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Afoli K i S XYVYTH.1


Afoli K i S XYVYTH. A s,. v E p-, s. i, The anniversary I meeting of tii(. will be held at the Waterloo Hotel on iii" 27th instant. The Mayor will preside. ENGLISH WS-S: v CHURCH.—On Sunday last special sermon* oreached to a large congreara- tion by the iv v. OL the Wesleyan HI ¡Ill.. "iission Fund. JUNIOR CUP LO:li'J:TITION.-Owingtothe rough weather of Saturday. ihe poor condition of the field, the match be.wetm the North End Rovers and National LTiii: od for the junior cup had to be postponed. •a x. H'.n.•rtant sales will be con- ducted during '> .ANG weeK oy Messrs DAUUTI, Son, & Meredith, M'. E. James and Mr. K. K. Jenkins- For •• -r particulars see advertise-] ment. JUMBLE SAUK. < hi Saturday afternoon a jumble sale was conducted J; the Town Hall by the lady members of the h'r-y Trinity church. The pro- ceeds are •• t towards the fund. There was a u attendance, and the sale was quite a succe. COMPETITIVE M.THSG.—A competitive meet- ing will be held a; 1 laker-street Congregational Chapel on larcb 'H' Parts of the various items open for competi-li,tti are contained in a programme juat issued. Th" :)"tary is }Ir. D. Ed. Jones. LECTURE.—At temperance meeting held in connection with i"■ I' Congregational r Chapel on evening, an interesting < lecture was cleii, "John Raskin" as bard, essayist and prophet by ihe Rev. Job Miles. There was a good attendance, t he room being filled to its t utmost. 1 THE SOUTH WA CUP.-At a meeting of the South Wales <In' I .iiru'-uthire Football Associa- 1 tipn .held at Cardiff I'l Saturday, the application from the Aberystw > h Club, asking that the date of the final cup'tie sh >uld be altered to March 17th owing to their H-i.,g engaged in another com- petition, was con-i iand refused. FOOTBALL.—On Saturday next, the town football team will play t h. Carnarvon Ironoplis at Oswestry in the semi-final i- 'he Welsh Cup. The following have been elected ■ >!ay Goal, Roose; full-backs, Charlie Parry air! Georgie Evans; half-backs, Willie Jones, J. 1-1. lwards and D. Michael Evans forwards. Arthur een. Tommy Whelan, Arthur Marshall, George i^rsori and Oswald James. SUCCESS.—Mr G'anville Owen, eldest son of Mr. Thomas Owen. C ;nty School, has successfully passed into the Luii kin and Provincial Bank. Mri Owen left 'on Monday to begin his duties at the Haverfordwest bran eh. Hearty good wishes for his future welfare q re qriven him by a send off" deputation of '[Iow class men at the County School. In lii. the Physical Drill Class at the Town li L loses one of its proficient members. CHURCH SEIt. i I G, The fortnightly service, which was commenced very recently, was held at the Penparke National School last Sunday evening. It was an unusual occurence to have two sermons preached, by two clergymen. The English discourse was preached by Rev. H. T. Richards, chaplain of the dirmingham Home Mission, and the Welsh service was taken by Rev. J. E. Lloyd. The Lessons were read by Mr. H. T. Davies, of London; and Mr. ;eer Williams presided at the organ. I.O.G.T.—The usual weekly meeting of the Inde- pendent Order of Good Templars, was held on Friday evening last a. the Progress Hall under the presidency of Mr. J. W. Jones. There was a good attendance. After the usual business the follow- ing programme was, gene through in a very credit- able manner:—Song, Mr. Richard Evans, recitation, Mr. Williams, Miss Maggie Jones recitation, Miss Jane Jones; dialogue, Mr. Arthur Jenkins and party; recitation, Mr. Dd. Davies. SOIREE.