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ABERYSTWYTH- ( S.Ai.EM. — On Sunday last Dr. ^Cynddylan 1 Jones occupied the pulpit ot tins v*u«»pel "•IKi preached an eloquent sermon to a crowded con- gregation. THE WELFARE OF OUR SOLDIERS.—The ladies of Aberystwyth are interesting themselves in a practical wav .u w front. In response to an appeal for woollen mutters from Colonel Banfield, of the Welsh Regiment, Mrs Arthur J. Hughes. Lanra-nhr;e, and a band of will- ing workers "have been busily engaged, and have provided 150 Tam O'Shanters. 150 pairs of socks. 150 mufflers and 150 handkerchiefs, at a cost ot £22. These have been forwarded to the men at the iron: ° T"- rv.vt!r.'r-.v,-tributions are invited to send out another 150 mufflers, there being many ladies willing to give their time to knit the same if others will contribute the wool. SHII.OI: LITEUAUY SOCIEXI'. On Wednesday evening last, the Shiloh Literary Society met at the School-room, the Rev. T. E. Roberts presiding. The subject for discussion was Whether Trade and Politic "1 Literature and Education had increased mostly during the past Conturv." Mr. J. O. Jones opened the discussion in favour of the former, and Mr. George Owen in favour of the latter subject. Messrs- H. T. Roberts. Gwilvm James, W. Thomas, T. W. Powell, and Miss Charles also took part in the discussion. A vote of thanks was proposed by Mr. Richard Jones to Messrs Jones and Owen for the able manner in which they opened the discus- sion, seconded by Miss Jones, Portland-street, and carried unanimously. OBITUARY.—On Saturday morning, David Morris Jenkins, son of Mr. David Jenkins, tailoi, Baker Street, died at the age of 13. He had been in bad health for a considerable time, but was thought to be improving and was out on Thursday week. He was taken ill on Friday week, and his condition grew worse in-il death supervened. Deceased took great interest in temperance work, being a member of the Band of Hope and of the Rechabite Lodge. He had collected a sum of money, and had penned a letter to Dr. Barnardo's Home which remained unposted owing to his sudden attack. The funeral took place on Thursday, and was largely attended, the Rev. A. Morgan, officiating. Much svmpathy is felt with the bereaved parents. SATURDAY NIGHT ENTFRTAINMENTS.. The Saturday night entertainments organised by the members of the British omen s Temperance Association at the New Market Hall continue to be attended with much success. Miss S. Hughes presided at last Saturday night's gathering, when the hall was well filled. The following interesting programme was rendered:—Pianoforte duett, Misses Owen and Morgan; song, Mrs Leah recitation, Mr. D. M. Davis song. Miss Hughes recitation, Miss A. Williams; song, Mr. Hughes; violin solo, Miss Erlwards; song. Mr. Jenkins; dialogue, Messrs. Tibbot and Davis. The pro- gramme had been arranged by Misses S. Hughes and Roberts. Mrs. J. Williams and Miss K. B. Lloyd presided over the coffee. During the evening an interesting address was delivered by the Rev. T. E. Roberts, Shiloh. NATIONAL SCHOOLS REPORTS.—The following are the Government reports on these schools for 1399:—Mixed School: Good methods of teaching are as a rule adopted, and considering the interruptions which have occurred during the shortened year from illness in the staff and other causes, the work is well advanced. The suggestions given on the inspection day as to matters of detail will no doubt receive careful attention during the coming year." Infants'School: "This is an in- telligently and very carefully conducted school. Its condition, both as regards attainments and discipline, is most creditable to the mistress. The removal of the gallery and the erection of the glazed screen are very decided improvements in the arrangement of the room. The additional lights, too, will have a very beneficial effect upon the teachers and the taught." The highest grants were earned in every subject taught, both in the Infants' School and Mixed School. The Infants earned 17s. per head; boys, Ll 2s. 3d.; girls, Ll ls. 6d. per head. B.W.T.A.—The annual general meeting of the local branch t f the British Women's Temperance Association was held at the English Baptist school- room on Thursday last. Mrs. T. F. Roberts pre- sided. The proceedings were preceded by the usual monthly prayer meeting, after which the secretary and treasurer's annual reports were read and adopted. Dr. Snape proposed a vote of thanks to the secretary and treasurer for their reports, and Mrs. T. -11. Williams seconded. The following delegates were elected to attend the South Wales Conference of the British Women's Temperance Association, to be held at Cardiff on Saturday, March 19th:—Mrs. T. F. Roberts, Mrs. Davies, Mrs. Evan Hugh James. Mrs. Griffith, Miss T. J. Samut, Miss Hannah Edwards, and Miss M. Jones. Tea was afterwards provided for all the members present. There was a large number pre- sent. The arrangements of the tea were in the hands of Miss James and Miss Hannah Edwards, assisted by the local committee. At the close several new names were added to the membership roll. DRUNKENNESS.