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--""ØIm8II,.»m.. LAMPETER.


-ØIm8II,.»m.. LAMPETER. TOV»';N COUNCIL.—A special meeting oi the Council was held on Wednesday evening, the 31st ultimo, to consider applications for the office of inspector of nuisances. There were 46 applications, out of which 7 were selected for further considera- tion. These included 3 local applicants, namely, Messrs David Oliver, Greenfield, mason; Daniel Davies, Bridge-street, master mariner, and Stephen r1. Svar.s, Maespwll. auctioneer. BUSINESS.—Mr. Chas. Evans, of the Mark Lane Stores in this town, has lately made important additions to his business by the erection of a model steam bakery, which he has fitted with Hunt of Leicester's celebrated steam decker ovens, which it is said are for perfection and cleanliness in manufacture without equal in the kingdom. By means of vans Mr. Evans will supply daily the town and district with the best goods possible. PAXTON SOCIETY.—The monthly general meeting of the society was held at the Old Grammar School on Friday evening last, presided over by Mr M. L. Whitworth, manager of the N.P. Bank, in the absence of the President elect, Principal Bebb. Mr. George Rees of the Glandulas Nurseries gave a lecture in the vernacular on cottage gardening. The lecturer gave a very interesting account of how cottagers might make proper use of their gardens. The lecture was listened to with rapt attention. Afterwards the meeting had under consideration a schedule drawn up by the special committee for the forthcoming horticultural show to be held in August. Certain alterations and additions were made to the schedule, and it was again referred back to the Committee for final settlement. Mr Whitworth was added to the Committee referred to, the other members being Principal Bebb, Messrs S. Davies-Jones, Wm. Taylor, George Rees, Evan Jones, and the Secretary, Mr. D. F. Lloyd. BALL.—A grand fancy dress ball was held at the Black Lion Royal Hotel on Thursday last, the 1st inst., in aid of the disabled soldiers and sailors in the present Transvaal war. The following ladies and gentlemen were presentMrs. Lloyd Harries, Riverside; Mrs. Howell, Bank House, Powdre; Mrs. Doran, High-street; Mrs. R. Evans, Paris House; Mrs. Walters, station-terrace; Mrs. Lloyd, Station-terrace; Mrs. W. Davies, College- street Miss Cruikshank, Riverside, fancy dress; Miss Cruikshank Misses Amelia and Rosy Pudge, Black Lion Royal Hotel, Khaki dresses; Miss Davies, Maesydderwen; Miss Cissy Jones, Hope House; Miss Louise Davies, Stationer's Hall, Italian; Miss E. Jones, College-street; Miss Griffiths, College-street; Miss Rosy Lloyd, Station-terrace, Geisha; Miss E. J. Davies, Bridge- street; Miss Mag Davies, Bridge-street, Welsh costume; Miss Thomas, Harford-square; Miss Evans, Greengate; Misses Cissy and Bessy Jones, Cefnbryn House; Misses Doran, High-street; Mr. H. W. Howell, solicitor; Mr. S. D. Jones, Peter- well; Mr. D. Watkins, solicitor; Mr. W. Davies, chemist; Mr. S. Yon Davies, Pontfaen Stores: Mr. D. A. Fox, Old Bank, Khaki uniform; Mr. T. Field Edge, Pont Llanio Creameries Mr. A. R. T. Jones, Werndriw, soldiers' uniform; Mr. Llew Price, Dol- drement; Mr. A. C. Sterry, Monachtv, Aberayron, soldier's uniform; Mr. J. W. Davies, College-street; soldier's uniform Mr. Sid Thomas, College-street; Mr. W. J. Williams, Henfaes House; Mr. David Evans, Plasybryn; Mr. J. Berrow, High-street; Mr. D, J. Bowen, Eurfaen Hall; Mr. Phil Jones, County Court Office; and Mr. John Thomas James, Compton House. The duty of M.C. was very credit- ably performed by Mr. D. A. Fox, Beehive. The Wheatley's Band, Aberystwyth, who were engaged for the occasion, rendered beautiful dance music. The room was prettily decorated with flags, &c., and the floor was in good condition for dancing. Great praise is due to the Misses Pudge for the catering of such good refreshments. The party dispersed at 3 a.m., and each one seemed to have enjoyed himself splendidly. SCHOOL BOARD.—THURSDAY. The monthly meeting was held on Thursday last. Present: Rev. Evan Evans (presiding chairman), Rev. R. C. Jones, Mr. J. E. Lloyd (solicitor), Mr. John Jones (manciple) and Mr. Thomas Lloyd (clerk). The reports of Her Majesty's Inspector upon the Town Schools for the past year were read and were as follows :—Boys' school: The children are evidently taught with very great care, and in most of the branches of instruction with highly creditable success. The discipline is excellent, average attendance 85, total grants £96 lis 3d. Girls'school: Intelligent and very successful work has been accomplished since the first visit was paid. This praiseworthy state of the school is all the more creditable to the mistress, seeing that it has been obtained with a staff which is weak in proportion to the number of standards, and the variety of subjects taught, and which also has suffered from changes during the year. The discipline is excellent. Average attendance 95, Total grants £108 17s 6d.—Infants' schools: The elementary subjects are taught with very creditable success. Such praiseworthy proficiency obtained in spite of some laxity in the discipline denotes very hard work on the part of the mistress and her staff." Average attendance 90, grant £76 10s Od. The highest grant was received for every subject for all the schools. It was resolved to carry out the requirements, and suggestions of the inspector as to the school buildings and furniture, and Messrs J. E. Lloyd and John Jones were appointed to see to the same. It was resolved that the board's votes be recorded for the following candidates nominated for election as representative members of the Lodal Government Body of the Tregaron County l'hool (namely) Rev. D. M. Davies, Vicarage, Tregaron; Mr. William Jones, Ffosheulog; and Mrs. Mary Morgan, Frondewi. On the proposi- tion of Rev R. C. Jones, C. Williams, Bridge-street, was appointed a probationer at St Peter's School. A notice of motion by the chairman with reference to the salary of the Mistress of St. Mary's was postponed to an adjourned meeting.