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TRIBUTES. Mr. O. Slaney Wynne:— At a meeting of the Dolgelley Petty Session on Tuesday, Mr. O. Slaney Wynne (chairman) having referred to the sad loss the neighbourhood and the county had sustained by the sudden and unexpected death of Dr. Edward Jones, how all present mourned his death, and how deeply they sympathised with the family in their bereavement, moved an adjournment of the sessions for a fortnight, which was unani- mously agreed to. The Rev. Thomas Levi writes:— The news of the sudden death of Dr. Edward Jones, Dolgelley, has cast a gloom over a large number of his friends at Aberystwyth. I had the pleasure of his acquaintance for many years. Though not old, he filled a large and important place in his town and county for a long period. I sympathise deeply with the great loss to his family, his town, and his native county of Merioneth, and the many good causes he advocated so nobly and fearlessly. The f. Goleuad U says:— Gyda r ofid dwys yr ydym heddyw yn gorfocl cof- nodi marwolaeth Dr. Edward Jones, Caerffynon,—y gwr oedd yn llanw y lie mwyaf yn mywyd cyhoeddus y sir hon, a'r hwn yr oedd ei alluoedd, a'i nerth, a'i amser, yn fwyaf cysegrcdig i'w gwasaaaeth. An- hawdd genym feddwl fod saldra a marwolaeth neb erioed wedi cario cymaint o effaith ar y dref. Ddoe, yr oedd fel pe wedi ei pharlysu gan faint ei phryder. Yr oedd yn dwr o nerth i bob rhinwedd a daioni; ac y mae Sir Feirionydd yn yr argyfwng presenol ar ei banes wedi cael y golfed fwyaf allasai gael drwy ei farwolaeth. The Rev. Gwynoro Davies, Barmouth:— The news of Dr. Edward Jones' death caused a deep pang of pain among all classes of people in Barmouth, and especially so among Liberals and Nonconformists For the last quarter of a century Dr. Jones had been looked upon, and rightly so, as the defender of the rights of the people, and the champion of liberty— religious, social and political. Some of us thought that at times he was a little of an autocrat, but after all is not that one of the chief and necessary qualities in a leader of men. Dr. Jones was one of the safest leaders it has been my fortune to follow, and we feel that we could not possibly go wrong when following his lead. Had it not been for his tactful and bold leading in 1885 the Liberal League would have become a shipwreck. He never believed in compromise and was never found apologizing, like many, for being a Nonconformist and a Radical. It was surprising to me to find a man of his age so advanced in his ideas. In this respect be resembled the late Mr. Thomas Gee. Next to the losssustained by the death of the late Mr Thomas Ellis that of Dr. Jones leaves the biggest gap in the life of Meirion, the county he loved so passionately and served so faith- fully. May Heaven send us men of like stamp. Principal T. F. Roberts writes As a. native of Merionethshire, it is but natural that I should deeply feel the loss which public life in Wales has suffered through the death nf Dr. Edward Jones. He was a strong and true leader, and one who combined with the clear intelligence and the practised hand something also of the reformer's fire and emotion. The younger generation, with its new hopes and project", found him no laggard—nav, rather, his faith was a touchstone to try the mettle of their own. The death of euch a man leaves a blank not to be filled-a sense of loneliness in the presence of the same great problems, while one after another passes away, of the men who helped to raise life above petty issues, and to make it earnest and strenuous. The newer avenues of service, through the County Council and the County Go- verning Body, found him equipped and ready to work with men of differing views and principles. I do not doubt that the better knowledge of the character and aims of Dr. Edward Jones, gained through the intercourse of these bodies by men who were in some matters his opponents, proved a revelation to them as to the new possibilities of co-operation on behalf of great common interests for the country's welfare. The University College of Aberystwyth has lost in him a faithful friend, and will honour his name as one of the most earnest and capable educational workers of his generation in Wales. The ff Manchester Guardian It says:— The county has lost in Dr. Edward Jones a trusted ieader in all its movements a man of earnest con- victions and of uni iring energy and devotion to the public service. His sudden death will be very widely lamented.

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