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Business Notices. ESTABLISHED 1835. D. R. JONES'AND SON, LADIES', GENTLEMEN'S & CHILDREN'S, BOOT & SHOE IAKER, FJ "jg RIDGE STREET, A BERYSTWYTB A large assortment of Children's Boots and Shoes always in Stock. Sand Boots in Great Variety. Repairs neatly and promptly'executed. AGENT FOR HERCULES NOBILITY AND THE HOLDFAST BRAND. Lampeter Hand-sewn Boots always in Stoek. J. W. EVANS, DRAPER AND OUTFITTER, ABERYSTWYTH. Is now showing a Splendid Selection of NEW WINTER GOODS In all Departments. BOYS' & MEN'S WINTER CLOTHING, LADIES AND CHILDREN'S JACKETS, &C. THE FAVOUR OF A CALL WILL OBLIGE. » — — HAIRDRESSING. BUY YOUR ORNAMENTAL HAIR DIRECT FROM THE MAKER. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF TRESSES OF HAIR, CYCLIST FRINGES, WIGS, SCALPS, PARTINGS, FRONTS, HAIR DYES, RESTORERS, and all kinds of TOILET REQUISITES. LADIES' HAIR COMBINGS TASTEFULLY MADE UP. A. JOINSON, 14, pIER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH RICHARD MORGAN GENERAL GROCER, CORN & FLOUR MERCHANT, G R E A T D ARK GAT EST R E E T, A BERYSTWYTH. COUGH MIXTURE FOR WINTER COUGH AND BRONCHITIS TRY ROBERT ELLIS'S COUGH MIXTURE AND CHEST TONIC. 101d. and 2s. 3d. per bottle, post free. Mr. J. E. LEAH, A.R.C.O., Organist and Choirmaster English Congregational Church, Portland-street, Aberystwyth (late of Richmond Hill Congregational Church, Bournemouth), Gives lessons by Correspondence in Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue, &e. Personal lessons also in Pianoforte, Organ, Singing and Theory. Preparation for Examination. Many Successes. Schools attended. Next term commences Sep- tember 18th, 1899. Engagements accepted for Organ Recitals, Concerts, &c. Address: Bourneville," North Road, Aberystwyth. J. GWILYM EYANS, Family Grocer & Provision Merchant, THE STORES, HIGH STREET AND STATION ROAD, TOWYN. NOTED HOUSE FOR TEAs BEST IN PURITY AND FLAVOUR. 1. AND G. LLOYD, COACHBUILDERS, ALFRED PLACE, ABERYSTWYTH. Carriages made to order on the shortest notice. Experienced Men kept for all Branches CARRIAGES FOR SALE. HARFORD SQUARE, LAMPETER. W ALTEtT DAVIES Is now making a Grand Display of the LATEST NOVELTIES Mantles, Capes, Jackets, Mackintosh Cloaks, Furs, Costumes, etc., PLAIN AND FANCY DRESS FABRICS. P.S. Goods not in Stock procured at Shortest Notice by Parcels arriving daily from London and other centre. NOTICE. JOHN ROBERTS, TOBACCONIST, 25, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH Begs to inform the Public that he has opened a BRANCH SHOP at the CORNER OF BATH STREET, AND TERRACE ROAD, AS A TOBACCONIST AND HAIR-CUTTING AND SHAVING SALOON. One Price for all-Hair-Cutting, 4d; Shaving, 2d: AGENT FOR GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY Co. LTD. JACK EDWARDS, BOOKSELLER, Great Darkgate Street, | ABERYSTWYTH. I Business Notices. NEW MARKET HALL, M ARKET ^TREET, ^BERYSTWYTH. FURNISHED with STALLS for Butter, Cheese and Egg Merchants, Corn Merchants, Green Grocers, Crockery Dealers, Flannel Merchants, Vendors of To)-b, FIRST-CLASS CONCERT & BALL ROOM With Seating Accommodation for 700 Persons. Stage fitted with Beautiful Sceneries suit- able for Dramatic Entertainments. Every Convenience for School Treats and Private Parties. Catering undertaken for Excursionists, &c. D. M. HAMER, PROPRIETOR. OWEN AND SONS, COMPLETE OUTFITTERS. PARIS HOUSE, 11-13 NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH. JUBILEE 1850 YEAR. 1900 To Commemorate the above event, O. & S. are making a SPECIALITY of JUBILEE