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LAMPETER. 100 MILES R.C.C.—Keen interest is :taken by the young cyclists of the town in this movement, and over twenty have promised to try, and qualify themselves as members. They are only waiting for dry weather. SANDOW CLASS.—Now that the snow and frost have cleared, and mild weather set in, and the days lengthened, it is high time that the Sandow Class should commence again. Mr. Bertie Jones, the instructor, is very anxious to start duties, but the pupils are a bit backward. PREACHING MEETINGS.-The Independents in this district will hold a series of meetings at Zoar chapel on the third week in March, to celebrate their Jubilee. The services of several able preachers have been engaged, and the meetings promise to turn out successful. GOLF.—The monthly competition for the gold medal in connection with the Lampeter Golf Club took place at the Gilvin Links last Saturday, when Mr. Llewelyn-Bankes Price, Doldrement, came out winner. The medal has to be won three times in succession before it becomes the absolute property of the winner. THE WESLEYANs.-The Rev. E. Berwyn Roberts' of Pontrhydygroes, has been removed to this place to succeed the late Rev. John Rowlands. Mr. Roberts' term of ministry at Pontrhydygroes was a very successful and happy one, and he was held in high esteem by both comformists and noncon- formists. He is a hard worker and a good preacher. In the different examinations which he passed, he was always placed in a most creditable position. THE STATION.—The yard at the Station' has been the scene of busy operations during the past few weeks. The sidings which had become in- adequate to meet the increased traffic have been relaid on a new plan, and additional lines put in. A large gang of men, under the superintendence of Mr. T. E. Owen, were employed to perform the work which, is now rapidly drawing to a finish. The alterations will be a boon to all who hare occasion to make use of the yard. ST. "PETER'S CHURCH. Mr. Justice Bucknill attended divine worship at St. Peter's Church on Sunday morning, when the service was conducted by the chaplain, the Rev. Robert Williams, M.A. The procession was headed by a body of Police, under the charge of Supt. T. Phillips, and the Judge was accompanied by the under sheriff, Mr. D. Lioyd, Lord Lieutenant, and the officials of the Court of Assize. At the end of the service Miss Hughes, the organist, played "God save the Queen." MINSTRELS.—New additions have been made to the minstrel troupe. Practices will start in the course of a week or so. It is intended to hold an entertainment about Easter. The programme will consist of songs and choruses, and conclude with a very comical sketch. Could not a musical drill by about half-a-dozen young fellows of the town, under the management of Mr. Bertie Jones, the Sandow silver medallist, be inserted in the nro- gramme 7 Mr. Jones would be delighted to undertake the teaching of the drill. THE INDEPENDENTS of Lampeter and district intend holding an examination in April next for their Sunday School pupils. The Rev. Davies Rhydybont, and Mr. Wallis Thomas, Llanybyther Grammar School, have been appointed examiners of the younger portion of the schools, and the Revs T. Jones, Pencader; and B. Carolan Davies, Tyn- gwndwn, examiners of the older section. Mr. J. Williams, CellanfcCourt, is the secretary of the Union. JUBILEH MEETINGS in connection with Soar Con- gregation Chapel will be held at that place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the 5th, 6th and 7th March, when the following reverend gentlemen will officiate: H. Elvert Lewis, London J. Towyn Jones, Cwmaman; B. C. Davies, Tynygwndwn T. G. Evans, Aberayron; J. N. Davies, Llanfair; and T. T. Davies, Rhydybont, A public meeting will be held on the Tuesday afternoon at 2 p.m. when different matters will be treated by the ministers of the town. BIBLE SOCIETY.—On Monday evening last the Rev. T. Phillips, Independent minister, Llandyssil, visited the town and delivered a sermon at the Shiloh Chapel on behalf of the British and Foreign Bible Society. Mr. Phillips gave an account of the doings of the Society, and the present state of its finance. It was reported that the Branch Society at Lampeter had not been so flourishing of late, and that some of the chapels had not subscribed. The Rev. C. E. Hughes was voted Chairman of the local committee in the room of Mr. David James, Whitehall, who resigned. ST. DAVID'S COLLEGE SCHOOL.