—The clerk's return as to the attendance of children for the past month showed the following figures :—Number on rolls, 359, average attendance, 300, percentage, 84. This was an increase of 9 per cent over the previous month and 3 per cent over the corresponding month of last year.—The treasurer's book showed receipts since the last meeting of £135 8s. 9d. on account of school grants and a balance of £125 18s. lOd. in hand.—Permission was granted to the Lampeter and District Paxton Society to hold a Horticultural Show in the Peterwell Schools in August next (during the school holidays).—Mr. J. Jones said there weje frequent complaints on the part of parents as to the condition of the boys' school rooms and premises which were certainly anything but satisfactory. There was a strong feeling that a more commodious and comfortable building should be erected in a more pleasant and open spot. The chairman said he quite agreed with Mr. Jones as to the condition of the school but the Board would hardly be justified in taking any action in the direction indicated except at the instance of the ratepayers or the Education Department. The matter then dropped. SANITARY INSTRUCTION IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS. The ordinary business being over Mr. J. E. Lloyd asked permission to bring under the notice of the meeting a matter which he thought was of much interest to them as an educational body and also o great importance to the children over which they exercised authority, and to move certain resolutions thereon. Per- mission having been given, Mr. Lloyd said that the resolutions which he desired to bring before the Board were in substance discussed and passed at a recent meeting of the Sanitary Institute held at Southampton, when a further resolution was agreed to, viz., that the urgency of the subject should be brought before other representative bodies with a view to secure their co-operation. They lived in a very practical age, and the system of primary education was constantly becoming more and more practical. In asking them, there- fore, to support his resolutions, they should, he thought, be entering into the spirit of the times, and they should help to secure for their children during their school days a sound knowledge of the rudiments of sanitation, and a practical teaching as to how to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. More ill was wrought by want of thought than by want of heart." Yes, and still more by want of knowledge.—Dr. Heron in his experience of teaching children the rudiments of sanitary science found that very young children of good ordinary intelligence could well and quickly grasp a fairly definite notion of the ways and doings of infection. The bacterial origin of infective diseases wnen explained to children had for them (in his experience) a sort of fascination. The idea that these diseases result from seeds planted by accident, or by carelessness in human bodies, and growing there, each seed according to its kind, and producing its own peculiar effects, at once attracted a boy's or a girl's attention He had seen children between ten and fourteen years of age keenly and intelligently interested in the modes of growth of disease producing bacteria, and in their appearance when seen under the microscope, and in drawings. Starting from this point, these little folks quickly understood how infection in the shape of bacteria might reach and strike down healthy people by means of food, drink, infected clothing, dishes, knives, forks, spoons, and so on. He, therefore, proposed the following resolutions:—1. That in the opinion of this meeting the early recognition and prevention of tuberculosis, as well as of certain other diseases would be expedited and made surer were a rudimentary knowledge of the laws that govern the spread of infectious diseases properly taught in all schools throughout the country. 2. That the attention of the President of the Council of Education be drawn to the good likely to follow the practical adoption in rate-aided schools of the proposal contained in the first resolution, i. ^L. t a copy of the foregoing resolutions be sent to the President of the Council of Education.—The Rev. R. C. Jones said that having read Dr. TT<s article, referred to by Mr. Lloyd, in the Journal ot the National Society for the Prevention of Tuber- culosis, he heartily seconded the propositon, and the same was carried unanimously. It is but right, to add that the subject of the foregoing resolutions Las uceu langht as a class suujectj in tut hllL I school of this Board for the past three years under the head of Domestic Economy," which includes (amongst others) the following subjects:—(1) Germ theory of disease; (2) How to avoid and destroy germs (3) How to maintain the body in health (4) Disinfectants, &c. At present the teaching of these subjects in elementary schools is optional.* What is wanted is that it should be made obliir

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