—At a special sitting of the Aberystwyth Police Court on Friday last, before Messrs. John Morgan and Edward Evans, a boat- man, named Edward Daniel, of Plascrug, a young man, was charged with having been drunk on the previous evening.—P.C. E. Williams said he found Daniel in Terrace-road at five p.m. drunk and creating a row. There was a crowd around, and he would not go away. Witness then locked him up. —The Chairman Did he go quietly ? No, I had to get another officer to help me.—The Chairman What have you to say, Daniel?—Defendant: Well, sir, I had drink last night. I only just came home after a week's travelling, and I met some of the chaps, and we had some drink. The Chief Constable: He has been convicted four times within twelve months. A short time before he was found by the constable he had to be turned out of a public house by force.—Defendant: I hope you'll excuse me The Chairman Oh yes, we'll excuse you; you deserve to be excused. You were charged in November and reprimanded by Mr. Roberts, and you promised to be a teetotaller.— Defendant: I have been very good since then until lately.—The Chairman We shall not give you the option of a fine. You are a disgrace to the town, and you will go down for one month with hard labour. COLLEGE ITEMS.—The third meeting of the Farmers' (short course) Debating Society was held at the College On Monday evening. Professor Williams occupied the chair, and after making some brief remarks on the object of the Society, he called upon the gentlemen appointed, to open the debate. The subject chosen was "Are Agricultural Shows beneficial to Farmers in general." Mr. W. Jones, Carmarthenshire, in a very able paper, seconded by Mr. Wilde, and Mr. Charles Williams, Staffordshire, opened the discussion on the affirma- tive side, while Mr. E. T. Richards, Montgomery- shire, seconded by Mr. Arnold Jones, Breconshire, in very strong and eloquent terms advocated the claims of the negative. A very lively discussion followed, in which the following gentlemen took part :-Supporting Mr. W. Jones' views, Mr. D. Gwyn Anthony, Carmarthenshire Mr. W. Hopkyn Jones, Carmarthenshire; and Mr. William Williams. Pembrokeshire. On Mr. Richards' side were Jr. Thomas Evans, Carmarthenshire; Mr. Edmund Peacock, Staffordshire; Mr. J. L. Pickard, lecturer in horticulture; Mr. T. Rees Jones. Mr. T. Jenkins, and Mr. David Owen. Cardiganshire; and Mr. Williams and Mr. Benjamin Williams, Pembroke- shire. On a division the figures were-for the affirmative, 19; against, '20. On the proposition of Mr. Lawrence, Pembrokeshire, supported by Mr. Peacock and Mr. Pickard, votes of thanks were accorded to the readers of the papers, which were carried with acclamation. A similar compliment was also paid Professor Williams for presiding, on the proposition of Mr. Benjamin Williams, seconded by Mr. Hopkin Jones. THE GENTLE SHEPHERD."—The New Market Hall was crowded on Wednesday evening last, when the choir of the Welsh Baptist Chapel gave a performance of the sacred cantata, The Gentle Shepherd." The performance was in every respect of a highclass order, which was testified to re- peatedly by the unstinted applause of the audience. The rendering of the different choruses was given with taste and finish, and was a credit to the indi- fatigable conductor, Mr de Lloyd, the whole per- formance abounding in evidence of his careful training. Two popular artistes had been engaged for the occasion, and both gave faultless renderings of their respective parts. The following was the programme:—Introduction (piano), Mr D. J. De Lloyd; chorale. The Lord my Pasture," etc.. Choir; contralto solo, The Lord is my Shepherd," Miss Cassie Rees, R.A.M.; chorus with contralto solo, To-day our Shepherd leadssolo and chorus, And is it True," Miss Rosina Jones (en- cored) chorus, See the Gentle Shepherd reci- tative (soprano), The Sheep hear His Voice;" duet, He shall Feed His Flock;" chorus, See Israel's Gentle Shepherd recit (soprano), He shall feed them;" duet, contralto solo, and chorus, "Saviour, who Thy flock art Feeding;" chorus with soprano solo, Saviour, like a Shepherd lead us;" soprano solo and chorus, contralto solo and chorus, Jesus is our Shepherd; solo (for a little child) and chorus. Gracious Saviour, Holy Shep- herd." Miss E. D. Ellis (encored), chorus, All we like Sheep;" soprano solo, duet and chorus, The lost Sheep contralto solo, I was a wandering Sheep," Miss Rees (encored) chorus, Rejoice Rejoice;" solo (for a little child) with chorus, "Jesus, Tender Shepherd," Miss M. Doughton; soprano solo and chorus, 0, we will praise Thee, kind Shepherd," Miss Rees (encored) song, It is enough," Mr G. Haydn Jones song, Entreat me not to leave Thee," Miss S. M. Lewis, R.A.M. (en- cored) song, Angus Macdonald," Miss Cassie Rees, R.A.M.; song, "A Dream of Paradise," Mr G. Haydn Jones; song. The Gift," Miss S. M. Lewis jancored); BODg." Tears," Miss Cassia Rees. SEASONABLE SUITINGS are advertised in another column by Messrs. John Richards ic Co., the well- inown firm of Market-street. WINTER ENTEUTATMEXT.