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♦ Patient Toil.

+. Culture for All.

lWhat are We Doing ? L

The Economy of Time.

«» The Present Age.


«» The Present Age. Let me consider now what I owe to the advanced industry of the present age. I lodge in & house that aff jrds me conveniences and comforts which even a king could not command some centuries ago. There are ships crossing the seas in every direction to bring what is useful to me from all parts of the earth. In China men are gathering the tea-leaf for me in America they are planting cotton for me; in. the West India Islands they are preparing my sugar and my coffee; in Italy they are feeding silkworms for me; in Saxony they are shearing the sheep t o make me clothing: at home powerful steam engines are spinning and weaving for me, and making cutlery for me, and pumping the mines that minerals useful to me may be pro- cured. My patrimony was small, yet I have carriages running day and night to carry my correspondence. I have roads and railways, canal?, and bridges, to bear the coal for my winter fire; nay, I have protecting fleets and armies around my happy country to secure my enjoyments and repose. Then I have editors and printers, who daily send me an account of what is going on throughout the world, among all these people who serve me; and in a corner of my house 1 have books, the miracle of all my possessions, more wonderful than the Wishing-cap of the Arabian tales, for they trans- port me instantly, not only to all places, but to all times. ARNOTT.

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Death of the Rev. Isaac Thomas.