—In connection with the English Con- gregational Churci*, Portland Street, a Soiree Was held on Wednesday of last week. There was a large attendance, the school-room being filled. The tables were p: esided over by Miss Lloyd, Miss Lewis, Miss Gritti h, and Miss Mcllquham. The following was the programme:—Pianoforte solo, Mdlle. Weil and Miss Dickinson; reading, Mr. Penry; song, Mr. D. Thomas cornet solo, Mr. T. M. Evans; son, Mr tdttlehales; violin solo, Miss March; recitation, Mr. T. H. Barratt, B.A.; song, Miss Dickinson; reading, Rev. S. March, B.A.; song, Mr. D. Thomas pianoforte solo, Mr. Leah recita- tion.Mr. Mcllqnhain.: violin solo, Mr. J. E. Jones; song, Mr. J. O. Evans. CHURCH OF EN :AXD TEMPERANCE SOCIETY. --The society ne at the" Ysgoldy" at 7 30 p.m. last Friday, and tin- promoters of the undertaking are glad to record iat the last meeting showed the largest attertdanc- of all. The programme was as follows:—Essay iv. Air. Rea Richards, Heart of Oak House pianoforte duet by Miss L. Jones and Miss Doughton reading, by Mr. R. Ridge (U.C.W), mandoline solo, by Miss Doughton song, by Miss Lizzie William? recitation, by Miss Maggie Evans address in Welsh, by Mr. Richard, Penparke song, by Mr. Jones, 59, Cambrian-street. There were four absentees front the promised programme, but illness and the unfavourable weather enforced their absence. After tha programme was gone through Mr. Rea Richards, Heart of Oak House, suggested that an open discussion take place once every month, be was supported by Rev. J. E. Lloyd who said that he thought i hat addresses should take a more prominent, piaee in the programmes, instead of some of the present musical items. Mr. Peter if Williams, North-road, and Mr. M. Evans, were of the opinion that an open discussion might enlist the interest of young men more, than a programme week after week without any intermission. Mr Clayton Thomas will draw up next week's pro- gramme. CHRYSANTHEMUM SOCIETY.—A meeting of the •laove society was bd at the Town Hall on friday evening., The chair was occupied by Mr Powell, and others p1' were Messrs R. C. Williams, Queens I-Iot#l; Veary, Gogerddan Austin, Aber- maid Wefter, c.rporation gardener, with Purton and Sheraton, eon. secretaries. Mr Weller pro- presed. that cotisid ;mig the chrysanthemum society was a little under the water, to ask the horticul- tural society to assist in the working expenses for the forthcoming show, and also fbr the sum of E6. Mr V eary seconded the proposition. Mr Weller proposed, and Mr Williams seconded, that Mr Vaughan Davies be asked the the society's presi- dent again this year. It was agreed that Mr J. C. Rea, Rev G. E. Evans, Tanybryn, and Mr Sergeant be added to the committee. The following were appointed on the schedule committee, Messrs Weller, Austin. Veary, .Colville, Williams, Powell, and the secretaries. _Zlr Williams proposed that the Corporation of A^pystwyth be asked to assist this society with a subscrifftion, or a silver cup. Mr Austin seconded, and it was agreed to. Mr Veary proposed, and Mr Purton seconded, that a tradesman's cup should be given, and that Mr Rufus WiPiams and Mr Powell be aslspd to canvas for subscriptions fof the same. (t HISTORY OF ABERYSTWYTH.—It is with pleasure we are privileged to iiiake the first public announce- ment that our esteemed contributor, Philip Sidney," has been for some time past engaged in collecting materials for a "reliable historical ^vork On the town and district of Aberystwyth. Volumes from his pen have long enjoyed th<r%Qtf £ dence of the antiquarian world, â in his hands we feel sure the subject-will receive'that care rwearch so necessary to ensure accuracy and correctness of A detail. The towr4 archives, court leet records, presen'mentis, etc., will a^cb»e under his^lferaina- ^tion. ?He will be gljfcd to MVe his attention drawn toany MSS. in private hands which may bear on the matter, and to knjjyw 6f any articles on Aber- ys^vyth (not in Encyclopedias) not Ipt^pded in 'this, list:—The Fiovd" 3foS. in Welsh J5ibraryk. • „ 1791, A "tout through the Sou*h 'JS ^England, Wales, pp. 237—272. 