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LAMPETER. PETTY SESSION'S.—Held at the Town Hall on Friday last before Messrs T. H R. Hughes, Ncuadd- fawr, and John Fowden, Bank Hall. There was no cases for hearing, the only business being an application by Mr David Evans, the collector to the Guardians of the LampeLer Union, for an order of maintenance upon a person to contribute Is per week towards his mother, and an application by Mr Daniel Davies, of Three Horse Shoe, Cribin, for an occasional license to sell intoxicating liquors at Cwmynach on Tuesday last on the oc- casion of a ploughing match. AGE OF EXEMPTION FROM SCHOOL ATTEND- ANCE.—At a special meeting of the Lampeter School Board, held on Thursday last, the Rev. Daniel Jones, chairman, presiding, the new circular of the Education Department on Age of exemp- tion from school attendance," under the Act of last year was considered. The Clerk said that the circular in effect amounted to this That while every Board was required to make some revisions of its bye laws only those who decided to adopt the agricultural employment proviso were under the necessity of going through the entire process of submitting the amended bye laws for Depart- mental sanction. The alteration of the minimum age for exemption was made automatically in the bye laws by the Act, and if the agricultural em- ployment proviso was not adopted, the addition of the form given at the end of the circular was all the change to the bye laws necessary to be made in consequence of the new Act. Pending a reply to certain questions which the Clerk had put to the Education Department, the further considera- tion of the matter was adjourned. CHURCH SUNDAY SCHOOL CHILDREN'S CHOIR. On Friday evening the 9th instant an entertain- ment was given by this choir in the Lower School Room. The first part consisted of the Fanciful Children's Operetta Mr. Nobody," in which the whole choir took part, then followed two duetts (one vocal and one instrumental), while the pro gramme concluded with the amusing comedietta' Orange Blossoms" in which the Sunday School Teachers took part, the following being in the caste -'Mr. Symmetry" Mr. William Lewis, School House; "Mr. Hope" Rev. W. Glynfab Williams Colonel Clarence" Mr. D, F. Lloyd Mrs Hope" Miss Edith Davies;" Mrs Clarence" Miss A. Owen Louisa Dudley" (Little Loo) Miss A. Hughes. This little piece was very creditably performed by all. Perhaps Mr. Lewis deserves special praise for his representation of Mr Symmetry. His touches of eccentric comedy and the apt bits of gag which he somewhat liberally interspersed gave a certain amount of go to the play and kept the audience in roars of laughter throughout. The vocal duett by Miss A. Hughe and Miss Edith Davies Flower Gatherers," was very well sung, while the mandoline duett by Miss A. Owen and Miss S. Williams was quite an un- expected musical treat to the audience, who would probably be cheering right up to the present moment had not the ladies graciously granted an encore. The most attractive and certainly the most appreciated part of the programme was the operetta, above referred to, in which Master A. Harold Lloyd appeared in the title role of Mr. Nobody." The excellency of his representation of this difficult and evanescent character was such that nobody" could equal much less excel, and the way in which he suited the action to the word, the word to the action was for so young a boy quite marvellous. Another important character was Mischief." which was taken by Master Percy Evans in a manner which left little to be desired, His plain- tive appeal to the policeman to pull the other ear," by way of change was truly pathetic. Master Godfrey Evans appeared as The Policeman, and was in every sense a credit to the force. Master Josiah Jenkins in smock frock and old fashioned chimney pot hat-made quite an ideal