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♦ Patient Toil.

+. Culture for All.

lWhat are We Doing ? L

The Economy of Time.


The Economy of Time. Many persons, seeing me so much engaged in active life, and as much about the world as if I had never been a student, have said to me, When do you get the time to write all your books? How on earth do you contrive to do so much work ?' I I shall perhaps surprise you by the answer I make-- the answer is this I contrive to do so much, by never doing too much at a time.' A man to get through work well must not overwork himself—or if he do too much to-day, the re-action of fatigue will come, and he will be obliged to do too little to-morrow. Now since I began really and earnestly to study, which was not till I had left college and was actually in the world, I may perhaps say that I have gone through as large a course of general reading as most men of my time. I have travelled much—I have mixed much in politics and in the various business of life. and in addition to all this, I have published somewhere about sixty volumes, some upon subjects requiring much special research. And what time do you think, as a general rule, I have devoted to study-to reading and writing ? Not more than three hours a day, and when Parliament is sitting, not always that. But then during those hours I have given my whole attention to what I was about." LYTTON.

«» The Present Age.

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I I Cardiganshire Main Roads…

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Death of the Rev. Isaac Thomas.