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♦ Patient Toil.

+. Culture for All.


+. Culture for All. Taste, if it mean anything but a paltry con- noisseurship must mean a general susceptibility to truth and nobleness; a sense to discern, and a heart to love and reverence all beauty, order, good- ness, wheresoever or in whatsoever forms and accompaniments they are to be seen. This surely implies, as its chief condition, not any given external want or situation, but a finely gifted-mind, purified into harmony with itself, into keenness and justness of vision above all, kindled into love and admiration. Is culture of this sort found exclusively among the higher ranks ? We believe it proceeds less from without than within in every rank. The charms of Nature, the majesty of man, the infinite loveliness of truth and virtue, are not hidden from the eye of the poor; but from the eye of the vain, the corrupted, and self-seeking, be he poor or rich. In old ages, the humble minstrel, a mendicant, arid lord of nothing but his harp and his own free soul, had intimations of those glories; while to the proud baron in his barbaric halls they were unknown. CARLYLE.

lWhat are We Doing ? L

The Economy of Time.

«» The Present Age.

---IYoung Wales in London:…


I I Cardiganshire Main Roads…

-_.----Yachting in Cardigan…

Death of the Rev. Isaac Thomas.