one female. The Clerk said these cases were very rare, and with a little tact in nine cases out of ten they could avoid bringing them into the House at all. i.Lr. o. m,. morgan asiceci II iney nan any rigiil to take a lunatic into the House under any circum- atances. The Clerk replied that if they had accommoda- tion they could. The relieving officer was liable to a penalty of R50 if he did not within three days after information of a lunatic not under proper care or wandering at large bring the person before a magistrate, and if the person was not tinder proper care could bring him or her into the Work- house. Mr. B. E. Morgan: Is there accommodation 1 The Clerk: That raises a great question, and one that has been before you before. Mr B. E. Morgan said he though the best way till get out of the difficulty was to instruct the reliev- ing officer in all such cases to remove the person direct to the asylum. The Clerk said there was clearly no accommoda- tion unless they had a person prepared to take charge of the lunatic at once. They could take the case of a maa of a suicidal disposition brought in at night, and the master could not find anyone to take charge of him, and he could not re- main with him himself. Should that man, when left unattended, commit suicide, they were liable to be charged with admitting a person when there was no suitable provision, and that meant no proper accommodation. Mr B. E.Morgan thought it a serious matter, and ought to be well considered. Directly the Board. stepped in in such cases there was a tendency on the grant of the relatives to shelve all responsi- bility, and he did not think they should make it so easy for them. He proposed that the matter be referred to the House Committee for considera- tion and report. Mr Edwin Morris seconded, and the proposition was unanimously agreed to. MASTER'S REPORT. The Master reported that the number in the House the first week of the past fortnight was 44, and during the second week 46. The number of vagrants relieved the first week was 15, and the second week five. The Master also reported that through the kindness of Messrs G. F. Roberts and Hugh Hughes, two members of the Board, an enter- tainment had been given at the House, and Mr Roberts also supplied refreshments. Mr John Morgan, the Larches, had sent oranges to be dis- tributed amongst the inmates, and Mr John Roberts, Dinas View, had made a gift of a number of illustrated papers. On the motion of the Rev. T. A. Penry, the clerk was directed to convey the thanks of the Board to all these gentlemen for their kindness. OUT RELIEF. The out-relief administered during the past fortnight was as followsPer Mr. J. J. Hughes, iE40 16s to 161 paupers; Per Mr, Thos. Vaughan £52 14s. 71d. to 166 paupers; and per Mr. J. Morgan, iZ50 16s. to 150 paupers. INFIRMARY REPRESENTATION. Mr. T. E. Salmon, in accordance with notice of motion, moved that Messrs. G..Fossett Roberts, Edwin Morris, and Richard Edwards be appointed as the Board's representatives at the general meetings of the subscribers to the Aberystwyth Infirmary. Mr. E. Morris withdrew in favour of Mr. Salmon, and the tmes were then agreed to. Rev. ,1 ;m Davies gave notice that at the next meeting lie would move that representatives be also appointed on the District Nurse Committee. OUTSTANDING CALLS. The Clerk asked for authority to take proceedings against any overseers during the next fortnight who were in arreais with their calls. There were several behind-hand, in fact, all the calls were outstanding. He had not had any occasion yet to take such a cc.urse, but he wanted to be on the safe side. Mr W. A. Miller proposed, and the Rev. T. A, Penry seconded, that such authority be given, and this was agreed to. TENDERS FOR PROVISIONS. The Clerk announced that he had advertised for tenders for the supply of provisions, etc., to the House for the ensuing year, and the same would be in by the 17th inst. It was resolved to hold a special meeting to con- sider the tenders on Monday next at 1-30 p.m.; THE WORKHOUSE GARDEN. Rev. T. A. Penry enquired what was to be done with the upper part of the garden at the Work- house. Some time ago a resolution was passed that the garden be divided, and that the lower part be cultivated for the use of the House, and the upper part for some course of cultivation. Mr Salmon proposed that it be let, and that tenders be invited. Mr W. A. Miller said if it would pay a private individual to cultivate it, surely it would pay the Guardians to cultivate it. Rev. T. A. Penry said this was the time of the year that they would have to appoint a gardener, and perhaps he with a few others would be able to cultivate it. Mr Miller proposed that they cultivate the garden themselves. Mr James Jones seconded, and this was agreed, to, and a committee was appointed to carry out the work. It was also decided, on the motion of Mr Miller, that the present person acting as gardener be re- appointed for another month.

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