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BARMOUTH. NJlw LIBRARY.—Mrs Talbot, the generous donor who had promised tne nanusome sum of £3UO to- wards the building fund of this institution, informed the hon. se., Mr Jones, Bryn Teg, the other day that she was 110 satisfied with the way that things were going on that she drew out a cheque im- £ 400. thus increasing her orignal promise by £ 100. This brings up the amount already paid into the bank to the credit of the Building Fund to £1,103, while the promises amount to .£1.267 DRILLING.—The scholars at the Intermediate School are now having drill exercise daily. One fine day last week the teacher put them through the manoeuvres in Park-road, which caused them to be noticed by several passers-by, who it seems were greatly amazed at the sight, taking for granted possibly that the youths were being pre- pared to be shipped off to South Africa to settle the Boer difficulty, little thinking that this is a very important subject in the code of education con- nected with the intermediate schools. MUBSHLS.—As the close time for taking mussels expires in this district at the end of the present month, Capt. Pritchard, Pwllheli, and Mr Edward Davies, Aberdovey, bailiffs for the Western Sea Fisheries Committee-the former for the central district and the latter for the southern district— have arranged to have the beds, which by that time will have been well cleared, restocked early in March with young mussels, which by being re- moved then will be ready for gathering next winter, The musslers omitting this duty last year. it has told on the quantity that was shipped to the English markets this present season. DR. BARNARDO'S HOMES.—On Friday afternoon, at Christ Church Schoolroom, a sale of 'work was held, promoted by the children of the Young Helpers' League, the proceeds going towards the support of the above homes. The amount realised exceeded ten pounds. The young girls, who are mostly pupils at the county school, with the assist- ance of Miss Owen, the mistress, have been for some time busy with their tiny fingers preparing 1 9 for the sale. The articles exhibited comprised various useful garments, and therefore commanded a quick sale. This is not the first donation that has been sent from Barmouth by the young helpers, the league having been formed soon after the school was opened. BALL.—The annual dance in aid of the Arthog Home for Waifs and Strays was given at the Masonic Hall on Thursday, 1st inst. It turned out to be a brilliant success. By means of this healthy and innocent pastime the heart of many a little one is yearly gladdened for with the proceeds which amount to about £12 or P,13 every year, articles of under clothing, boots, and other necessities are bought for the boys. These entertainments are regularly arranged at no small trouble by Mr and Mrs D. E. Davies, whose kindness towards these little boys deserves great praise. So prejudiced are some narrow-minded people against the fine art of dancing by means of which so many thous- ands of pounds are collected these days towards the deserving Soldiers' Funds and other charities, that when one man was asked to bay a ticket he shut his eyes in holy indignation and turned his back in horror so as not to see the ticket, while another who was in full sympathy with the good cause, paid the price for the ticket, while he shrank from touching it. If these actions arc in accord- ance with the dictates of conscience we respect them. Mr E. M. Evans, and Mr Humphrey Lewis sang during the intervals while the Misses Davies presided at the piano. The only drawback of a most pleasant evening was the inadequate ac- commodation. THB BMT. Z. MATHER OK THE W AR.- On Sunday evening, at the English Congregational Church, Barmouth, the Rev. Z. Mather (pastor), referring to the war in South Africa, said the reward of unrighteousness would never truly enrich individuals or nations. All the gold mines of South Africa would be a poor compensation to this country for what it had lost by going to war with the Transvaal. If it had not been for the discovery of gold in that country there would have been no war. What were our brave soldiers fighting for then! Was it for gold, the reward of unrighteous- ness t What were the Boers fighting for? Who were fighting for freedom and righteousness ? The time would come when the whole question would be considered deliberately, fairly, and impartially, when it would be seen who were in the right. How true were the words of the Bible that the root of all evil was the love of money In showing that trade and politics should be governed by the principles of Chrisianity, the preacher said that in some of the old towns of Europa a cross used to stand in the market, to teach the buyers and sellers that business bad to be transacted in the spirit of the Son of God, and in accordance with the noble principles He taught. Had there been a cross in the House of Commons and in the Legis- lative