1801. Walk Hhroii'gh Wales—Richard Wartier, 4—21. 1803. Scenery, Antiquities South WaJes; Geo. T. O! •Bridgeman, M.A., 'tor. pp. 1808. Cambrian Traveller's Guide: Geo. Nicholson, pp 14—16. 1810. History and Antiquities of Cardigan; Samuel Rush Meyrick, ..R ;r. pp. 1815. General View of Agriculture and Domestic Econonfy of South Wajes Walter Davifes, A.M., 2 vols. var. pp. 1824. 'The .New Aberystwyth Guide; T. J. Llewelyn « Prichard. 1825. Sketches in Wales; J. G. Free- man, Ll.B., var. pp. 1337. Gwaith Lewis Glyn » Lothi; Tegid, 2 vols., var. pp. 1840. Cambrian -,i Traveller's Guide ihuilius Niobolson, pp ,23-34. f 1846—1899. Archteologia Canadensis; var. vols. 1850. Royal Visits and Progresses to Wales; Ed. Parry, var. pp. 1850 Topographical Dictionary of Wales; Samuel Lewis. L'pp 18-23. 1854. Book of South Wales Chas.^redk. Cliffe, pp 275-286. 1860. Annales CnmlSfine. var. pp. 1860. Bfut y Tywysogion, or tfofs Chronicles of the Princes j John Williams ab Ithel, var. p 1864. Leisure Hour, vol. 12, p 614. 1538. List of the Sheriffs of Cardiganshire; John Roland Phillips. 1869. 32nwogion Ceredigion; Benjamin Williams, var. pp. J.874. Morgans' New Guide to Aberystwyth. J 1876. History of the Princes of South Wales Geo. T. O. Bridgeman, M A., var. pp. 1876. London Society, vol. 14, p 349. 1888. The Gododin of Aneurin Gwawrdydd Thomas Stephens, p 236. 1890. Red Book of Hergest; John Rbys, M.A., and J. Gwenogfryn Evans, M.A.. ii, var. pp. 1895. Wales; edited by Owen M. Edwards, M.A.; Records of the Old Court Leet of Aberystwyth; D. Samuel, M.A.. pp 343 and 389 (also contribp B tions to various papers and reprints of articles by Mr Samuel). 1390". Welsh Land Commisision; D. Llewfer Thomas. 139,, List of works as given in catalogue of printed literature in Welsh Depart- ment, Cardiff Free Libraries; Ballinger and Jones. No Aate.South Wales; Thos. Koscoe, pp 2—17. No date. History of Wales; B. B. Woodward, B.A., var. pp. ,)1' wishes to thank his numerous fiieuJ-, for •; kind enquiries and messages of sympathy (tur. tig his recent illness. i ron" j KTJTSNANT'S WAR FLT-, D, -Received this wcei ai the X.P. itank, Llwynpiod Chapel, Llail- badarn Odv>'yri, £ 6 12s 3d, 1st object; M. \aughan I Davies, Esq., M.P., £ 10, 4th object. TINYCAL ENTERTAINMENT.—On Friday even- iiu u weekly temperance meeting was held ÜL i Tlr Evan- O'odd:0. Thei was a good attendance. The following pro gramme was rendered, which had been arranged by Mis* Doughton, and E. Doughton Evans:— Solo, x\ss Matrgie Edwards; recitation, Miss E. Willi" solo" and chorus, Miss M. H. Jones and Party reading, Miss Annie Jane Evans address, I Chairm.ii; solo, Miss E. Williams; reading, Miss Ar ■<•> 1 'a rrv address. Miss Hall; rending. Miss M. Jones; duett, Misses Olive Joac*, Aiuue Jane Evans. ST. MICHAEL'S CHURCH.—On Sunday last a spc-vil form of prayer and intercession was used. ST. MICHAEL'S CHURCH.—On Sunday last a spc-vil form of prayer and intercession was used. du.c; '.he service, morning and evening. 