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FESTINIOG. URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. The monthly meeting was held on Friday even- ing. Mr. W. Owen, presided. The Sewerage Committee reported that they had met twice to consider what steps could be taken to. secure the loan applied for to complete" schemes 1 and 2. It was decided to accede to the request of the Local Government Board concerning the treat- I ment of the sewage, and that the plans be altered accordingly The Health Committee submitted a report for the consideration of the Council, with their recom- mendations.—The Sanitary Inspector stated that he had a more favourable report than usual as. regards notifications of infectious diseases. There were 12 cases, against 20 the previous month, and 31 the corresponding month last year. These cases were notified by the following. medical finns- Roberts and Jones two, Evans and Jones nine, and W. Vaughan Roberts one. The Inspector bad in- spected 51 houses, and found them in a fairly good condition. Mr. E. P. Jones, the owner of the Diphwys estate, had been before the Committee, and had given his version of the sanitary condition of his property, and the Committee recommended that the member for the ward, with the officials, meet Mr. Jones on the spot.—The adoption of the report having been moved, Mr. Cadwaladr Roberts said the Health Committee were an odd lot. The Dipbwys estate had been reported upon, notice served on the owner, and proceedings had been ordered to be taken against him for not complying. \et they now heard of Mr. Jones having been before the committee and not before the magistrates- Why this favouritism? Why not act the same to the rich and the poor ?—The Chairman Do you propose anything ? Mr. C. Roberts Propose I What good would that be ? Act fair to all alike. and not change your resolutions to favour certain persons.—The Chairman I am personally respon- sible for stopping the legal proceedings, and the Council approved of my action. I did so in order ,P to deal with all alike. You are out of order if you are not proposing anything.—The report was then adopted. A letter was read from the clerk to the County Council as to entering into an agreement for main- taining the county roads in the d strict. The County Council offered for three years the yearly sum of El,220, payable quarterly. The Council agreed to enter into the proposed agreement.—A vote of condolence with ihe auditor on the death of his wife was passed.

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