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ABERYSTWYTH. OBITUARY.—The death took place on Tuesday, of Mr Edgar Atwood, solicitor, at the age of 52. EARLY CLOSING ASSOCIATIOx.-The shop assistants will hold their annual meeting at the Eagle Resturant at 8 30 p.m. on Thursday. LORD LIEUTENANTS WAR FUND.—The crew of the S.S. Glanvstwvth have contributed the sum of £3 6s. to the war fund. THE CASTLE GUNS.—The war authorities have fixed on the Castle grounds a pedestal for support- ing a range finder for the cannons. It is enclosed in ornamental wire railings. 'WOMEN'S LIBERAL ASSOCIATION.—We have been given to understand that a meeting of this Associa- tion was held last week, when an excellent paper -wa, read by Miss. K. Levi. PUBLIC NOTICE.-Next Wednesday morning a Local Government Board Enquiry will be held at the Town Hall into the application of the Corpora- tion to borrow to sum of £ 2.900 for public im- provements. AN ABERYSTWYTH MAN IN PRETORIA.—Twelve soldiers belonging to the 2nd Battalion South Wales Borderers were taken prisoners by the Boers in the battle of Paardeberg on 18th February. Among them is Private Edward Edwards of this town. CUP MATCHES.—The contest for the South Wales cup will be played at Aberdare on Saturday -week, the rival team being Rogerston. The semi- final match for the Welsh cup will be played at Oswestry on Saturday, 31st March. CONFIRMATION SERVICES.The Lord Bishop of Swansea, held a confirmation service at Holy Trinity Church on Tuesday morning at 11 o'clock. The candidates presented were from the Churches of St. Michael's, St. Mary's Eglwysnewydd, and Holy Trinity, and numbered in all 56. Archdeacon Protheroe and the Rev. Prebendary Williams acted as Bishop's Chaplains. ASSESSMENT COMMITTEE.—A meeting of the As- sessment Committee of the Aberystwyth Union was held on Monday at the New Market Hall, Mr W. A. Miller presiding. The overseers of the township of Uchayndre presented a supplemental valuation list, which was approved of.—The Clerk was directed to request the overseers of Aberystwyth to bring in a new supplemental valuation list dealing with the University College buildings, and other heredita- mentsrequiring re-adjustment. GIFT TO TH. INFIRMARY.—A most valuable and acceptable gift has just been made to the Women's ward at the Infirmary by the Countess Amherst, (late Countess of Lisburne), being a beautiful painting of herself. Countess Amherst, has always evinced a deep interest in the institu- tion, to which she pays regular visits whenever she comes to the neighbourhood. The gift was re- ceived through Mr. J. D. Perrott, who is a member of the Management Committee. THRUSTS IN THE DARK.—Considerable annoy- ance is felt at frequent intervals by residents in the upper part of the town through a hobby which somemysterious person has of presenting gifts of prussic aoid to valuable and harmless dogs. This anonymous generosity cannot be put down to accident as it has occurred too often within the past year, and the quantity in each dose is invari- fLblv effective. The last victim of this cruel freak is "Bruno," the fine St. Bernard belonging to Mr T. Davies, draper. PHYSICAL DRILL CLASS.—The progress made by the members during the last six months was given in the display given last Friday evening before the Chief Constable of the County, (Mr. Howell Evans) and a party of gentleman including Messrs. J. D. Perrott (County Treasurer), J. R. Rees (N. and S. Wales Bank), Jack Thomas, D. Morgan (Eagle Foundry), &c. The whole of the Town Hall floor was occupied for the various drills in Sandow exercises, bar-bell practices, and single-sticks boots. It is expected that a display before an invited number of local gentlemen will be given at the dose of the present term. CHURCH OF ENGLAND TEMPERANCE SOCIETY.— The weekly meeting of the Ysgoldy was held on Friday evening last, the Rev. D. A. Jones (vice- president) in the chair. The programme was as follows :-Pianoforte solo, Miss Newell; humorous reading, Mr. E. Ellis song, Miss Thorp; extempore address, Mr. Rea. Richards, Heart of Oak; Welsh recitation, Mr. D. Davies; flute solo, Mr. 'J. Hine; English address, Mr* W. M. Wright; recitation, Mr. D. Thorley Welsh addres, Isaac Rees; short speech, Rev. D. A. Jones. After the programme was gone through a short discussion took place. Mr. Lloyd will draw up next week's programme, when it is expected the juveniles of the Band of Hope will take part. B.W.T.A.