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♦ Patient Toil.

+. Culture for All.

lWhat are We Doing ? L


lWhat are We Doing ? L Heroes have fought, and warriors bled, For home, and love, and glory Your life and mine will soon be sped, Then what will be the story ? Shall it be said when all is o'er, And justice must be meted— We every means of good ignored, Its worthy ends defeated ? Our talents, meant, for active use, Have dormant lain or hidden Nay even worse, were oft employed On objects most forbidden. With opportunities for good I And ample means of doing, T'would be a wretched fate indeed If such should be our ruinL On every hand where'r we turn, A thousand claims are pressing; Shall we for aye ignore the call- For aye withhold the blessing. i Methinks the Master's voice I bear, My friends, be up and doing, 'Twill need the best attempts of all To save the world from ruin. 'Tis not the time to idly wish,^ Your talents more, or better Use well the one, these vain regrets Your efforts do but fetter. "If well employed, one gift at first, To five or more may grow And in the end. when counted up, A good result will show." He simply bids us do our best, No matter great or small, And if 'tis well and truly done, Will so reward it all. I Then let us list to duty's call, And bravely do our best; Assured 'twill then more easy grow, And bring a sweeter rest. JAMES RUSHTON.

The Economy of Time.

«» The Present Age.

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Death of the Rev. Isaac Thomas.