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LLANFARIAN. PLOUGHING MATCH.—The ploughing match took place on Wednesday, February 21st, in the field of Mr Stephen Jones, Pengraig. Twenty-eight teams entered the field, eight in the first-class, seven in the second class, and thirteen in the third class. The competition was very keen, and no one of the onlookers seemed to envy the honourable position of judges, and when the adjudication of the judges, viz., Messrs Evans, Llwynbwch, Blaenpenal, Hughes, Maesgwyn, Llanon, Roberts, Rhydygar- nedd, and Professor Williams, University College, Aberystwyth, was given, no one disputed but that the first in each class deserved the first prize, but it was almost impossible to say who should be placed in the second and third places in the differ- ent classes, as all had ploughed so well. However. the judges managed with great difficulty to classify the competitors in the following order:—In the first class the first prize of P-2, with a silver cup value £2, was awarded to Mr Hopkins. Fronfraith second prize of L2 with a pair of breast plates, value 18s, to Mr John James Jones, Pengraig the third prize of Ll 15s between Mr J. Tom Evans, Abertrinant, and Mr D. M. Evans, Penlan. In the second class, first prize £2 with a pair of box cloth leggings to Mr. Llewelyn Jones, Rhiwarthen. Second class— £ 1 15s. to Mr. J. W. Jones, Moelifor. Third class-Zl 10s. to Mr. J. H. Evans, Torglwyd; and fourth prize Cl 5s to Mr. J. J. Davies, Frondeg; in the third class—First £ 1 5s. with a whip value 10s. 6d. to Mr. William Davies, Llwynddeinol; second class, Ll and third 15s. between Messrs. E. Lloyd, Cwmllechwedd, and J. T. Jones, Tanycastell; fourth class 10s. to Mr. J. Scott, Penglanowen; and fifth class, 5s. to Mr. T. L. Powell, Glanrhydtynoeth. Best ridge 5s. to Mr. Hopkins, Fronfraith. The prize for the best pair of cart horses was awarded to Mr. Hughes, Torglwyd; second class to Mr. H. P, Edwards. Lovesgrove. For the best cart horse to Mr. Williams, Pengarreg, and second to Mr. Scott, Aberbrwynen; best cart mare to Mr. Bonsall, Fronfraith; 2nd class to Mr. Hughes, Torglwyd, and for the best harness 5s. to Mr. Hughes, Torglwyd. The judges of horses and harness were Messrs. Pryse Aberllolwyn, and Williams, Aber- made The following was the method by which the ploughing judges classed the competitors according to merit. It is here inserted for the instruction of the ploughers :—Twenty full marks were given for opening, straightness, measurement, angle, firm- ness, neatness, and furrow-making, making a total of 140 marks, and the marks gained under these respective points were as follows:— D. W. Evans, 17, 16, 18, 17, 14, 15, 16, 113; John Hopkins, 20. 20, 20, 18, 15,18, 18,129; John Pugh, 16, 14, 12, 12, 18, 14, 10, 96; J.. T. Evans. 12, 15, 16. 18, 18, 16. 18, 113; J. James Jones, 17, 18, 20. 20, 18. 14, 16, 123. The- ploughing match committee will do well by next year to invite a discussion on the chief points of good ploughing and allot their own marks and publish the same in the district newspapers, and bind the judges to the same. The following persons deserve the thanks of the com- mittee for providing special prizes which were not specified on the placards;—A pair of breast plates by Messrs. Williams, veterinary surgeon, and Price, Farmers Arms; a pair of box cloth leggings, by Messrs. Richards and Co., Market-street, Aber- ystwyth and a whip by Mrs. Evans, Angel Inn; the fifth prize in the third class by "Professor Williams. The following young ladies decorated the judges with beautiful and valuable rosettes :— Misses James, Park; Jones, Tancastell; Scott, Aberbrwynen: James, Pantgwyn Villa; Jones, Pengraig and Jones, Brynyrychen. Mr. and Mrs. Jones, Pengraig, provided dinner and tea to all the competitors and their helpers, and to all the members of the committee, and to scores of friends besides. The following ladies assisted at the tables:—Mrs. Evans, Angel Inn; Mrs. Parry, Dyflryn Mill; Mrs. Davies, Cynonfawr Mrs. Lloyd, Plascrug; Mrs. Morgans, Gilfacbgoch; Mrs. Lewis. Penrheffyn; Misses Jones, Tancastell; Scott, Aber- brwynen Jones, Pengraig Lloyd, Plascrug Jones, Brynyrychen; Daniel, Pentrebont; and Mr. John Hughes, butler, Llanrhystyd. The spectators numbered about five hundred, and some of them had come from a distance of more than eight miles.