—There was a good attendance at the popular weekly entertainment of the British Women's Temperance Association, held on Satur- day evening last at the New Market Hall. The following was the programme gone through:- Pianoforte duet, Misses Jones and Doughton; solo, Miss P. Thorpe (with piano and mandoline accom- paniment) recitation, Master J. Wilkinson; solo, Miss Pollie Jones; recitation, Mr. D. Davies; solo, Miss Edith Owen recitation, Miss E. Warrington solo, Miss Rosie Jones; song, Miss Thorp; recita- tion, Mr. John James. The chair was taken by Mr. Williams, Post Office, and the progromme was got up by Miss Warrington. Mrs. Lloyd, Green Bank, and Miss Roberts, South-terrace, presided at the coffee stall. GOOD TEMPLARS.—A successful gathering of the Ystwyth Lodge of Good Templars took place at the Progress Hall on Friday evening under the presi- dency of Mr J. W. Jones. Amongst those who took part in the entertainment were Misses Pritchard, Jenkins, Pollie Jones, Lizzie Owen, Pollie Richards, Messrs J. Arthur Jenkins, E. Lloyd Jones, D. Davies. Walter Jones, Richard Evans, and R. J. Thomas. There was a large attendance, and tha meeting was honoured with the presence of the High Chief Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Wales, Mr O. N. Jones, who was on a visit to the town to make arrangements for the conference of the Grand Lodge to be held here during Whit week. Mr Jones complimented the Ystwyth Lodge on its flourishing and prosperous condition. It was his pleasant duty to pay an occasional visit to all the Lodges in the Principality, but he could not recall to mind another society so active and persevering in its efforts to promote temperance, and he thought the 300 members should make their power felt in the neighbourhood. The Rev. D. R. Williams, Salem, Rev. T. Vaughan and Mr Richard Jones also gave suitable addresses. ENTERTAINMENT AT THE WORKHOUSE,—The annual entertainment to the inmates at the Work- house was given on Tuesday evening, when the chair was occupied by Mr. G. F. Roberts. The programme, which was a miscellaneous one, con- sisted of lantern views illustrative of South Africa, which was described by Mr. Hugh Hughes. Amongst those who contributed sougs, duetts etc., were Miss Morgan, Master Tommy Jones, Miss Eunice Lewis, Miss Clatworthy, Mr. L. M. Joneli and Mr. Hadyn Jones, Miss Maggie Davies, Master John Arthur Hughes, Miss Molly Owen, Mr. M. Davies and Mr. J. A. Jenkins, etc. At the close of the meeting Mr. Jones (Master) proposed a vote of thanks to Mr. Roberts and all ladies and gentlemen who had taken part, and informed all present that Mr. Roberts had kindly provided refreshments in the shape of tea, coffee, buns, tobacco, etc., for all the inmates and those who had taken part in the proceedings. Mr. D. C. Owen, builder, seconded the vote of thanks, which was carried with exclamation. EVENING CONTINUATION SCHOOL.—The session was brought to a close in a very happy manner on Monday, when over sixty pupils of both departments of the evening continuation classes under Mr J. E. Parry and Miss Stott were entertained to a splen- did knife-and-fork tea at the Waterloo Hotel by Mrs Griffith. Due justice having been done to the good things provided and the male pupils having got over their bashfulness, an elaborate pro- gramme consisting of choruses, songs, recitations, etc., was gone through by:the pupils aud others. A hearty vote of thanks to Mrs Griffith for her generosity brought a most enjoyable evening to a close. It is to be hoped that the praiseworthy efforts made in this way to make the institution as attractive as possible will result in an increased number of young people attending the night school next session in the course of which it is proposed to have more than one social evening similiar to the above. The classes have been well attended dur- ing the past winter and in one department alone the entrance fees of 15 pupils have been refunded for regular attendance. t THE LADYSMITH REJOICINGS. -Early on Thurs- day morning the good news of the relief of Lady- smith was flashed through to Aberystwyth and in the space of a few minutes the whole town was alive with the news. The first telegram was re- ceived by Mr John Roberts, tobacconist, and in about an hour confirmatory telegrams came through the Central News agency. Immediately, the whistles of all the engines