1; -i 11 lean form has been authorised for use in all Anglican Churches by the Atchbishops and Bishop; during hp vi-ar in South Africa. The sermon in the F""<o. morning was preacned by the Kev. v. ivmurose Jones, and he alluded to our national sins, and the need for humiliation, and special prayer. Arch- deacon Protheroe occupied the pulpit in the evening, and made pathetic reference to the trying circumstances of our soldiers in South Africa. His second son is in the Yorkshire Yeomanry, and on his way to the front. RADICAL CLCB DEBATING SOCIETY. The members of the Radical Club undertook the onerous task of discussing the relative merits of married and single life on Friday last. Amusing and ent ertaining papers were read by Mr. Tom Jones, who enlarged upon the joys of single blessedness, and Mr. P. B. Loveday, who advocated the advantages of married life. The chair was taken by Mr. Griffith Ellis. The subject was with enthusiasm, several members being inspired to make their maiden speeches. The opinions expressed were fairly equally divided, and the speakers included the following, viz., A. Lloyd Williams, Tom Stephens, T. G. Jones, J. H. Roberts, E. Edwards, R. E. Jones, Jenkin Humphreys, Llew. James, Jack Price, Fred Edwards, S. Hopkins, T. B. Hall, and James Rees. THE CASTLE GLTNS.—Ap Llewelyn writes-- Messrs Vickers, Sons & Maxim are now making a new powerful 14 pounder gun. Its weight is only 17 cwt. It can fire 26 rounds per minute, and will perforate ten inches of wrought iron. May I suggest through your valuable paper that the attention of Mr. Lloyd George, and other Welsh members may be drawn to this valuable piece of modern artillery, and it is to be hoped they will use whatever influence they may have at the War W, Office to arrange that the obsolete guns on the Aberystwyth Castle ground may be sold for old iron. and a few of the above guns put in their place. It is the firm opinion of a number of in- telligent Welshmen that one quick firing gun is of greater value, at the present time than a hundred speeches about athe cause of the war in South Africa. B.W.T.A.—The usual weekly meeting was held on Saturday evening in the New Market Hall, being both hearty, orderly, and enthusiastic. The Women who manage these valuable gatherings are to be sincerely congratulated on the success of their persistent efforts, and on the strong hold they have obtained over the number of young men and women who regularly attend. Programme:— Hymn, •• Lead, Kindly Light;" pianoforte solo. Miss Katie Davies; song, Miss E. J. Warrington; sonl-, Miss Rosie- Jones; recitation, Mr. David Davies; hymn, "Rock of Ages;" duett, Messrs. Davies and Evans; song, Mr. Dick Evans; hymn, ¡. Furward be our watchword." The Misses L. Jon's and Maria Doughton got up the programme, and Mrs. Hughes and Miss Owen undertook the management of the coffee-stall. The chair was taken by the Rev. George Eyre Evans. MISSIONARY FROM THE TRA,SVAAL.-The Rev. T. I-I. Robinson, who recently preached at St. Michael's Church, has been a priest-in-charge of Vryheid within the Transvaal border. He was obliged to leave two months after the war had commenced. He knows many of the Boers who fought at the Battle of Glencoe. Some English- men from Vryheid, who had become burghers, were compelled to fight on the Boer side on that, occasion, but one of them declared that he had managed to hide himself behind a stone, without liring";t single shot at his countrymen all day. Mr. Rwoifison is a graduate of Exeter College, and a temporary of the Rev. D. Ambrose Jones, at Oxford. He hopes to return to Zululand about Easter. In his opinion, the Boers draw all their conceptions of religion 'from the Old Testament. Their Christianity is imperfect and hollow. Love your enemies not entering into their creed. He dc lares that the Boers themselves would be toler- able enough, but that the Hollanders and foreigners unnmg them do all in their power to make them hate the British. TABERNACLE CHAPEL.