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Cardiganshire Main Roads Committee. A quarterly meeting of the main roads and bridges committee (Northern Division) of the Cardiganshire County Council was held on Monday last at the Town Hall, Aberystwyth, Mr. David Jenkirrs presiding. There were also present: Messrs. Joseph Parry, Goginan; John Jones, Taliesin; J. E. James, Aberystwyth Henry Bonsall, Bow Street; Edward "11a Florida; Charles Davies, Liangeitho; Thomas Morgan, Ysbytty Ystwyth; D. J. Williams, Tregaron; David Davies, Llanddewi; Edward Jones, Talybont; William Evans, Cwmrheidol; Evan Richards, Llanfihangel; the Mayor and D. C. Roberts, Aberystwyth; Benjamin Jones, Llanilar; J. M. Williams, Borth; Evan Jones, Llanrhystyd; T. Mason Jones, Ysbytty Ystwvth; and William Evans, Llanfihangel; with Mr. H. C. Fryer (clerk), and Mr. Roderick Lloyd (surveyor). ROAD MAINTENANCE. The County Surveyor presented a summary of ex- penditure incurred during the quarter ended Dec. 30th last in the maintenance of roads in the division, which showed that the cost was P,553 Os 2d over a length of 115 miles, 890 yards. CLASSIFICATION OF ROADMEN. At the last meeting of the County Council it was decided that the roadmen be placed in classes by the surveyors, and be paid rates of wages according to their qualifi- cations and merits. This proposal was now con- sidered by the committee, and it was decided, on the motion of Alderman Evan Richards, seconded by Mr. T Mason Jones, that the surveyor place the roadmen in classes. It was further resolved that the question be referred to the executive com- mittee to consider after receiving from Mr. Lloyd (surveyor) a report as to the classes and wages he would suggest, and that that committee report to the next meeting of this .committee. DEVIL'S BRIDGE. The report of sub-committee upon the plans of the iron work for the Devil's Bridge was presented, and on the motion of Mr. Henry Bonsall, seconded by Alderman C. M. Williams, it was re- solved that the report be adopted. The Committee considered the plans and estimate of cost of the new bridge to be erected at Llanilar. These were approved of, and it was decided the cost should not exceed £350. It was also resolved to thank rr. Loxdale for his generosity in giving the land required to widen the bridge. MAESBANGOR BRIDGE. A deputation was received from the Aber- ystwyth Rural District Council in reference to this bridge. Amended plans were produced, the estimate of the cost being E142. On the proposition of Mr. H. Bonsall, seconded by Mr. T. Mason Jones, it was decided that the plans be submitted to the surveyor to report to the County Council. FORESHORE AT BORTH. A communication which Colonel Fielden, Bortli, had received from Messrs. Case and Gray, London, was read. It stated they had pleasure in reporting that good progress bad been made in the improve- ment of the foreshore by means of the nine groynes erected in the summer of 1898. The foreshore generally had improved in gradient and stability. It was advisable to complete the original scheme of 16 groynes, spaced 200 feet apart, as the length of shore over which the nine existing groynes were distributed, could be adequately improved only by this reason. And it was of immediate importance that the two short groynes should be extended sea- wards to the length to which they were originally designed. On the motion of Alderman C. M. Williams, seconded by Mr. E. H. James, it was decided that the letter be referred to the county surveyor to report upon the matter to the next meeting, and get an estimate of the cost from Mr. Case. STONE ^UUSHER. Mr. J. W. Szlumpey engineer of the M. & M. Railway, made application for the use of the County Council's stone crusher. It was resolved that the same be granted at the convenience of the surveyor, and at a charge of £1 per day, to include the services of engine driver and assistant. THE STEAM ROLLER. An application by Mr. D. J. Williams on behalf of the Tregaron Rural District Council the use of the steam roller, was granted at a charge of Zl per day. SURVEYOR'S QUARTERLY REPORT. The Surveyor's quarterly report was read as fol- lows :—" Gentlemen, I beg to submit to you my quarterly report up to the 30th of December last, together with the estimate of the sum required for the purpose of main roadsMn this division for the ensuing three months. The roads, on the whole, were in a fair condition considering the state of the weather. I beg to remind you to make good the damage caused to the main roads by the water streaming down from the line by the Rhy- dhir and Llanbadarn railway bridges, and at other places, which matter was reported to you twelve months ago. I regret that I have to inform you that the ancient bridge at Devil's Bridge is giving way, and if it was the wish of the Council to pre- serve it something must be done at once. Accord- ing to instructions from the Council concerning the classing of the roadmen, I am still of the same opinion as when I last reported the matter, that the workmen should be classed according to merit, but that the work was one of great difficulty. I estimate my quarterly expenses at £ 600.

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