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To conquer our own fancies, our own lusts, and our ambition, in the sacred name of duty, this is to be truly brave ui-d truly strong. KINGSLEY. ♦ The true man is one who will neither seek an indirect advantage by a specious word, not take an evil path to secure a good purpose. Marcus Aurelius used to say he would not part with the little learning he had acquired for all the gold in the world; and that he had more glory from what he had read and written, than from all the victories he had won, and all the realms he bad conquered. if History often forgets, and the people continually forget, how trivial and how insufficient is generally the cause of war. A free press is just as necessary for political liberty as free air is for our natural lives. I have not the slightest regard for that states- manship which is divorced from the morality which we say ought to guide us in our private life, which we gather for a nation as for individuals from the religion which we profess. JOHN BRIGHT.

♦ Patient Toil.

+. Culture for All.

lWhat are We Doing ? L

The Economy of Time.

«» The Present Age.

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I I Cardiganshire Main Roads…

-_.----Yachting in Cardigan…

Death of the Rev. Isaac Thomas.