• AR. intertaining concert will be held at the Pavilion on Wednesday next by Ir. Leslie Harris. i APPOINTMENT.—Dr. A. II. Janus, fhe new house surgeon of the Infirmary, is lL c"-Iest son of' E H. James and Mrs -T.- Crugiau. BUSINESS.—Mrs. J. W. Thomas, 1, Great Dark- gate Street, is now offering goods for sale at reduced prices to make room for Spring goods. THE PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE COMPANY paid a claim of £ 1,000 through Mr. T. H. Edwards the other day to a party who had paid only one premium of £30. Verb. sap. A IHT MIXED.—A countryman in town on Mon- day, seeing the words A fight in progress on a newspaper placard, asked a bystander how far progress was from Ladysmith. FURNITURE.—An Important-Sale of Household Furniture will be held next week, on Wednesday and Thursday, at Messrs. Daniel, Son <5c Meredith's Sale Rooms in Queen s Road. 111FLE CLUB.—The members of the Rifle Club are starting work in earnest. A number of Martini Henri rifles have arrived, and the rattling of the guns on the Castle last week attracted con- siderable attention. MARITIME.—At a meeting of the directors of the Aberystwyth Steampacket Company last week, a dividend of ten per cent was declared on the past six months working. This, with the five per cent given the previous six months, gives the satisfactory rate of fifteen per cent per annum. PETTY SESSIONS.—Wednesday, before Messrs E. P. Wynne and J. Lewis. Elizabeth Doughton. 3, Little Darkgate Street, was charged by Mr. Rees Jones, borough surveyor, with beating and shaking mats after 8 a-m. on the 30th ulto. Fined Is. in- cluding costs.—A vaccination certificate was granted to James Griflith Jones, 13, Chalybeate Street. POLICE NEWS.—On Tuesday morning, before Mr J. Morgan, David Jones, Wenallt, Llanafan, was brought up in custody and charged by Sergeant Phillips with being drunk on the previous night. He was fined 2s. 6d. and costs.—Thomas Lewis, a pedlar hailing from Swansea, was brought up in custody and charged by P.C. D. E. Phillips with begging alms in Bridge Street on the previous evening. He was sent to Carmarthen for 14 days hard labour. THE RATEPAYERS should not allow the war to overshadow the lease question in Terrace-road. Suppose Lord Penrhyn were asked to grant such terms as some people have the audacity to ask from the Corporatiou, what would be his reply? THE MAYOR.—We regret to find that the Mayor, Alderman C. M. Williams, is indisposed, and has been confined to his bed since Saturday afternoon. Ir. Williams, who suffers from an attack of influ- enza, is. we are glad to state, progressing favour- ably. INFANT EMULATORS.—Two little folks--soyoung that they could hardly balance themselves on their tiny legs-were seen enjoying a game of football the other day by kicking a pebble in the street while presently one toddled aside and asked his playmate to stand off, so that he could give a kick fel Shali Pally." SUPERSTITION.—The other day a blind man was being led from room to room in a vacant house in the town. The curiosity of the neighbours was roused, and on enquiring it was learnt that he was engaged by the in-going tenant to walk through every part of the house with the obiect of ensuring •' good-luck in it. IN THE WAR.—Mr. Bevan, 48, Marine-terrace, has received during the week interesting letters from his eldest son who is attached to the Army Ordnance Corps at Pietermaritsburg. The writer gives an account of a fire which took hold of one of the military hospitals there early last month and that it was a pitiful sight to see the condition of the wounded soldiers who are sent in large numbers to the hospitals. PIGEONS are having considerable attention just now. From the days of Noah until these of our present troubles in South Africa, we cannot do without this bird in our Intelligence Department. Governments spend large SUIUJ annually in rearing and training carrier pigeons for military purposes. Our fellow-townsman, Mr. J. Waiter Evans, takes especial interest in pigeon breeding, and at the last annual exhibition in Liverpool he secured a second prize for his Jacobin. OBITUARY.—The death of Mrs. Elizabeth Owen, 24, Railway-terrace, relict of the late Peter Owen, master mariner, (Aeron Lass) took place on Tues- day afternoon, January 30th, at the age of 68 years after a short illness of nine days. Deceased had been ailing for many years. The funeral took place last Saturday afternoon at the Aberystwyth cemetery. The Rev. Job Miles officiated at the house and grave. Deceased leaves a daughter and son to mourn their loss, and with whom much sympathy is felt in their sad bereavement. THE S S. "EIRA" FUND.