—The annual tea meeting in connection with the Sunday School of the above chapel was held on Wednesday last. The follow- iug ladies presided over the tables, Miss Kate Jones, Miss Ellen Jones, Miss Lewis, Powell-street; Miss Lewis, Bridge-street; Miss Griffiths, Trinity-place Miss Myfanwy Evans, Laura-place; Miss Griffiths, Market-street; Miss Maggie James, North-parade Miss Jenkins, The Library; Miss Jenkins, Epworth- terrace; Miss Ellen Davies, Queen-street; Miss Jenkins, Queen-street; Miss Owen, Queen-street; Miss Minnie Davies, Powell-street. The children seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The arrangements were carried through in a most creditable manner by the above ladies in con- junction with Mr. Thomas Owen the superinten- dent of the school assisted by Messrs John Rees, Queen-street; John Jenkins, Princess-street; R. Granville Owen Rd. Williams, and Lewis Thomas. In the evening an entertainment was held, at which Mr. D. D. Williams, U.C.W. and Mr Pickard, U.C.W.. gave a selection of views through their lantern. Songs were sung by the Sunday School Party, Miss Maggie Rowlands, Ir, R. I Glanville Owen and others. The usual vote of I thanks were accorded to the Chairman (Rev. T. Levi) and to Messrs Williams and Pickard for the illustrated lecture which was proposed by Mr. R. K. Humphreys,* and seconded by Mr. J. Barclay Jenkins. THE PAXTON SOCIETY.—A meeting of the Pax- ton Society was held at the College on Wednesday evening, whebout fifty students of the Agricul-. tural Department honoured, the Society with a visit. In the absence of Alderman W. H. Palmer, the chair was taken by Mr. G. Griffiths, Penywern. A carefully prepared paper on Potatoes" was read ttv Mr. Hopkins, Nanteos, who also, with a few selected tubers, illustrated the good and the bad condition of seed previous to planting, and said that the latter condition was the one in which many growers planted their seed, and that it was not to be wondered at that the crop was not a satisfactory one. The different methods of planting and the subsequent treatment of the potato in general, and also the merits and demerits of several kinds mentioned at. the time, were eagerly dis- cussed by the members and visitors. Mr. Hopkins was heartily thanked for his instructive paper. At the next meeting, on the 21st inst., Mr. J. L. Pickard, lecturer on Horticulture at the U.C.W., will favour the Society with a lecture on Peas as a garden crop." It is much to be regretted that so few of t be cottagers and amateur gardeners of the neighbourhood avail themselves of the benefit of this Society. The yearly subscription is only one shilling, and this is a sum that they may lose a hundred-fold for the want of a few timely hints. SKINNER ST. SUNDAY SCHOOL.—A tea meeting was held in connection with the above school on Wqdnesd^y last, February 7th, when the following ladies presided at the tables-Mrs. Lloyd, Trevor road Miss James, North road Miss Minnie Lloyd, MisS Kate Powell, Miss Bonsall, Cambrian place; Miss Gladys Williams. The tea was prepared for tbchHdren at 4 p. and the adults at 5 p.m., a reat many gathered together at the tea. In the tvenirig a conceit was held, when the chair was ikeni>y ^fr. T.'W. Powell. The first item on the programme was an address by, the chairman song, J. Arthu. Jenkins; songs "and recitations by the children of the school; song, Mrs. Evaife, May- Jield: duett, Johnnie and Sophie Evans; sons, Lizzie Morgan Jo%ep recitation, John Roberts, Laurel song, Miss May Morgan song, Mr. G. Haydn Jones song, Miss MoHie Owen recitation, Jack James; duett, Messrs Davies and Griffith; 3bng, Miss Polly Owen duett, Messrs Harries and Evan-; recitation, Mr. DavidDavies.4 Mr. Edward Evans, U.C.W., proposed a vote of thanks to the chairman and. the ladies who presided at the tables, and those who took part in the concert. Mr. J. W. James seconded the proposal which was carried with applause. The meeting was brought to a Close by singing Hen Wlad fy Nhadau," led by I Mr. J. Benjamin. « COMPETITIVE MEETING.