at the station were sounded creating a tremendous noise and the engines were soon joined by a whistle which had been fixed in Green's foundry and this kept by its tune incessantly during the whole of the morning. In the streets everyone wore a smiling face and every scrap of bunting was brought to light and floated in the breeze. During the dinner hour the town band, conducted by Mr Jack Edwards, paraded the streets playing in splendid style Rule Britannia" and See the Conquering Hero comes." The afternoon was observed as a general holiday and Councillor Peake set to work to organise a torchlight procession in the evening. He found no difficulty in getting the necessary material and assistance and soon after dusk the procession was formed opposite the Town Hall with about a hundred torchlight bearers. Headed by the Town Band they marched gaily through Queen's-road, along the Terrace-road, Great Darkgate-street, Pier- street, Little Darkgate-street and Market-street, where a halt was made in front of the Talbot Hotel. Hearty cheers having been given to the heroes in the battle the band struck" God Save the Queen" and the crowd dispersed everyone feel- ing much happier than they had done since the beginning of this awful war. PETTY SESSIONS.—These Sessions were held on Wednesday, before Messrs Thos. Griffiths, John Morgan, H. J. Jones, John Lewis, and Ed. Evans. Four hours extension was granted Mr R.Williams, Lion Hotel, on the occasion of a ball on the 9th inst. -John Harris, Fenglais-road, Aberystwyth, was charged by Anne Harris with using threatening language towards her on February 27th. The case was dismissed. WELCOME VISITORS.-We are gratified to learn that Ir. W. H. Gough, the energetic superintendent of the Cambrian Railways, has succeeded in inducing the superintendents of the English, Scotch and Welsh Railways to hold their next conference at Aberyst- wvth. The meetings will be held in the Queen's Hotel in April, and it is expected representatives will be sent by all Railway Companies in the Kingdom. It is hoped the visitors will carry away a favourable impression of the town, and that the meetings will result in improved facilities being afforded to tourists and others visiting the place during the summer months. The welfare of a watering place depends very largely on the interest taken in it by the Railway Companies. THE PAXTON SOCIETY.—A meeting of the above society was held at the College on Wednesday evening, when the chair was occupied by W. H. Colby, Esq., Caaregwan vice-president. A highly' instructive lecture on Peas as a Garden Crop' was delivered by Mr. J. L. Pickard, lecturer in horticulture, U.C.W. and was much appreciated by the members, who accorded to Mr. Pickard a very hearty vote of thanks for his valuable iufor- mation as to proper trenching, manuring, and planting, and also as to the best mode of protecting the plants from the ravages of birds, mice, &c. Three new names were proposed for membership. THE RADICALS AND ST. DAVID.- The anniver- sary of the patron saint was celebrated in a thoroughly loyal and patriotic fashion at the weekly meeting of the Junior Radical Club on Friday evening. The meeting took the form of a mis- cellaneous concert, and its excellent:programme was composed of solos, duetts, choruses, recitations etc. Every item on the programme was rendered in the language of Adda Jones, the order of the day being Gwnewch bobpeth yn Gymraeg." The room was filled with an enthusiastic audience and the artistes acquitted themselves with great credit. A short account of Saint David was given by the Chairman, Mr. T. J. Samuel, solicitor, who strongly urged that the memory of the good old saint should be perpetuated in honour of the admirable qualities which he possessed, and also for the purpose of welding the nation together. Amongst others who took part were Messrs D. E. Jones, Samuel Hopkins, W. Lewis, G. Haydn Jones, E. T. Evans, J. Thomas, J. H. Roberts, Willie Hughes, J. A. Phillips, A Lloyd Williams, T. B. Hall, Griffith Ellis, James Rees. The entertainment was pro- moted by Messrs Jenkin Humphreys, Jack Price and J. H. Roberts. Next week MrjDavid Samuel, M.A., will give an address on "Bits ofaberystwyth.' Those who wish to be present should have no difficulty in gaining admission free of charge as each members allowed to bring:with him a friend »

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