—The success o the pupils of this school at Lampeter, Oxford and Cambridge has been remarkably consistent for many years, The number of pupils who, after leaving the school, have distinguished themselves in the study of Modern History, considering the average number of pupils at the school, has been unusally high at the don Universities, no less than at St. David's College. Last week Mr. T. Stanley Roberts, B.A., an old pupil of St. David's College School, was awarded a University prize, namely The Prince Consort," at Cambridge for a piece of original work in history. The subject of Mr. Roberts' Essay was" Wales and the Tudors" and Professor Gwatkin considers that in Mr Roberts' essay we have the nucleus of a very important work. Mr. Roberts may well be congratulated on having won the double distinction of being at the head of his year in the Tripos Examination, and if securing the Prince Consort prize which is the Historian blue riband at the University of Cambridge; and Fishguard his native place, and St. David's College School may well feel proud of him. COUNTY COURT, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21ST. Before His Honour Judge Bishop. EJECTMENT ORDER.—An order for an ejectment on the application of Mr. William Davies (Messrs. Smith & Davies, Aberystwyth), was granted to Catherine Jones, Aberystwyth, against David Davies and Mary his wife. The plaintiff is mortgagee of defendant's property at Llanfair. PRICE V. PRICE.—Rees Price, formerly of Llan- ddewibrefi. sued Frederick Samuel Price, Swansea (his nephew), for E10 13., for the sale of a bicycle. Defendant counterclaimed £3 10s for valuation of stock, and 10s for medical fee alleged to have been paid for plaintiff. Mr* William Davies, of Messrs. Smith, Davies Sc Co., appeared for plaintiff.-Rees Price, formerly of Llanddewibrefi and now of Pembroke, said he, sold to defendant at Llan- ddewibrefi a bicycle. Its retail price was eighteen guineas, and he let defendant have it at the whole- sale price of £13 13s. A bill of exchange was given, but had not been paid. Referring to a counterclaim of £3 10s for taking stock of a bankrupt hosier, named Edwards, at Morriston, of which plaintiff was trustee, plaintiff said that Frederick Samuel Price was an insurance agent. He had to take stock and was only one day at the work, and he admitted that he had taken goods worth 14s, which plaintiff contended was sufficient payment. Defendant also claimed to have paid a medical fee on behalf of plaintiff preliminary to insurance, but he had not been authorised to insure his life.- Defendant said the plaintiff signed the forms and handed in a letter in which he wrote in 1896 asking defendant for a premium of £ 9. On the back of the letter, defendant wrote complaining that trade was bad.—The plaintiff in reply to defendant, admitted that he was examined by Dr. Morgan at Pontrhydfendigaid for an insurance of £ 250.— Defendant said the premium was Zll 10s. and be was going to allow his uncle (the defendant) the first year's commission of £2 10s.-Plaintiff said he never paid the premium, and defendant said he nevertheless wanted the medical fee of 10s.—Mr. Davies said defendant was never authorised, but defendant said the Society paid for all ac- cepted or refused examinations, but not for examinations for proposals accepted and not taken up by the person proposed to be in- sured.—His Honour asked for that rule and defendant said he could not produce it, but it was a general rule of all societies on which judgment had been given in other court s.-Plaintiff, in further cross-examination, said be had lent defendant £3 to put a palisading around defendant's brother's grave, who had given an 1. O. U. for it, but the 10 U had been lost.—His Honour said that defend- ant's accouut was £10 15s. for the bicycle, giving credit for £2 15s.—Defendant said he had sent in June, 1897, £5 to his uncle, reducing the claim to £ 8 17s. 6d. Having paid 10s. the medical fee to the Society, the account was reduced to £8 7s, 6d. —In reply to defendant, plaintiff said he went to defendant's house on the 1st March, 1898, and might have told his nephew that he (plaintiff) was overdrawn E500 at the bank, and asked defendant so sign the note to help him at the bank. The money, however, was due at the time.