—On Friday evening the second competitive meeting in connection with th:: Conservative Club was held at the Club Room, under the presidency of Mr. G. Fossett Roberts. The chief prize of the evening was for the best essay on ''Should the promenade be extended?" Eight competitors sent in papers, all of which were ably written, and a keen competition resulted (is follows:—1st. Mr. W. Long 2nd Mr. ,G. A* Masse-y 3>-o, .Mr. Llew Jones. The awards in the other c- repetitious were as follows :—Sentimental song. Mr. Charles Jones; best yarn, Mr W. LI. Davies; best lov'-letter (lady to gentleman), Mr D. 31. Lesvis whistling Men of Harlech," Mr C. Jones peadinf "l,h prose at sight, Mr R. Roberts; read- ing Eiti at sight, Messrs E. Wall and Jenkvn Tlioi!i.r: -ixteen lines of poetry on "Aberystwyth v. at war," Messrs E. J. Evans and E. Hiniley; comic song, best Mr J. E. Hnghes; im- J promptu speech, Messrs Hindley and R. Roberts. The usual vote of thanks was accorded to the chair- man, and the singing of the National Anthem brought the meeting to a close. .M-.T" iUARiAN.—A rare relic- ot hygone aavs ten into the hands of Mr David Howell, draper, the other dav. In making alterations at No. 24, Marine- terrace, the workmen discovered an old oak carving d, g the uaa, 1J65, and the fallowing legend :— I nie down to take and rest in the names of "ovr lord jesvs christ save vs good lord waking and "kepe vs sleeping that we may wake in christ and :n jesvs amen 1565. M.E. T.-Oll Saturday morning b",¡-, before Messrs. J. Morgan and Edward Evans, Catherine Mitchell, a pedlar hailing from Swansea, was brought up at the Police Station and charged with a sovereign from the countas of Mr. Jenkiii Ellis' sl)op in Brynymor road on the previous evening. She was further charged with having acted as a pedlar without a certificate. The accused was sentenced to two calendar months t. "rceny and fourteen days fut the other uSonce. THE TABERNACLE CHURCH.—A most impressive ceremony was witnessed at the above church on Sunday last, February 11th. In the com- er..ion service as many as eighteen young com- municants partook of the sacred elements for the first time. An appropriate address by the Rev. T. Levi, the pastor, and by the Rev. J. C. Evans, Li who officiated, made the service one that will be long remembered by the large congregation r., IT, present. The church roll keeps up wonderfully, and numbers at present over 650 communicants. THE WAR.-The owners of the Liverpool barque Birkdale, which has been seized at the Durban wharves by the Imperial authorities on the charge of having contraband of war on board, have received the following telegram from the captain :—" Jiirkdale seized by Imperial authorities owing to Delagoa Bay cargo; discharging stopped, am protesting." The owners point out that the cargo of the Birkdale was loaded under their personal supervision at Liverpool, and they had no hesitation in saying there was no contraband of war on board. The ship's manifest clearly showed the composition of her cargo. The Birkdale had 300 tons of cargo on board for Delagoa B:1: consisting chiefly of whisky, stout, beer, wax canities, bedsteads, iron baths, and earthenware. The captain of the Birkdale is Mr W. Davies, formerly of I'adarn Villa, and brother of Mr T. Lumley Davies. Mr John Thomas, draper, has an excellent photo of the vessel. SCHOOL BOARD.