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Eglwysfach, Glandovey.









Business Notices. TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, 13, P IER STREET, ABE-RYSTII-YTH, DAVID JAMES. Suitings, Coatings, Trouserings, &c., in the best fashion and at reasonable prices. Cricketing and Boating Suits made to order on the Shortest Notice. WM. RICHARDS, GROCER AND PROVISION MERCHANT Begs to Inform the public that he HAS REMOVED To more Commodious Premises, lately carried on as the Gwalia Temperance Hotel, Os byddwch yn methu cael bias ar eich bwyd. cymerwch Anti Dyspepsia. GELYN MAWR I DIFFYG TRAUL; JONES' ANTI-DYSPEPSIA MIXTUEE Un o anhwylderau mwyaf cynhefin y ddynoliaeth ydyw Diffyg Traul Bwyd. Yn wir, y mae yn beth mor gyffredin fel y mae pobl yn ei gyfrif yn beth distadl etto, onid ydyw yn rhagredegydd bron bob clefyd ? Un o arwyddion cyntaf o hono ydyw diffyg archwaeth at fwyd, llawnder yn y cylla ar ol bwyta, dolur yn y pen, ac yn gyffredin corph rhwyin brydiau ereill bydd teimlad o wagder yn y cylla, awyddfryd gau am fwyd, yn nghyda dwfr poeth yn y frest. Y mae y moddion hyn trwy ei effaith union- gyrchol ar sudd yr ystumog yn adferu hon i'w chyflwr iachus a phriodol, a trwy hyny dylanwada ar yr holl gyfansoddiad: rhydd y teimlad o lesgedd a gwendid le i gyflwr o hoenusrwydd a iechyd. Y mae gennym luaws o dystiolaethau pobl gyfrifol sydd wedi derbyn gwellhad ar ol defnyddio y moddion hyn, y rhai oeddynt wedi treio yn agos bob meddyginiaeth arall. Na wnaed neb ddi- galoni dan y clefyd hwn nes rhoddi prawf teg ar y cyfaill yma. Ar werth mewn Poteli 2s. yr un. gyda chyfarwydd- iadau. I'w gael drwy y Post (ond danfon 2s. mewn stamps) gan y gwneuthurwr. Parotoir yn unig gan y Perchenog- T. JONES, A.P.S., CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST, POST OFFICE, TREGARO Educational. MISS PHILLIPS, CERT. R.A.M., R.C.M., AND TRINITY* COLLEGE, LONDON, 0RGANIST OF WESLEY CHURCH, With experience in successfully preparing for the above Examinations. Receives Pupils for Organ, Pianoforte, and Singing. Terms on Application. ADDRESS 34, PIER STREET. HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS YICTORLA (MARINE) T E R R A C E A BERYSTWYTH. t SEPARATE KINDERGARTEN. PRINCIPAL Miss KATE B. LLOYD. Certificated Mistress, Assisted by a Staff of highly qualified Resident Governesses. BBFERENCES- Thomas Jones, Esq., B.A., H.M. Inspector of Schools, Llanelly; The Rev. O. Evans, D.D., King's Cross, London. E. H. Short, Esq., H.M. Inspector, Aberystwyth. Principal Edwards, D.D., Bala Theological College. Principal Roberts, M.A., U.C.W. Principal Prys, M.A., Trevecca College. Dr Scholle Aberdeen University. Rev T. A Penry, Aberystwyth. Pupils prepared for the London and Welsh Matricu lations, Oxford and Cambridge Examinations, &c. For Terms, &c., apply PRINCIPAL Dentistry. II ESTABLISHED 40 YEARS. MESSRS MULLPHY & ROWLEY, SURGEON DENTISTS, Honorary Dentists to the Aberystwyth Infirmary and Cardiganshire General Hospital. ADDRESS— 5 4 TERRACE ROAD, ^_BEEYs r vV v p MR. ROW LEY begs to announce that he is now able to undertake Gold and all other Fillings, Crowns, Eridge-work and all the latest improvements in Modern Dentistry. Artificial Teeth in the latest English and American Styles. TEETH EXTRACTED PAINLESSLY UNDER GAS. Mr R. visits Machynlleth, Towyn, Aberayron, Tre- garon and Lampeter. Patients can be attended to any day at Aber- ystwyth. All at the most Moderate Charges. Full particulars on application. Business Notices. FOR GOOD AND RELIABLE BOOTS AND SHOES OF THE BEST QUALITY GO TO EDWIN PETERS, 