Old Peter," his enunciation and general rendering of the character being exceedingly good. Miss Sarah Davies took the part of -1 Dame Huntley and gave an excellent representation of an excitable old female who tells the policeman in her flurry that she had lost a parrot with a cage inside it." The two remaining characters in the piece are Dorothy and Phyllis -two school girls-these were taken by Miss Ella Davies and Miss Aggie Evans respectively. Their swinging duett was very pretty and elicited much applause, while their acting generally was graceful and effective. The scenery was most artistically arranged under the management of Messrs J. C. Lloyd and A. E. Lloyd, and represented a meadow adjoining the Village of Supreme Delight," while the oostumes of the principal characters were quite worthy of a London stage the '• tout ensemble forming quit* a galaxy of gay' colours. The choruses were pretty and well sung. The accompanist was Miss Hughes, the conductor Mr. D. F. Lloyd on whom. together with Miss A. Hughes, Miss Edith Davies and Miss A. Owen the work of training the children had fallen and to whom the success of the entertainment is due. These entertainments are growing in popularity and the want of an assembly room was emphati- cally demonstrated, as many were unable to find seats, and some were reluctantly compelled to withdraw on that account. Let us hope that it will have the effect of resuscitating some activity in this direction. ANNIVERSARY.—The local Rechabites Tent held its sixth anniversary on Wednesday, the 14th instant, when a public tea meeting was given at the Old Grammar School (kindly lent for the occasion by Miss Alban, headmistress of St. David's High School) in the afternoon, and an entertain- ment of a varied character in the evening. The ladies who took part in the tea arrangements were Mrs Jones, The Vicarage; Mrs Evans, Church- street Mrs Megicks, 38, Bridge-street. Mrs D. Nun Davies, Commerce House; Mrs Jones, Cledan House; Mrs Morris, 7, Station-terrace; Mrs Emris Morris, Mill-street; Miss Davies, Victoria-terrace; Miss Davies, Bridge-street; Miss Davies, Maesy- dderwen; Miss Davies, 8, Station-terrace; Miss Griffiths, St. Thomas-street; Miss Prudence Jones, 3, Peterwell-terrace; Miss Jones, Drovers-road; and Miss Davies, Cloth Hall. There was a large attendance, and all appeared well pleased with the good things provided. The evening entertainment commenced at 8 p.m., and was presided over by Mr David Lloyd, Bryn, one of the honorary members of the Tent, and past chief ruler. The Rev Edward Hughes, Shiloh, undertook the office of conductor, and Miss Hughes, Station-terrace, presided at the piano. The following is the programme:—Address, Chairman; recitation, Mr John Thomas James, Compton House; song, Mr D. L. Jones, Peterwell- terrace; song, Mr J. G. Williams, S.D.C.; recitation, Mr D. J. Evans, Treherbert; song, Mr D. F. Lloyd, Bryn song, Miss Annie Hughes, Station-terrace; recitation, Mr Rhys Davies, Treherbert; song, Mr Arthur E. Edwards, Dolwen Factory; impromptu speech, 1st prize D. J. Evans, Treherbert, 2nd Mr D. B. Williams, Drovers-road address, Rev E. Evans, Zoar; glee, Lampeter Male Voice Party, conducted by Mr D. J. Bowen, Eurfacn Hall; solo, Mr D. B. Williams, Drovers-road; mandoline solo, Miss Annie Owen, Station-terrace; recitation, Mrs Roberts, Victoria-terrace; duett, Misbes Annie Hughes and Edith Davies, Spring Gardens; song, Mr D. J. Bowen; unpunctuated reading, 1st prize Mr D. J. Evans; recitation, Mrs W. Megicks, Temple-terrace; duett, Messrs D. B. Williams and D. J. Bowen finale, Hen Wlad fy Nhadau and God save the Queen." TOWN COUNCIL.