-A meeting of the o.s. Eira Relief Fund Committee was held at the Town Clerk's Office on Tuesday. Mr. D. C. Roberts presiding. The Hon. Secretary reported that there was on deposit at the bank a sum of £ 592 10s 7d. The Chairman reported he had been endeavouring to invest a sum of Z500 on mortage with the Corporation Estate, but he bad been unable to do so owing to there being no loan required at the present time. The Hon. Secretary reported that he had made enquiries with reference to the cir- cumstances of beneficiaries under the fund, but he could not find that the circumstances of any of them had altered. RADICAL CLUB.—On Friday a smoking concert was held at the Junior Radical Club, presided over by Mr. T. J. Samuel, selicitor. There was a large attendance and the following programme was gone through. Song, John Thomas song, J. A. Phillips; humorous reading, J.,O. Evans singing competition, prize divided between G. Haydn Jones and John Thomas; recitation, J. H. Roberts; comic song, J. Lloyd Davies (encored); humorous address, Sam. Hopkins; solo on mouth crgan, John Jones (encored) competition on impromptu speech, 1 J. E. Edwards, 2 J. H. Roberts; whistling competition, 1 G. Haydn Jones 2 J Hughes; song. Owen Jones; competition on impromptu dialogue A. Lloyd Williams and J. A. Phillips. THE CYCLING CLUB.-The general meeting of the members of the Aberystwyth Cycling Club was held at the New Market Hall on Tuesday evening, Mr. D. W. Richards in the chair. The Secretary presented the balance sheet for 1899, showing a balance of L105 15s. 5d to the credit of the club, which was adopted. Mr. H. E. Wheat ley was elected president, and the following vice-presidents—Councillors D. C. Roberts, Robert Peake, and T. E. Salmon, Mr. John Morgan, Major Taunton, Mr. W. I. Rowland, Mr. W. H. Hollier, Mr. F. R. Roberts, Chief Constable "Howell H. Hollier, Mr. F. R. Roberts, Chief Constable "Howell Evans, Mr. G. F. Roberts, Mr. T. Darlington, and Mr. W. L. Knight. Mr. R. D. Evans was appointed captain of the club for the ensuing year, and Mr. Gordon Hickerstaff vice-captain hon. treasurer, Mr. J. Purton; hon. secretary, Mr. J. E. Evans secre- tary, Mr. Arthur Lloyd Williams buglers, Mr. T. Wilson and Mr. R. McKay; N.C. U. representatives, Mr. Lloyd Williams and Mr. J. E. Evans. A SUGGESTION.—There is on view in the windows of Mr. John Roberts, tobacconist, a fine collection of coloured photographs of places of interest on the Great Western line. The pictures are a work of art, and are further enhanced by the addition of massive oak frames. As they prove so attractive, it would be a great advantage if Aber- ystwyth could be included in the series, where it would, without doubt, hold its own. Besides bringing an increased number of passengers to the line, a view of Aberystwyth exhibited at the numerous centres served by the Great Western would bring our town under the notice of families who have not yet included the place among their favourite holiday haunts. COUNTY SCHOOL.—A meeting of the Managers of the above school met at the Town Hall on Friday, when there were present, Mr. George Davis, chair- man, Mrs. Williams, Rev. Thomas Levi, Professor Genese, Mr. C. M. Williams, Mr. R. J. Jones; Mr. David Samuel, headmaster; Miss Ewart, senior mistress and Mr. John Evans, clerk.—The minutes of the last two meetings were read and confirmed, and payments were ordered to be made amounting to E688 Is. lid.—Mrs. Jesse Williams was unanimously elected as the representative of the School Managers on the Cardiganshire County Governing Body.—It was resolved that instru- mental music shall not be taught in the School, and it was also resolved to ask Mr. Fuller if ha would undertake to drill the boys. CHURCH OF ENGLAND TEMPERANCE SOCIETY. —The best attended meeting of the society, was held at the "Ysgoldy.' St. Michael's Place, laat Friday, there being double the normal attendance of young men. The programme was as follows Reading, Mr. Peter Williams. North-road; song, Mr. T. E. Andrews: address in welsh, Mr. E. M. Evans; reading, Mr. H J Husrhes. U.C,W.; song, Mr. W. Jones, U.C.W.; sung, Miss Polly Thorp; recitation, Mr. John Willi:! Llanilar.. Mr. Rea. Richards, Heart of Oak ifou-o, v. ill propose at the next meeting that special circulars, giving dates and syllabus of meetings should be distributed, in order to acquaint people of the Society's meetings. The membership is now 80, all of whom-with the exception of four only—are genuine total abstainers, remaining four mem- bers being moderate drinkers.


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