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Yachting in Cardigan Bay. The offer made by Messrs. Solomon Andrews and Son, Cardiff and Pwllheli, to give a challenge cup of the value of 500 guineas, to be competed for by first-class yachts in Cardigan Bay, has now been under the consideration of a committee, who are making the necessary arrangement under the auspices of the Royal Welsh Yacht Club. The regatta, says the" Yachting World," will be held at Pwllheli on Tuesday, the 19th of June, and the events will be as follows :—Class I.-For yachts above 52, and not exceeding 65 rating. First prize, challenge cup, 300 guineas, and R50 cash; second prize, £ 25 cash. Class II —For yachts above 42 and not exceeding 52 rating. First prize, challenge cup, value 150 guineas and L30 cash; second prize, £15 cash. Class III.—Handicap for yachts over 15 tons (Thames measurement). First prize, challenge cup. value 50 guineas and P,50 cash; second prize, zP,25 cash; third prize, Z10 cash. It will be thus seen that the committee have thought it better to divide the sum offered into three prizes, and provide three challenge cups, representing a total value of 500 guineas, as the latter sum seemed rather excessive for one prize. Messrs Andrews have agreed to supplement their previous offer with Z205 to provide cash prizes.

Death of the Rev. Isaac Thomas.