—A special meeting of the Town Council was held on Friday evening last convened for the purpose of appointing an inspector of nuisances and road suiveyor for the borough, and also to receive the report of the Water Committee upon the tenders received for the construction of the Capeli Water Works. The Mayor presided, and there were present Aldermen John Jones, S. Davies Jones, and J. Ernest Lloyd,' Councillors Joseph Davies, E. H. Griffiths, Hugh Walker, David Price, Daniel Evans, Daniel Watkins, Thomas Davies Lloyd, D. H. Evans, John Joshua Davies, Samuel Davies, Thomas Hughes, and Evan Davies, and Mr. D. Lloyd, town clerk.— It transpired that W. J. Coleman, who was appointed inspector of nuisances and road surveyor, had since declined to accept the office, having it appears secured a similar berth at his own town. Mr. John Joshua Davies, at the outset, suggested that the appointment should be given to one of the three local applicants who were among the selected candidates, whose applications were further considered at the last meeting.—Dr. E. H. Griffiths proposed Mr. Rees W. Jones, of Abercrave, near Swansea, and Mr. Walker seconded. Captain Daniel Davies, Lampeter, was proposed by Mr. Daniel Evans, and seconded by Mr. David Price. Mr. Stephen H. Evans, auctioneer, wr.s proposed by Mr. Samuel Davies, and seconded by Mr. Samuel Davies Jones. Mr. David Oliver, Greenfield, was proposed by Mr. Thomas Hughes, and seconded by Mr. John Joshua Davies.—Mr. D. H. Evans pro- posed that the appointment be deferred until the next ordinary meeting of the Town Council, and that the candidates now proposed be asked to attend such meeting in order that the Council might have a personal interview with ench of them.—Mr. Daniel Watkins secended, and this was agreed to.—The question of the time to be devoted to the duties of the offices required from the person appointed was then discussed, when Mr E. Davies proposed a resolution, which Mr. E. H. Griffiths seconded, that the person appointed should devote his whole time to the services of the Council.—An amendment, moved by Mr. T. D. Lloyd, and seconded by Mr. Samuel Davies, that the appoint- ment be made in accordance with the terms of the advertisement, save as regard salary, was, however, carried.—Water scheme :—The tender of Mr. William Isaac, proprietor of the Old Foundry, Carmarthen, for the construction of the Capeli Water Works was accepted. The amount of the tender was £ 1,213. MARRIAGE.—On Tuesday, the 6th inst., at Cilycwm Parish Church, a marriage was solemnized between Miss Mary Louisa Morgan, eldest daughter of Mr. D. Morgan, Talog, Llandovery, and the Rev. David Davies, curate of Llanwrda, the eldest son of Mrs. Davies, Llettytwppa Farm, near this towa. The officiating clergy were the Rev. T. D. Evan, vicar, assisted by the Rev. Thomas Griffiths, vicar of Llanspyddyd, Breconshire (uncle of the bride), and Rev. D. Jones, vicar of Llansadwrn. The service at the Church was fully choral. The bride was given away by her father, District Councillor D. Morgan, while the Rev. T. E. Timothy, Ruabon, XorLh Wales, acted as best man. The bride was accompanied by three bridesmaids namely, Misses S. and L. Morgan, sisters of the bride, and Miss L. Davies, sister of the bridegroom. The bridal gown was of white chine silk with long train trimmed with real Brussels lace, white chiffon and pearl, passementre with sprays of orange blossoms, fastened at the waist, and a wreath of orange blossoms covered by a tulle veil. She carried a shower bouquet, the gift of the bridegroom. The bridesmaids wore ivory white dresses trimmed with narrow silk rushings and chiffon with sashes of pale blue fringed silk black velvet picture hats lined with reeved white ivory satin, and trimmed with coque feathers. Each also wore a gold horse bangle and carried bouquets of very choice white flowers and violets, both the gifts of the bridegroom. The bride's going away dress was a tailor-made costume of brown tweed cloth, with stitched velvet collars. She also wore a large brown velvet hat to match, lined with cream ruched satin