Chamber in Pretoria, and had its truths and principles been acted upon, the unnecessary, unjust, and murderous war which was raging in South Africa would have been impossible. Those who believed in Christianity could not believe in war, and if it could be proved that it favoured war he (the Rev.. Z. Mather) would nevell enter that or any other pulpit t* preach the gospel. It was a mystery to him how messengers of the Prince of Peace eould speak in favour of war, and pray God to prosper men in the awful work of slaughtering their fellow-men. Since the commencement of the war, the Rev. 2L Mather has fearlessly condemned it as being unnecessary and unjust, having regard to Mr Chamberlain's admission that the Transvaal bad conceded nine-tenths of the British demands. TENNIS CLUB.—The young people of Barmouth have decided to re-start this club in a more flour- ishing way than ever for the coming season. The reason, for the apparent failure of the club last year was that the committee did not bestir itself in good time to put the ground in order. Benefiting by ex- perience the energetic officers for the present year have decided to have the ground properly enclosed and relaid in the course of this month. Great praise is due to the Rev. Gwynoro and Mr. D. E. Davies (who have the good of the town at heart), for supplying the nets, &c., so as to establish a club, and thus meet the demand of a large number of visitors. As our town depends to some extent upon the influx of visitors in the season-it is the bounden duty of all hotel and lodging house keepers to encourage and support the Golf, Cricket, and Tennis Clubs. We have no sympathy with those prophets of evil," who are already fore- casting a bad season, but whose names are conspicuous by their absence from any list of subscriptions for doing something to induce visitors here, and to keep the town abreast with rival watering places along the coast. Under the management of the present offirers the Tennis Club will, undoubtedly, be an unqualified success. The officers are captain, Mr. T. A. Bull; vice- captain, Mr. W. O. Gale; treasurer, Miss Polly Jones; secretary, Mrs. Williams, Police Station; working committee. Miss Owen. Eronyfcel; Miss Evans, 2, Porkington-terrace; Miss Evans, 11, Porkington-terrace; MissCassie Jones,Board School: Miss Jenny Richard, Talydon; Miss Winchester, Miss L. A. Ellis, Rev. Gwynoro Davies, Mr. D. E. Davies, Mr. J M. Edwards, B.A., and Mr. J. Thomas, C.M. At a meeting held last Friday, Mr. W. O. Gale in the chair, the following six young gentlemen were elected as Ground Management Committee, Mr. J. E. Storey, Mr. Stronger, Mr. W. Griffiths, Mr. J. Williams. Mr. George, and Mr. D. Davies. It is to be hoped that a large member of young people will join, and that all classes who wish the town success will give them every support. NURSING ASSOCIATION.—On Thursday last, a meeting was held at the Board School, presided over by Dr. D. A. Hughes, of the Barmouth, Dyffryn and District, Nursing Association. Among others who were present we noticed Mrs. Prys Owen (president), Miss Blanche Atkinson (secret- ary) Mrs. Williams, Glantraeth; Mrs. Jones, Lion Hotel Mrs. Evans, Talarfor; Mrs. Pugh, Mrs. Owen, Plascanol; Dr. and Mrs. J. O. Williams, Mrs Lloyd, Cumberland House; Miss Jones, Lion Hotel: Miss Williams, Glant raeth Rev. E. Hughes, rector Mr. H. Evans, 2, Porkington terrace; Mr. H. Wynne Williams, Mr. O. Williams, Glannargau; Mr. Hewins, Mr. J. Davies, Mr. J. Jones, Brynteg. In his opening remarks the President said that this was the third public meeting they had held in connection with this excellent institution. He ad- mitted that when Mrs. Holland called with him three years ago for his co-operation in establishing a branch at Barmouth, he spoke dipairingly of the project, as his past experience of nurses had not been of the most favourable kind. By now, how- ever, he was thoroughly convinced of the blessings derived by the people of Barmouth and neighbour- hood by the advent among them of Nurse Jon than whom a more careful, gentle, and conscien- cious nurse he never met. The Chairman then called upon the Hon. Secretary, Miss Atkinson, to read the report for 1899, which was as follows:- The work of this Nursing Association has been carried on very satisfactorily this year. The great benefit of the Sick Poor of being a:jle to secure the services of a trained Nurse who lives among them and is known to them, is more and more appreciated as time goes on. This is proved by the increased number of patients visited during the last 12 months and also by the increased collections made in the various Places of Worship for the District Nurse Fund. To help the Nurse's work (which is often very fatiguing owing to the distances she has to travel) the Committee bought a bicycle for her use last September. Unfortunately Nurse Jones met with a serious accident while returning on her bicycle from visiting a patient in October last, and has not