SUITS, at 55s. for Cash, Worth 65s. JUBILEE TROUSERS at 16s. for Cash, Worth 20s. FOR ONE MONTH ONLY. Ladies' and Gentlemen's Waterproofs. Clerical Suits, Liveries, Breeches, Dress Suits, Chesterfields, Ladies' Costumes, &-c., tire. SOLE "1 Welch Margetson's Neck Wear, &c. AGENTS for J Dr. Jaeger's Hosier}', &c. RUGS, UMBRELLAS, TRUNKS, BAGS, &c. OWEN AND SONS. W. M. JONES, GENERAL DRAPER, GLASGOW HOUSE, MACHYNLLETH. i>. A.UTUMN AND WINTER GOODS IN GREAT VARIETY. DOLGWM HOUSE, LAMPETER. TRANSFER OF BUSINESS.: GREAT CLEARANCE SALE OF LLOYD'S STOCK AT SWEEPING REDUCTIONS J. HUGHES EVANS. AUTUMN FASHIONS. C. M. WILLIAMS BEGS respectfully to announce that he is now showing a good selection of NEW GOODS SUITABLE FOR THE PRESENT SEASON. NEW HATS AND BONNETS. N EW MILLINERY. NEW FEATHERS AND FLOWERS NEW RIBBONS AND LACES. NEW DRESS MATERIALS. NEW GOWNS AND SILK SCARFS. NEW SILK UMBRELLAS, &cb- NOTED HOUSE E0R STYLISH HATS AND BONNETS. SPECIAL ATTENTION PAID TO MOURNING ORDERS. GENTS' NEWEST SHAPES IN HATS AND CAPS, TIES, SCARES COLLARS. CUFFS, &C. Inspection respectfully invited. C. M. WILLIAMS, ^ENERAL DRAPERY ESTABLISHMEXT. 10, PIER STREET. ABERYSTWYTH. MR. JAMES DAVIES, TUNER AND REPAIRER OF PIANOS AND ORGANS. Recommended by Mr. D. Jenkins, Mus. Bac., Aber- ystwyth, and Mr. A. R. Gaul, Birmingham. Address ROSE HILL, Powell Street, ABERYSTWYTH. AGENT FOR THE SALE OF NEW INSTRUMENTS. REWARD & PRIZE BOOKS ALL PRICES. A visit is respectfully solicited. Orders by Post strictly attended to. NEW FANCY STATIONERY 6d. and Is. CABINETS. W. JENKINS' 23, Great Darkgate St. And 13, BRIDGE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. Business Notices. Q TAKE CARE OF YOUR CHEST. OLD DR. PARR'S MIRACULOUS COUGH SYRUP Has been proved by thousands to be a Certain, Safe, and Swift Cure for Coughs, Chronic Bronchitis, Irritation of the Throat, and every form of Winter Catarrh. COMPOSED ENTIRELY OF HEALING AND BALSAMIC HERBS. Thousands of Bottles sold every year. ASK TOUR CHEMIST FOR A BOTTLE. PRICE 1/11 and 2/9, (by post 3d. extra). 2 SOLE PROPRIETOR AND MANUFACTURER, ISAAC T. LLOYD, M.P.S., CHEMIST, 267, Rem's ROAD, CHELSEA, LONDON. To be obtained Wholesale and Retail in North Wales from the "DOVEY PHARMACY." ABERDOYEY. A WORD IX SEASON. TRY MORGANS Pectoral Linseed Balsam Certain Cure for Coughs, Colds, Influenza, and all affections of the Chest, Throat, and Lungs. —— HAS CURED OTHERS. WILI, CUBE You. Prepared only by R. MORGAN", PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMIST, ABERYSTWYTH. Sold in Is. &- 2s. bottles WONDERFUL RESULTS. OWENS BROS., 31, NORTHGATE STREET ABERYSTWYTH, BUILDERS, JOINERS, UNDERTAKERS, &c Estimates given for every description of work WORKSHOP -PORTLAND LANE. JOHN JONES, J^UILDING jyg^ATERIAL TyjERCHANT, MONUMENTAL YARD, rjlREGARON, SOUTH ALES. MONUMENTS AND TOMBSTONES OF ALL SIZES IN STOCK. THE WATERLOO COACHES RUN DAILY to the AMons Fp DEVIL'S BRIDGE. AND OTHER PLACES OF INTEREST BOOKIXG OFFICE: WATERLOO HOTEL, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. TO THE INHABITANTS OF ABERYSTWYTH AND DISTRICT. ISAAC SAMUEL Begs to announce that he has OPENED BUSINESS IN Grocery and Provisions AT NORTH END STORES, RAILWAY TERRACE. ALADDIN'S MAGIC TEA ■ "ALADDIN'S ^■ a ,„ t1 THE BEST IN THE MARKET! w ILLIAM WILLIAMS & c OMPAI\-Y, 59 JJUTTON STREET, LIVERPOOL. D. JONES, HIGH-CLAss TAILOR, ^HALYBEATE ^TREET, ABERYSTWYTH. GEl\"TLEl\IEN'S JJUNTING & SHOOTIKG sUITTS. B REECHES A SPECIALITY. L I-v-ERIES, n IGH-CLASs y^ADIES" TAILOR-MADE COSTUMES Made by Experienced Workmen on the premises. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. WEEK-END TICKETS are issued every FRIDAY and SATURDAY from all L. & X. Yr". aud G. W. Stations in LONDON TO ABERDOVEY, ABERYST- WYTH, DOLGELLEY, AND BARMOUTH, Availa-ble for return on the following Sunday (where train service permits) Monday, or Tuesday. For full particular see small hand bills. CHEAP WEEK END I EXCURSION TICKETS ARE NOW ISSUED ON EVERY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY .L TO "'Birmingham, *Y\Viverhampton, *Walsall. Peter borough. *Leicester, *Derby, *Burton-on-Trent, ♦Stafford, ""Coventry, Manchester, Preston. Black- burn, Bulton. Leeas, jpev.-sbury. Huddersfield, Liverpool, Birkenhead, Y\ igy.n and Warrington FROM Oswestry, Llanymynech, Llanfvllin, Montgomery, Welshpool, Newtown, Llanidloes, Machvnlleth, Borth, Aberystwyth, Aberdovey, Towvn, Barmouth, Dolgelley, Harlech. Portmadoc, Penrhvndeudraeth, Criccieth, and Pwlheii, Simnar tickets are issued from Abervstwvth, y Borth, Aberdovey, Towyn. Barmouth, Dolgellev, Harlech. Penrhynaeudraeth, Portmadoc, Criccieth, and Pwllheli to HRE\Y6BLRY. *Tickets to these Stations are not issued from Welshpool. Passengers return on the Monday or Tuesday following issue of ticket. THOUSAND-MILE TICKETS. The Cambrian Railways Company issue FIRST CLASS 1,009 and 500 MILE TICKETS, the coupons of which enable the purchasers to travel between Stations on the Camorzan Railways during the period for which the tickets are available until the coupons are exhausted. The price of each is £5 5s Od 1.000 miles, and L2 17s 6d, 500 miles being about lid per mile. Application for the 1,000 or 500 mile tickets must be made in writing, giving the full name and address of the purchaser and accompanied by a remittance, to Mr W. H Goagh. Superintendent of the Line, Cambrian Railways. Oswestrv (cheques to be made payableto theCambrian Co. or order), from whom also books containing 100 certificates for aut horisinF the use of the tickets by purchasers' family, guests, or employees can be obtained, price 6d each book; remittance to accompany order. C. S. DENNISS, General Manager. Oswestry, March 1899. Business Notiecs. MARVELLOUS VALUE WARM WINTER SHIRTS heavy and medium weight, 2 tor 5s.: Sample 2s. 9d. Choice selection of patterns and full price list sent post free, also WHITE LONGCLOTH Linen Fronts and Square Wrists, 6 for 15s.; Sample 2s. 9d. Send collar for size. LINEN COLLARS, four-fold, any shape, 3s. 9d. per dozen. Orders delivered, -Carriage Paid on receipt of remittance. JL XV YELL, Oilli.T ACTURER, 81, EFFRA ROAD, BRIXTON, LONDON. JOHN LLOYD & SONS, TOWN CRIERS, BILL POSTERS AND DISTRIBUTORS, HAVE the largest number of most prominent Posting Stations in all parts of Aberystwytli and District. Having lately purchased the business and stations of Aberystwyth Advertising and Genera Bill Posting Stations, they are able to take large contracts of every description. Over 100 Stations in the Town and District. Official Bill Posters to the Town and County Coun- cils, G.W.R. Co., Cambrian Railway Co., all the Auctioneers of the Town and District, and other Public Bodies. FOR WELSH WOOLLEN GOODS GO TO ROWLAND MORGAN LONDON HOUSE, ABERYSTWYTH. W. H. TRU SCOTT, WATCH AND CLOCK MAKER, LAPIDARY AND OPTICIAN, f I TERRACE "TJ OAD, ^OPPOSITE THK } -L JL1> POST OFFICB). A large assortment of Wedding, Diamond and Gem Rings. ARTISTIC AND COMMERCIAL Primina. QUICKLY AND NEATLY DONE AT THE "iiklsb Gszetie" PRINTERIES, BRIDGE STREET (Top OF GRAY'S Ix ROAD), ABERYSTWYTH. CHARGES JUODEILATE