trimmed with feathers and gold buckles. Early in the afternoon a grand reception was held at Talog, the bride's home. The bride and bride- groom departed for their honeymoon by the 4 p.m. train at Llandovery for Shrewsbury, en route for London and the South of Englund. The bride, who was very popular in the neighbourhood, was the recipient of numerous and valuable presents. The following is the list of bridegroom's presents: —Bride to Bridegroom, suit case; bridegroom's mother, solid silver fish knives and forks in case Miss Lizzie Davies (sister of bridegroom), writing desk; Mr James Davies (brother of bridegroom), case of stuffed birds; Mrs Williams, Aberdare (aunt), bedroom clock; Miss Williams, Aberdare (cousin), drawing room lamp; Mrs and Miss Bonner, Lampeter (aunt and cousin), half-dozen solid silver serviette rings in case; Mrs Symons (aunt), Fareham, half-dozen solid silver tea spoons the Misses Edwards, Penybont (cousins), silver cruet; Mr Tom Rees Edwards, Castell (cousin), silver cruet; Mr and Mrs Williams, Lampeter (cousins), cigar case Mrs Walter Davies, London House (cousin), travelling rug; Miss Edmunds, London House (cousin), silver-mounted silk um- brella Mr and Mrs J. Edwards, Rhymney (cousins), silver fish carvers Mrs Evans, Nantygelli House, brass kettle and stand; Mr Hugh Bonner, Ponty- pridd (cousin), butter cooler; Mrs and Misses Harford, Blaize Castle, half-dozen solid silver tea- spoons Rev. and Mrs D. Jones, Llansadwrn, hall gong Rev. and Mrs Grufydd Evans, Llandovery, timepiece; Rev. T. E. Timothy, Penycae, set of carvers in case; a Lampeter friend, solid silver sugar basin and cream jug Mr Evan Evans, Bee- hive, marble timepiece; Mr and Mrs Wm. Doran, High-street; Mr and Mrs W. Davies, the Pharmacy; Miss Edwards, Beehive, silver fruit basket; Miss Webb, Llanwrda, patent hall lamp; Mr. Tom Jones, Ystrad House, Morocco card case; Mrs. Tom Jones, Ivy Bush, silver teapot, cream jug, and sugar basin; Mr. and Mrs. Christmas, Llanwrda, opera glasses Mr. and Mrs. D. Nun Davies, Commerce House, eider-down quilt; Mrs. Jones, Blaenplwyf, brass inkstand Mrs. Jones, Llwynieir, solid silver sugar tongs Mrs. Davies, Globe House, set of Japanese trays; Mrs. Eliza Davies, St. Thomas-st., enamelled saucepan; Mr. Bertie Grant, Harford Row, smoking cabinet; Mrs. Evans, Greengate, hall bracket and brushes; Misses Davies, cloth ball dining-room lamp; Mr. W. Jones, High-street, set of carvers in oase; Mrs. Jones Hope, linen table cloth; Mrs. Jones, Fountain Inn, silver sugar basin Mr. and Mrs. T. Simon Jones, St. Thomas-street, stone jugs Miss Anne Price, Manel Hall, silver butter dish; Miss M. Thomas, Typoeth, silver butter knife and jam spoons in case; Mrs. Jones, Tanfrondeify, solid silver salt cellars in cale; Mrs. Davies, Tanyffynon, glass tray and wine glasses; Mrs. Lovell, Lampeter, coal scuttle Mr. David Roberts, Bridge-street, set of trays; Mr. David Davies, Caxton Hall, view of St. David's College in oak frame; Mr. Campbell Davies, St. David's College, Lampeter, butter cooler: Mr. E. Davies Jones, Peterwell-terrace, smoking cabinet; Mrs. Bowen, Towyn, silver sugar basin and sifter Miss Davies, The Down, Shakespeare's works bound in Morroco; lir- A. P. Price, Morfa, Llanon, meerchaum pipe: Mr. Lewis Davies, cabinet maker, toast rack; Mise M. Williams, Llanwrda, an exposition of the Bible in twelve parts; Mrs. Williams, Llettytwppa Cottage, silver butter knife Mrs. Davies, Llanfair; teapot; Miss Jones, Rhosfach, half-dozen champagne glasses; Mr. Jack Jones, Welshpool, pocket book; Miss Mary Davies and Mr. T. Jones, servants at Llettytwppa, silver tea spoons and salt cellars in case, and silver sugar tongs; Miss Anne Evans, Castell, brass reading bracket; Miss E. Jones, Benin House, silver butter cooler; Miss Morgan, Coedmawr, table bell; Mr. D. J. Morgan, Llanwrda, cheese stand.

.Y Blaid Ryddfrydig.