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ABERDOVEY. PUBLIC NOTICE,—Dr. Parr's Cough Syrup recom mended as the best and safest chest tonic after Influenza is on sale at the Dovey Pharmacy. See advertisement in this week's Welsh Gazette." PHILIP SYDNEY."—Ihe articles that have lately appeared in the Welsh Gazette from the pen of "Philip Sydney," on "Aberdovey and the "Liter- ary Institute," will appear in book form. On Wednes- day, the 21 at inst., "Philip Sydney" will deliver a lecture in the Market Hall in aid of the library. SHIPPING.—Schooners Sarah Davies and "Mer- vinia sailed during the week with a cargo of slates, s.s. Telephone" arrived on Saturday from Liver- pool and sailed again on Monday for Barmouth. "S.S. Tourmaline of Glasgow, arrived on Sunday, having on board the heaviest cargo of cement that has been discharged at this harbour for years. VOLUNTEERS.—A public meeting was convened at the Market Hall last Thursday night in connection with the volunteer movement. The meeting was well attended. Mr. R. Ff. Williams opened the meeting by singing Hen Wlad fy Nhadau after which the Chairman (J. M. Howell, Esq.) briefly •tatcd how far the movement had gone. He statoo that he finally decided to acccpt a commission as lieutenant, and that he was every day expecting to hear from the colonel that the Wnr (jfficr had sanc- tioned it.—Mr. E. L. Rowlands said they were all pleased to understand that lr. Howell had accepted a commission. He said that the volunteer movement had his warmest sympathy, and he thought that all classes ouglit to support and be propared to uphold 4.1 ° ;l+')'{" .1; f- c.. f- 4 -l-r.'rcrs are now going out to South Africa to defend our honour, our country, and by defending our country they defend themselves (cheers). Some are always ready to run down our soldiers and our volunteers, and that to belong to either meant mixing with drunkenness. Nothing of the kind (cheers). A man can be as good, religiout, upright, sober, and in Her Majesty's service as the man in civil life (cheers). He himself ^ad a brother in the nrmv, and some of his ancestors had served under England's lfag.—Mr. Rowlands read a letter from Mrs Ruck, senr. This lady, who is now over 80 years of age, hoped that a strong corps would be got together at Aberdovey.—Rev. W. M. Roberts said thai all the names of trie candidates and request for forming a corps at Aberdovey had been sent up to the War Office for their sanction, but as yet the adjutant has had no reply. He further explained that to whatever section the Aberdovey corps would b. attached, that all officers and non-commissioned officers will be promoted from the Aberdovey mem- bers, and that the privates will not be ruled over by outsiders (cheers). He said that Towyn was the only place in the county having a volunteer corps. He wanted to see Wales more martial, and finally the rev. gentlemen drew a grand picture of the gallantry displayed by their forefathers.—Mr. E. L. Rowlands read out the following conditions for the recruits on joining the Aberdovey corps :—1. That every candi- date selected shall be of thoroughly sober and steady habits, and care shall be taken by the promoters of the movement to exclude all men of known disorderly and intemperate habits before submitting the roll to the commanding officer; 2. Also subject to regula- tions of promotions, &c.—A vote of thanks was passed to the chairman for presiding, and the meeting terminated by singing the national anthem.




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