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Eglwysfach, Glandovey.







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THE MARKETS. ABEKYSTWYTH.—MONDAY Wheat made 4s 6d to 5s per 65 lbs; barley, 3s 9d to 4s Od white oats,2s Od to 3s Od black oats, 2s. 6d to 2s 9d. Eggs, 8s Od to 8s 3d per 120; Salt butter, Is to Is. Id per lb. fresh butter, Is. Id to Is 2d per lb. Fowls sold at 3s 6d to 4s Od per couple, chickens 3s 9d to 4s Od. Ducks, 4s 9d to 5s per couple. Geese, 10s. to lis. Od. Potatoes, 2s 9d to 3s per cwt. METAL MARKETS. LONDON. Monday.—Copper firm at Z72 15s Od cash, and P-71 10s Od three months. Spanish lead, £16 10s Od to £16 12s 6d spot; English diLto, £ 16 15s Od. HAY AND STRAW. LONDON, Saturday.—Moderate supplies and a steady trade at the following prices :-Good to prime hay, 70s. to 87s. 6d.; inferior to fair do., 55s. to 65s.; good to prime clover," 75s. to 100s.; inferior to fair do., 60s. to 70s.; mixture and sainfoin, 60s. to 85s.; straw, 24s. to 36s. per load. CORK, Saturday.—Black oats, 5s. to 5s. 5d. per cwt.; farmers' hay, 30s. to 65s.; farmers' straw, 34s. to 42s. per ton. DEAD MEAT. LONDON, Saturday.—Few fresh supplies and very little business doing owing to the weather. English beef, 3s 8d to 4s; Scotch sides, 3s IOll to 4s 4d shorts, 4s 4d to 4s 8il; American, 3s 3d to 3s IOd: inferior. 2s 4d to 3s; British mutton, 4s 2d to 4s 8d; foreign, 2s 3d to 3s 6d; veal, 3s 4d to 4s 8d; pork, 3s 4d to 4s 2d per 81b. CORN. GLOUCESTER, Saturday.—English wheat Id per bushel dearer—reds, 3s 3d to 3s 6d; whites, 3s 6d to 3s 9d per bushel; foreign wheat 6d dearer No. 1 hard Manitobas, 31s 9d to 32s; Plates, 27s to 27s 6d. Round maise, ]9s 3d to 20s; yellow Plate, 17s 9d to 18s. Azoff barley, 19s 9d to 20s 3d per quarter. Weather snowy. CARDIFF, Saturday. -English and foreign wheat firmly held for an advance 6d to Is per quarter, Flour 6d per sack dearer. Oats and maize firm at last week's prices. Beans and barley quiet and un- changed. Peas advanced 6d per quarter.