—Defendant said he at first refused to sign the note, as he knew he would not have £10 to pay, but plaintiff said if defendant had not money at the time the note became due, he (plaintiff) would find the money.— Plaintiff replied that the note was not put in the bank.—Defendant, in reply to his Honour, ad- mitted that £3 was rather too much for an insur- ance agent to get for a day's valuation, and said he would be satisfied with 30s. He also admitted owing £8 17s. 6d., against which he put the £3 for valuation, and 10s. for the medical fee. If the defendant had carried out his policy, the defendant said the bicycle would have been paid for.—By Mr. Davies Accord- ing to what plaintiff said, £ 11 17s 6d was due when the bill was signed. He bought a piece of stuff from Edwards's shop at 8s., but had not paid for it. He got it the day he was valuing. Was now clerk at ZI a week in a rent collector's office and paid a rent of Z12.-The Judge said it was admitted in 1898 that the claim was £10, it having been said it was Ell odd, but -the balance was abandoned because the stamp would not carry £11. As the interest was 15s., judgment would be given for £9 5s Od., allowing 30s for the valuation, and not allowing 10s for the medical fee, as there was no proof of authorization. WILLIAMS V. LEWIS.—Williams Williams, Cwrt- coedwr, Llangeitho, sued Thomas H. Lewis, Llan- geitho, for £10 16s Od the value of casks of butter sent from Llangeitho to Merthyr Vale. Mr. Stanley Griffiths Jones who was instructed by Mr. A. J. Hughes, Aberystwyth, appeared for plaintiff, and Mr. Daniel Watkins, solicitor, Lampeter, for the defendant.—For the defence it was stated that the goods were sent to defendant to dispose of it to the best advantage and to send the money obtained for same back. The butter was sold, but no money received, the shopkeeper having become bankrupt. —The Judge nonsuited plaintiff, his Honour observ- ing that sale and delivery had not been proved and even if the claim was amended to money received, the plaintiff could not succeed, as there was no proof that money had been received. BOARD OF GUARDIANS. A meeting of the Board was held on Friday, the 23rd ult. Present, Rev. R. C. Jones, Lampeter, in the chair, Messrs John Davies, Lampeter, David Davies, Tyncoed, J. G. Marsden, Dyffryn, John Davies, Aberduar, John Thomas, Bryn, Griffith Jones, Bank, B. J. Evans, Llanfairfach, David Price, Fronbeder, Drs. E. C. Thomas, and J. R. Evans, medical officers. OUT-RELIEF, &C. The amount of out-relief administered during the past fortnight was as follows:—Lampeter dis- trict, per Mr David Parry, £38 8s to 147 paupers Llanybyther district, per Mr David Evans, £37 6s to 131 paupers. Number in the House 19, corres- ponding week last year 20. Vagrants relieved during the past fortnight 24, corresponding period last year 30. REPORT. The Master reported: (1) That on the 9th. instant Mary Jones, aged 21 years, a lunatic from the parish of Llanwenog, was admitted in the House by order of David Evans, relieving officer; (2) That there has been a stoppage in the supply of water to the House since last Monday owing to the cast iron pipes having become corroded, and as the water was urgently required owing to the kitchen boiler becoming impaired, I instructed Thomas Roberts, plumber, to supply lead pipes, and the work is now in progress. The Board acquiesced in what the Master had done. COUNTY RATE BASIS. It was agreed to convene a meeting of the Assess- ment Committeee for the 9th proximo to consider the proposed county rate basis. WORKHOUSE LOAN. Letters were read from Mr Vaughan Davies, M.P., and Mr Lloyd Morgan, M.P., promising to give their support to any Bill introduced having for its object the extension of the time for repayment of Work- house loans to 50 years. DEATH OF A LUNATIC. Notification was received from the Joint Counties Lunatic Asylum that a pauper named Margaret Jones, formerly of Penrhos or Cottage-road, Lampeter, had died at the institution on the 13th instant. LLANYBYTHER RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. A meeting of the Llanybyther Rural District Council was held after the Board, Mr J. Davies in the chair. Owing to there being only three members present, no business was transacted.