-Tuesclay, present Alderman P Jones (chairman), Yen. Archdeacon Protheroe' Kev. Prebendary Williams, Rev. T. Levi, and Messrs T. Hall and W. Thomas. A communication from H. M. Inspector referring I to .the temperature of one of the rooms at the school was read, and the Visiting Committee was instructed to see to the matter without delay.—A memorandum from the College re the training of Pupil Teachers was presented and ordered to be considered at the next meeting.—A communication from tjie Education Department was also read in connection with the raieing of the age for exemption from school.—The preeentages of attendance for the past month were as follows Board School— boys, 89; girls, 87; infants, 79. National School-boys, 82; girls, 80 infants, 82. Penparke School, 67 per cent. LIFEBOAT RESCUE.—Boisterous weather pre- vailed on the North Pembrokeshire coast on urday night, and shortly before one o'clock on Sunday morning the lifeboat crew, who were on the look-out, observed two vessels lying in Fishguard Bay showing signals of distress. Rockets were fired by the signalman at Goodwick and Fishguard, .and with great promptitude the Wigwen lifeboat was launched, and proceeded immediately to the scene. The vessels proved to be the schooner "Sarah Davies" (commanded by Captain D. Davies, of Aberystwyth), bound from Swansea to Dublin with a cargo of coal. and the ketch ''Volunteer" of Aberystwyth (Captain Owen Hughes, of Portmadoc), also coal-laden, and bound for Fishguard from Newport (Mon). Nothwith- standing the heavy north-north-east-erly gale, the lifeboat, succeeded in getting alongside the vessels z, a.,l bringing the crews, consisting of five in all, safely to shore. HORTICULTURAL SOCIFTY.-The annual meeting 01 the above Society was held at the Town Hall on Friday last, when there were present:- J. Purton (chairman), Messrs. H. Sheraton, T. W. i Powell (vice-chairman), H. Mallory, Edward 1. Veary, R. C. Williams, H. Austin R. W'e'iur iJ. Colville, S. Clithero, and H. G. At- wood (secretary).—The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed.-It was proposed by Mr. S. Clithero, and seconded by Mr. R. C. Williams, that a show be again held this year, and this was unanimously agreed to.-It wa4 proposed by Mr. H. Austin, and seconded by Mr. D. Colville, that Vaughan Davies, Esq., M.P., be asked to become president for the ensuing year.—Me-srs. J. Francis, Wallog; T. J. Waddingham, and the Mayor were unnnimously appointed Vice-presidents.—Mr. T. W. Powell proposed, and Mr. H. Sheraton seconded, and it was unanimously agreed to, that Mr. Edw. Evans, J.P., be appointed chairman for the ensuing year.—Mr. J. Veary proposed, and Mr. S. Clithero seconded, that Mr. T. Powell be appointed vice- chairman for the ensuing year.—It was proposed by Mr. R. C. Williams, and seconded by Mr. D. > Colville, that the following gentlemen be appointed on the Management Committee, and it was agreed to :—Messrs. H. Hughes, Glynpadarn, H. C. Fryer, Marine-terrace; W. H. Palmer, Queen's Hotel; J. Watkins, wine merchant; G. F. Roberts, brewer; E. R. Gyde, Pier-street; R. E. H. Morgan, L. and P. Bank; T. E. Salmon, Terminus Hotel; J. Purton, North-parade; H. Sheraton, Penglaise-road: G. D. White, Baker-street; Rufus Williams, Lion Hotel; T. H. Edwards, Llanbadarn-road; J. J. James; 1'. Lobb, Stanley-terrace; T. A. Sargeant, Smith- field-road D. M. Davies, New-street; J. Morgan, Thomas Ellis, Terrace-road; S. Clithero, Bank Vaults H. Wheatley, Terrace-road; R. Peake, Bath-street; R. C. Williams, Railway-terrace; J. Vearv, gardener, Gogerddan; D. Colville, Fron- fraith; H. Austin, Abermaide; R. Weller, New- street. It was proposed by Mr. T. W. Powell and seconded by Mr. S. Clithero, and was agreed to, that the following gentlemen be appointed on this committee, viz: