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♦ Patient Toil.


♦ Patient Toil. There's no royal road to greatness, Men must ever clime to fame All the wealth in misers' coffers Wouldn't buy a deathless name. Is a noble goal before you, Would you great achievements dare 1 Brother, then be up and doing; Brother! you must Win and Wear. Toil and labour never stopping Till you make the prize your own For you know this constant dropping Wears away the hardest stone. Never slack sublime endeavour, Nor midst cheerless toil despair If you rise above your fellows, Brother! you must Win and Wear. 'Tis the lesson Nature teaches All throughout her wide domain," And the text from which she preaches Is that labour leads to gain. Moral worth and honest merit, Brighter crowns than monarch wear, These you never can inherit; Brothers J these you Win and Wear. FRANCIS.

+. Culture for All.

lWhat are We Doing ? L

The Economy of Time.

«» The Present Age.

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Death of the Rev. Isaac Thomas.