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TOWYN. NEW SIDING.-—A new siding has now been com- pleted at the railway station for the convenience of traffic. WEDDING.—On Tuesday afternoon the marriage was solemnized at the Church, Caersws, between Mr. Bradley, Caersws (cellar-man with Spiers and Pond), and Miss Roberts, of the Railway Refresh- ment Rooms, Towyn. THE QUEEN'S SPEECH AND ADDRESS.—This was the subject for discussion at the last Literary and Debating Society held on Tuesday evening at Cad- van House. Several members of the Society took part in the discussion. BEGGING.—Robert Anthony was brought up at a special sitting of the Towyn Petty Sessions on Wednesday last, on the charge of begging alms. Evidence to support the charge was given by P.C. John Lloyd, and the man was committed to prison for a fortnight with hard labour. The presiding magistrate was Mr. H. Haydn Jones. FOOTBALL.—On Saturday last the town team played the Machynlleth first team at Machynlleth. The team was greatly weakened owing to two of their best players being away. The play was very rough throughout, with the result that Morris of the Machynlleth team had to be carried home, and another of the Towyn team received a severe kick in the eye. The game ended in a win for Mach- ynlleth by three goals to one. 1. O. G. T.—The usual weekly meeting of the Independent Order of Good Templars was held on Friday evening at the Congregational chapel under the presidency of Mr. Roberts, Rock View. There was a large number of members present. A paper was to be read by Miss Daniel, but she was pre- vented from being present owing to illness. A miscellaneous meeting was then held. Adresses on temperance were delivered by Messrs. J. Maethlon James, Abram Jones and David Davies. SHOOTING COMPETITION.—The weekly shooting competition in connection with the Towyn and Machynlleth Volunteer Corps was held on Saturday last at the former place. The silver spoon on this occasion wae won by Private Axe, there being eleven competitors. The competitions have assisted largely in improving the shooting standard of the two companies, and amongst those who have been successful on previous occasions are Sergeant- Instructor Litchfield, Towyn, who has secured four spoons, and Colour-Sergeant Edwards, who has won two spoons. BACK OKCE: MoRis.-Before starting for the Cape the four Towyn volunteers who are now under training at Brecon paid a visit to the town on Saturday last, and looked well in their khaki uniform. They were Corporal Evan Lewis Jones, Privates William Jones, John Morris, and Robert Richards. On Sunday evening a large number of friends and relatives assembled at the railway station to bid them farewell. The platform was crowded to its utmost, and about 60 friends accompanied them to Aberdovey to have the opportunity cf bidding them farewell. Their regiment will leave for the Cape on Saturday next. FALSE ALARMs.-Several false alarms are said to have been given in the town during the week. On Monday evening it was rumoured that Ladv- smith had been relieved. On Tuesday morning. a wedding party were leaving by train, and as usual the railwaymen showed great respect towards the party by placing fog-signals on the rails and whistling. Owing to the wedding being unknown to many, several of the inhabitants became alarmed and hurriedly proceeded to the station before making their grand toilette to enquire if Ladysmith had been relieved. So neuroiio we are becoming through this long suspense and anxiefy. PETTY SESSIONS The monthly sitting oi the Petty Sessions was held on Friday last at the Police Station, the presiding magistrates being Messrs. J. Hughes Jones, H. Haydn Jones, Marmaduke Lewis, and Chidlaw Roberts. There were six cases down for hearing, but none of these came before the magistrates. The first-an affiliation case- was adjourned at the request of the solicitors engaged by the respective parties. In the other cases the Corris Railway Company had taken out summonses against five persons for trespassing on their property, but a communication was read from the general manager, Mr. Dix, asking the Bench to allow the cases to be withdrawn, and this request was acceded to. J PROPOSED PRKSENTATION TO CAPTAIN IVIRKBY. Tlt.r, °f Persoos attended at the rs-o. e\cxiiiig villi the view of making a presentation to Captain Kirkbv. The chair was occupied by Mr. D. Gillart, and amongst those present were Messrs. H. H. Sbuker, Maethlon Rowlands, and SE-:AN; 1! Daniel. f"s Ud* beeu reported, Captain Kirkbv has been called out on active service at the Cape. He has been a member of the local volunteer corps for many yeaiN and h'1" !črp!)! j!,tere" -7, it. On -uonuay wees be proceeded to London to be examined, and returned on Monday last bavin* passed his medical examination. His friends wistieu. before his departure for the Cape, to make him a small present as a token of respect. Collec- tions were at once made among the gathering and over f'1^,was subscribed. Sergeant H. Daniel and Mr. W. Rowlands were appointed collectors.



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