Messrs. W. H. Palmer, J. Purton, H. Sheraton, R. C. Williams, J. Veary, H. Austin pnd D. Colville, Mr. H. Sheraton proposed nd Mr. H. Austin seconded, that Mr J. K Rees be appointed treasurer, and it was unanimously agreed to. Mr. Powell proposed and "ir. Colville seconded, that Mr. Atwood be re- appointed secretary for the coming season, and it as agreed to. It was proposed by Mr. T. W. i'owell and seconded by Mr. R. C. W'illiams, and agreed, that the matter of fixing the date and place of holding the show be adjourned until the 16th inst; if terms for the letting of the Pavilion be not received by the 23rd the Secretary to write for terms of College and the Aberystwyth football fields. A resolution was read from the Chrysan- themum Society applying for a donation towards their working expenses for the coming show. Mr. Austin proposed and *Mr. Powell seconded, that a sum of £6 be given to the Society towards their working expenses. PETTY SESSIONS.—WEDNESDAY. Before Mr. Thomas Griffiths (in the chair), and Mr. E. P. Wynne. DRCNK AND DISORDERLY.— Daniel Lewis Jones, Glangwyre House, Llanrhystyd, was charged by Supt. Phillips with being drunk and disorderly, at Trefechan on the 5th inst.—P.C. Powell having proved the case the defendant was fined 5s and costs. OBSTRUCTING THE HIGHWAY.—Wm. Scott, tailor, A oerbrwynen, Llanychaiarn, was charged by Supt. Phillips for obstructing the highway at Trefechan, by fighting thereon with one Daniel Jones on the 5th —P.C. Powell stated that on the 5th inst. about 11 30 p.m., he saw the defendant obstructing the highway at Trefechan. There was a la.rge crowd of people around. He went on to him and the defendant then v. cut away. The defendant said he waisrsorry it had occurred he only defended himself. In reply to Supt Phillips if he had seen Jones kicking Scott. P.C. Powell said that he saw him on the ground. The defendant was fined 2s 6d and costs. CHIMNEY FIRING.-David Rowlands, Vaenor-street, was charged by Mr. Rees Jones, borough surveyor, f, r allowing the chimney of his house to be on fire.- A fine of Is was imposed upon. MAINTENANCE.—Ambrose Jones, 7, Pembroke-street Treharris, was ordered to pay the amount due for the maintenance of his mother now chargeable to the Aberystwyth Union. ARREARS.—John Wm Davies, barber, renglaise- road, was charged by Alice Davies, his wife, with disobeying a magistrates order by refusing to pay 10s Od arrears for her maintenance and four children. Mrs. Alice Davies stated that a separation was made on July 27th 1898. The defendant at; orqered to pay 10s weekly. He had not contri- buted a penny towards the order. He is a barber, b e has been going about jobbing lately. The defendam said he \fras not earning 10s a week from one month to another. He was doing his best to pay towards her, Sergt. Phillips also gave evidence and t iipt the defendant was locked up about a month agn under the vagrants act. He told him that he would lie socn called up if he did not contribute to- wiwds his fe. Hf was sentenced to two months diH isonment. SCHOOL ATTENDANCE.—Mary Ann Williams, Moor- iane. was fined 5s with neglecting to cause her child to attend school. Ellen Jones, Penglaise-terrace, v»a- • rdercd to ?end her child to school.—David Jenkins, Penparkau, was ordered to bring a medical certificate by the next meeting, also John Wheeler, Tre^chan, was ordered to send his child to, school, and t he chairman added that if they appear again the boy would be taken from them, and perhaps sent to tin- Clio." VACCINATION. —A vaccination certificate was granted to David Morgan, Poplar-street, the applicant stating that he had a conscientious objection.

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