51, GREAT- DARKGATE STREET, 51, (Three doors above Town Clock,) ABERYSTWYTH. Gentlemen's and Ladies' Boots and Shoes of ever description. Repairs on shortest notice BILljPOSTING IN ABERYSTWYTH. "Trying to do business without advertising is like winking in the dark. You may know what you are doing, but nobody else does." SEND YOUR POSTERS TO THE ABERYSTWYTH AND DISTRICT BILLPOSTING CO., Proprietors of the largest and BEST Hoardings in Aberystwyth and District. Send for list of Stations. Billposting done on most reasonable terms. Advertisers invited to inspect the Hoardings of this Company. Satisfaction guaranteed. Address all communications and parcels to— HERR PAREEZER, BILLPOSTING Co., PAREEZER HALL, QUEEN'S SQUARE, ABERYSTWYTH. JACK EDWARDS. (LATE E. EDWARDS,) B OOKSELLER AND STATIONER, 13, GllEAT DARKGATE ST. A BERYSTWYTH. OUR MOTTO— GOOD VALUE FOR MODERATE PRICES H. P. EDWARDS, BEEF, MUTTON AND PORK BUTCHER, 34, GREAT J^ARKGATE STREET, A BERYSTWYTH. BEST QUALITY MEAT ONLY SUPPLIED HOME-MADE SAUSAGES AND PURE LARD. HOME-CURED HAMS AND BACON, CORNED JLJL BEEF, AND PICKLED TONGUES. THE ^BERYSTWYTH WELSH L'XEL DEPOT, 50, TERRACE ROAD X>EAL WELSH FLANNELS. SHAWLS, WOOL- JLl' LEN DRESSES, CLOTH, YARNS, HAND-KNIT HOSIERY, WELSH QUILTS AND HOME-MADE BLANKETS. JOHN EDWARDS & CO, PROPRIETORS JOHN GRIFFITHS CABINET MAKER, AND COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHER, 7 MARKET STREET, A BERYSTWYTH DRAWING-ROOM SUITES, DINING-ROOM SUITES, BEDROOM SUITES. GIG LAMPS. Edmund Edmunds, SADDLER & HARNESS MAKER, COLLEGE STREET, LAMPETER, Begs to inform the Public that he has a Grand Selection of GIG LAMPS IN STOCK, X AT VERY MODERATE PRICES. All kinds of Repairs neatly executed on the shortest notice. SADDLES, CUSHIONS, HARNESS, &c. BARGAINS IN THE LATEST AND BEST JACKETS, CAPES, WATERPROOFS, AT D. NUN DAVIES' Drapery and Millinery Establishment, COMMERCE HOUSE, LAMPETER. THOMAS'S WINTER fv1 E D I C I N E S Cough and Bronchitis MIXTURE In 9d., Is. 6d., and 2s. 6d. bottles. AN EXCELLENT AND EFFECTIVE PREPARATION. WINTER SKIN CREAM In 4d¿., 6d., 8d., and Is. Pots. FOR THE HANDS AND COMPLEXION, NEITHER STICKY NOR GREASY. REMOVES AND PREVENTS CHAPPED HANDS, SUNBURN, FRECKLES, &c. THIS PREPARATION IS UNEQUALLED FOR SOFTENING and BEAUTIFYING THE SKIN AND DEFENDING IT FROM THE INFLUENCE. OF SUMMER SUN. TESTIMONIAL. 5t Green Parkt Batht February 2nd, 1900. Please forward a is. bottle of your çç Winter Skin Crcam tt to Miss Hoare» above address. It is far nicer, than anything of the kind she has ever usedt and fully bears out all that is said on the label of bottle. Digestive Mixture. 2s. 6d. BOTTLES. This Mixture gives immediate relief to Heartburn, Wind or Flatulence, Pain or Weight in the Stomach, and positively corrects Belching of Wind and destroys all organisms that produce fermentation in the Stomach. It promotes healthy digestion by increasing the action of the digestive ferments, and by assimilating with the food gives tone and energy to the system. It is highly recommended for Nervous Head-aches, Loss of Appetite, Sleeplessness, Giddiness, Faintings, Palpitation, Weak Nerves, Sickness, and all Diseases that are, caused by Indigestion. HEAD, STOMACH, AND LIVER PILLS In 10d, Boxes. Pile and Gravel Drops In 10d. sizes only. FOR PILES, (HEMORRHOIDS), CONSTIPATION, GRAVEL, TAINS IN THE BACK, AND ALL AFFECTIONS OF THE KIDNEYS PRESCRIPTIONS carefully prepared with the best ingredients. JOHN P. THOMAS M.P.S., Pharmaceutical and Dispensing Chemist* 20, GREAT DARKGATE ST. AND 36, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH.