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Business Notices. REAL WELSH TWEEDS Msmt AND HOMESPUNS BEAT THE WORLD FOR HARD WEAR DIRECT FROM TRADE UR¡C THE MILLS. so- ROYAl. EISTEDDFOD 1E65.. 1866. ESTABLISHED OVER 4ENTUEV AND IIA LP. PATRONISED BY H.R.H. THE PRINCESS OF WALES, JI ALSO NOBILITY, CLERGY AND GENTRY THROUGHOUT THE UNITED KINGDOM. Also Her Majesty the Empress of Austria. Its Guaranteed Hand-Spun and Hand-Woven from Pure Mountain Wool Only. The Z5 zn only RELIABLE MATERIALS for Cycling, Golfing, Travelling, Fishing, Shooting, Walking, S^mmSSm and General Wear. Beautifully Soft, Durable and Warm—suitable for Ladies, and Gents' Wear and all Seasons and Climates. Also, Real Welsh Flannels, Blankets, Shirtings, Skirtings,, Shawls, Carriage and Gerrnavj/. Travelling Rugs. AgTQ UN7)ING VALUE. Denmark. I HIGH CLASS TAILORING. TAILOR-MADE COSTUMES-A Speciality. JT$d^|jf]k Please mention Welsh Gazette. ^l§i^ ALL PARCELS carriage PAID. —— PERFECT SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Patterns, Price Lists, and Measurement Forms Post Free—with any range desired Postal and P.O. Orders, Cheques .-—Made payable to J. MESBICK JONES, LIMITED. Russia. MILLS: FACTORIES^ IDRIS MILLS AND LION STREET AXD FRONGOCH IILLS. MEYRICK STREET. J. MEYRICK JONES, Ltd., ^ERST Royal Welsh Woollen Warehouse, Dolgelley, North Wales. GARDEN SEEDS OF ALL KINDS. Agricultural Seeds OF THE FINEST QUALITY. EARLY POTATOES HADAU! HAD AU!! Hadau Gerddi Hadau Amaethyddol Tatw Cynar Ceirch Had Haidd Gwenith Gwanwyn O'R FATH OREU AM Y PRISIAU ISELAF. AR WERTH GAN C. Powell Si CO., f j Market Street, I' ABERYSTWYTH. VEN AND SONS, whic bead COMPLETE OUTFITTERS. adoi i ir. r:as HOUSE, 11-13 NORTH PARADE ABERYSTWYTH. JUBILEE 1850 YEAR. 1900 To Commemorate the above event, O. <fc S. are making a SPECIALITY of JUBILEE SUITS, at 55s. for Cash, Worth 65s. JUBILEE TROUSERS at 16s. for Cash, Worth 20s. FOR ONE MONTH ONLY. Ladies' and Gentlemen's Waterproofs. Clerical Suits, Liveries, Breeches, Dress Suits, Chesterfields, Ladies' Costumes, &-c., &c. SOLE "I Weich Margetson's Neck Wear, &c. AGENTS for j Dr. Jaeger's Hosiery. &c. RUGS, UMBRELLAS, TRUNKS, BAGS, kc. OWEN AND SONS. -a:. HALF-YEARLY SALEM JOHN RICHARDS & Co., ABERYSTWYTH AND COUNTY TAILORS, Drapers, Hatters, Hosiers, Athletic Outfitters, and Juvenile Clothiers, ALSO LADIES' COSTUMES A SPECIALITY, ONLY ME:N" TAILORS EMPLOYED, BEG to inform their numerouse customers that they will give EXTRA DISCOUNT OF 3$. IN THE POUND FOR ALL ORDERS TAKEN DURING THE MONTH OF MARCH FOR CASH. ALSO 4$. IN THE POUND OFF MEN'S, YOUTHS', AND BOYS' READY-MADE CLOTHING FROM STOCK, MADE TO OUR ORDER BT BEST MAKERS. GREAT REDUCTION IS MADE IN ALL DEPARTMENTS FOR CLEARANCE. Umbrellas, Macintoshes, PortmanteauSt Travelling Rugs, Carriage Aprons, and Cheap Mats-Good Value. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. A a.m. p.m. P-m- p.m. p.m. ABERYSTWYTH Dept. 8 25 12 30 1 15 1 15 6 25 WREXHAM Arr. 1 42 5 28 5 43 6 47 10 26 CHESTER- 1B30 5 55 6 8 7 iq 10 53 LIVERPOOL (Landing Stage) 2B40 7 0 7 20 8 0 12 15 MANCHESTER (Exchange) 3B 2 8 10 8 10 8 37 WOLVERHAMPTON 2 13 6 0 BIRMINGHAM „ 2 38 Wednes- 6 27 LONDON (Paddington)- „ 5 20 days only 10 50 A.—THROUGH CARRIAGE for Wolverhampton, Birmingham, and London by this Train, and Passengers are allowed one hour at Shrewsbury for Lunch. B.—Via Shrewsbury. C.—Via Dolgelley. Passengers wishing to travel by this Train should ask for Tickets via Dolgelley when booking. PASSENGERS ARE REQUESTED TO ASK FOR TICKETS BY THE GREAT WESTERN ROUTE. Every Information respecting Great Western Train Service can be obtained of Mr. J. ROBERTS, 15, Terrace Road, Aberystwyth, or of Mr. G. GRANT, Divisional Superintendent, G.W.R., Chester. PADDINGTON STATION. J. L. WILKINSON, General Manager. III SELLING OFF SELLING OFF 3111 DANIEL THOMAS' ANNUAL CLEARANCE SALE (the 22nd) OF GENERAL DRAPERY GOODS AND READY-MADE CLOTHING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION Will Commence March 2nd and Continue to the 19th inclusive. GREAT BARGAINS WILL BE OFFERED IN EVERY DEPARTMENT. NOTE THE ADDRESS :— 22, 24, LITTLE DARKGATE STREET, Aberystwyth T— CELEBRATED 'CYMRO' RAZORS Made of the finest warranted quality Steel, POST FREE, 3s. 6d. EACH. SOLD ONLY BY M. H. DAVIS & SONS, HARDWARE MERCHANTS, ABERYSTWYTH. THOMAS POWELL & CO., MARKET STREET, ABERYSTWYTII. HOME CURED BACON, SMOKED AND PALE DRIED ENGLISH CURERS OF HOME CURED BACON AND HAMS, STILTON, GLO'STER, AND AMERICAN CHEESE, FRESH MADE SAUSAGES. r H. W. GRIFFITH, BOOT AND SHOE WAREHOUSE, 7, COLLEGE GREEN, TOWYN, MER. Agent or the noted K and Cinderella Boots. FOR SUCCESSFUL ADVERTISING TRY THE "WELSH GAZETTE." Want of space has compelled us to hold over several reports this week. I