yet fully recovered. The Nursing work, however, was not interrupted for more than a day, and a fully qualified Queen's Nurse was at once recommended to the Committee by Miss Peter. Head of the Jubilee Institute. Nurse Butler worked in the District for two months with skill and efficiency-and it was hoped that she would remain until Nurse Jones was able to resume her duties. But having been offered a permanent post, she was obliged to leave on January 1st.; and there is ->1- '1" reason to fear that no temporary substitute can be procured, a.; „II are engaged. The Ctm- rnittee is, i-, » ;ry effort, to find rnittee is, i-, » • ■ ;ry effort, to find The members of the Committee desire-on their behalf and that of Nurse Jones—to express their gratitude for the great kindness which was shown, by all classes, to Nurse Jones at the time of her accident. It 3 pleasant proof of the affection ana esteem wnicti she has won bv her conscientious and devoted work among us for the last three years; and the people *>f Barmouth and D\ ffryn no than the CUllilliittee- will welcome I her return to the district at- tbe beginning of February, if it is then possible' for her to take up her worki The number of new cases during the year has been 104, and of visits paid 1,810 There have been many serious cases demanding great at- tention. One patient alone was on the books 26 days, and was vitlied 55 times. There have been three cases of e laryngitis, two of phthisis, three of rheumatic fever, and two of pneumonia. The Inspector from the Queen Victoria Jubilee Institute has visitea the district twice in the last twelve months, and. reported that the work was quite satisfactory. Un receiving a medical cer- tificate stating that Nurse Jcnes was unable to continue her work, the Council of the Jubilee Institute generously mttde her a grant from the slck tund, thus relieving the Committee trom the expense of paying' Nurse Jones' salary for the months of November and December, as well as the salary of the N uxse engaged as her substitute. As will be seen by the balance sheet, the Association continues to be liberally supported: and as the Committee has been obliged to incur many extra expenses this year, it is hoped that the subscrip- tions for next year will show no falling off.-The following very favourable balance-sheet shows thai there was at the end of the year £ 29 17s lid to the credit of the Association, besides a deposit note of £ 50, which was really put aside in case of an emergency.—On the proposition of Rev. E. Hughes, seconded by Mr Hugh Evans, the officers for the previous year were re-elected as follows President, Mrs Prys Owen; vice-president, Mr J. Morris, J.P.; hon. treasurer, Mrs Talbot hon. secretary, Miss Blanche Atkinson. The following constitute the Committee: Mrs Blakev, MKs Prys Owen, Glanafon, Mrs Evans. Talarfor, Mrs Hugh Evans, Mrs Griffith, Broneirian, Mrs Jones, Lion Hotel, Mrs Jones. Pentremawr. Mrs Owen, Plas- canol, Miss Johnson. Mrs Williams, Dr. D. A. Hughes, Dr. H. J. Lloyd, and Dr. Chas. Williams. —The Rector, in proposing a vote of thanks to the othcers and committee, spoke in the most eulogis- tic terms of the energy and attention that had been shown in the past, and impressed upon them and the public in general the obligation of being faith- ful and true to this form of charity, and he very much hoped that the number of subscribers would increase this year.—The President, Mrs Prvs Owen, said that the people of Dyffryn appreciated the services of the iiurse so much that they had doubled their subscription last year. Barmouth pars BILLIARDS.—The return match between Bar- mouth and Towyn was played at the Criterion Hotel on Wednesday last, when the" home team proved their superior skill over the visitors by 96 points. The Towynites had been previously beaten at the Corbet Hotel. To retrieve that defeat they had brought with them Mr Lindner, a champion ama- teur from England, and though he played a magnificent game—beating his opponent. Mr Wadham, by 101 points-it availed them nothing in the long run, as the homesters were too strong for them. PROMOTION.—While rejoicing at the splendid promotion which has fallen to the lot of our respected townsman, Sergt. W. R. Williams, we cannot help regretting his departure from amongst us. To be promoted from being a sergeant in the Merionethshire force to be the deputy-chief of Montgomeryshire speaks volumes as to the high esteem in which he is held by those in authority in both counties. Mr and Mrs Williams have closely identified themselves with different charitable and other movements in the town. Among other things, Mrs Williams i? the hon. secretary for the Tennis Club and the Ladies'Branch of St John Ambulance, while Sergt. Williams is the hon. secretary of the Freemasons' Lodge. Perhaps the keenest loss will be felt by the members of Christ Church, where both were active and useful members.





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